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Introduction Old Site:

Welcome back to viksolve. Today’s question comes from a small business that had previously set up a simple website and was wondering if they needed to remove that website when setting up a new website on a new domain. Well, I’m glad you asked, and I hope I can help with that. I strongly recommend removing or cleaning up the old website when setting up a new website. 

Importance of Removing or Cleaning Up Old Websites

The main reason is that your new website might have slightly different information, which could confuse users. For example, maybe the opening hours or the address have been updated. Ideally, you’d redirect the old website to the new one. Often, your web developer or hosting platform can help with setting these up. With redirects, search engines can forward their existing signals to your new website, improving the new website standing. 

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Users will then also end up on your new website. I’d recommend keeping redirects in place for at least a year. If you can’t set up redirects, try to replace the old content with a text saying that you moved to a new domain name. And if that’s not possible, I’d suggest just removing the old website. And if none of this is possible, then there is no penalty for your new website. But it does mean that both your old and your new website might be findable for a while. I hope that helps. Good luck with your new website.

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