Fighter Box Office Collection | Fighter 3rd Day Official Collection | Fighter 4th Day Collection

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Fighter Box Office Collection | Fighter 3rd Day Official Collection | Fighter 4th Day Collection

Fighter 3rd Day Official Collection

So friends, as you all must be knowing that last Thursday i.e. on 25th January, my list was released in the cinema hall, Tick Roshan, Deepika Padu, Anil Kapoor, star film Fighter, which is currently creating a stir in the theatres, the film is making huge collections at the box office and friends. 

The film has been released for the fourth day in theaters, that is, today is the first Sunday of the film and believe me friends, this Sunday, this film is completely housefull and people who are liking the film are reading this film wholeheartedly. Because Fighter is a tremendous film. Ever since this film has been released in theaters, this film has completely captured the hearts and minds of the fans and I have alarticley told you that if a film is good, then there is life in the story. In fact, the film is unstoppable by anyone and the same is happening with Fighter too, that after making less collection on its opening day, we saw the biggest jump in the collection on the second day of the film, followed by the Saturday of the film as well. 

Well, today on Sunday, this film is creating history once again, so friends, we are going to talk in this article about the official box office collection of the entire three days of Fighter film and how much this film has earned so far in India. What is the total collection of the film all over the world and what is this film doing today on its fourth day, in which city, what is the condition of the film, what is the percentage of occupancy, how many shows, because here you will get one thing. And I want to tell you that we have seen a lot of shows increasing inside Delhi NCR and Mumbai today on Sunday, so for now we will take a look at all the things but friends, you just stay with this article but before that if you read Hrithik Roshan. 

If you consider yourself a great actor, then please like this article and subscribe to the channel. Friends, if I talk about the film Fighter, it was an action film which was made under the direction of Siddharth Anand, which was produced by Siddharth Anand, Mamta Anand, Ajit Andre. And in the film by Anku Pandey, we saw Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Badu and Anil Kapoor and the budget of the film was more than Rs 50 crores, but friends, you remember that the film Fighter was released on 4200 screens in India. 

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The film got 1800 screens from overseas and overall the film was released on 6000 screens, but friends, here today we will first look at the fourth day to see how the film is doing today, so if I talk about Mumbai. So the overall occupancy as of now is at 33 because the morning occupancy was at 28 inside Mumbai and in the afternoon it is at 38 and if I talk about the evening then this figure has increased a lot, almost the evening occupancy of the film. It has crossed the 50 mark, so it is expected that the night shows will be mostly houseful and it is expected that if this film will run in the night shows with at least 65 to 70 occupancy, then the film will have a huge hit in Mumbai. 

There are 575 shows within Delhi NCR. If I talk about Delhi NCR, the overall occupancy here is currently at 29 because the morning occupancy here was at 17 but after that we saw a good jump in the afternoon till 41. We saw an occupancy of 60 in the afternoon and in the evening the occupancy here is 60, at night it is expected that the occupancy will go up to 80 and a lot of shows have increased in Delhi NCR because yesterday I told you 750. 

There were shows but now there are 825 shows here, today on Sunday you see the craze here is very high i.e. the demand for the film is very high that is why the shows have been increased and if I talk about it then the occupancy in the morning was at 38 and then in the afternoon. It came down a bit at 32 but was very good in the evening at 45 and it is expected that the occupancy in night shows will be at least more than 60 and the film has 220 shows here too. 

The morning occupancy within Bengaluru was 27. But see here in the afternoon it is making a huge jump on 49 straight in Bengaluru i.e. the evening and night shows are running completely housefull here, the film has 205 shows and I hope that today it The film is seen earning very good money in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Lucknow. Very good reports are coming from everywhere, so for now, if we talk about the box office collection of the film, then friends, first of all, let me tell you that The film had earned very well on its first day, although not as much as expected, it was less than the expectations, but still the film Fighter was successful in netting ₹ 60 crores from all over India on its first day. 

The world wide collection of the film was ₹ 37 crore 60 lakh, after that we saw a huge jump in the collection on the second day and the film had earned ₹ 20 crore and on the third day of the film which was Saturday, the film had earned ₹ 27 crore 60 lakh, the total earning of the film in three days was ₹ 93 crore 40 lakh, net from India, whereas friends, in three days, ₹ 40 crore was net from India, while the gross collection of the film in India was ₹ 11112 crore from overseas. Earned ₹ Crore and overall the total worldwide earning of the film was officially Rs 143 143 Crore in three days, now comes the fourth day, so I have given you all the reports of the fourth day of the fourth day, which cities? 

How is the condition of the film? What is the percentage of occupancy? How many shows are there? If we talk about the occupancy today, then in my opinion this film is going to earn at least Rs 332 crores on its fourth day. At least 32 crores. So I would say that it will do 100% at 32 crores, it may even go above 33-34 crores because the night shows will mostly be housefull, so the total earnings of the film in four days will cross 126 crores. If it goes, then the film is making Rs 88 crores all over the world, which is commendable and if we look at the film, then at the moment it is going to be a super hit at the box office because even if the film has pulled even better for a week, this one which is now on Monday because It remains to be seen what kind of response this film gets tomorrow but after that Monday to Sunday i.e. this week is going to be very special for the film and in this we will know that the film will do super at the box office. Will it be a hit or a flop, but still, if you have seen this film, then how did you like this film, i.e. is it a super hit film or a flop, please do tell in the comments.

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