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The Real Game

What is the real game going on with Nawaz Sharif? Mohammad Malik gave big news. While chatting in a private channel program, Senior Sahafi Mohammad Malik said that it is heard that Nawaz Sharif wants to have at least There are 150 seats and there is a danger in the top leadership of Muslim League Noon that if there is a difference of 20-25 seats with the People’s Party, then it may be lost tomorrow. 

Nawaz Sharif is feeling that what was hinted to him. Everything was not happening as it was. Senior Sahafi said that an editor had prepared a report recently in which, according to my information, it was told that three seats are very solid for the Muslim League and there is very tough competition on one seat and all the other seats are If there is a normal election, then it is going in favor of someone else. If this is the condition of Lahore, then you can guess for yourself what will be the condition in other places, that is why Nawaz Sharif has fielded a lot of women in every seat this time. 

Sharif has kept his options open, which was his understanding, if everything did not go according to him, then Nawaz Sharif would be the aggressive statement-making Nawaz Sharif, the Wazir of Punjab would be Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz would also be dead. Mohammad Malik said that the election will be final. 

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If it happens then Muslim League Noon cannot win the election but if there is a managed election then anything can happen at present the only debate going on is that at least how many seats does Muslim League Noon wants and to what extent the donors want to go beyond 85. We are hearing the debate of 120 and nothing is being done above 100.

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