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Introduction Gemz Airdrop

Today I am going to share with you a scheme through which we can earn lakhs and crores of rupees without investing money sitting at home with crypto airdrop. The name of this airdrop is Gemz. What you have to do to get this airdrop for free I am guiding you step by step in today’s article.

How to Earn Gemz Airdrop?

Let me quickly tell you what is Airdrop. For anyone reading it for the first time. There is a scheme in crypto called airdrop farming. Most of the time, projects are used to grow their community, expand their user base, and increase their height. For this they come up with a scheme called Airdrop Farming whereby they give some imaginary points to their users and when the project and its tokens are launched and listed, the benefit of these points will be shared with everyone. goes. In return, these projects give you some coins which you can sell and earn profit. Airdrop farming is a big thing in crypto now. People have earned lakhs and crores of rupees from it.

So if you are new to crypto and if you don’t have money to invest in it, then airdrop farming is the best place to start because from here you can generate your own crypto with a small initial capital or seed fund. Can start the journey.

Now in today’s article airdrop farming on which I am writing an article named Gemz. Gemz is a very early airdrop and it is very interesting. There isn’t much information on this yet, but I’m excited to see some information.

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Gemz Airdrop Founder?

The founder of Gemz is Justin Waldron and this guy is also the founder of another company called Zinga by one of the big game developers. If you’ve ever heard of a game called Farmville in your life, Zinga is the company that made the Farmville game. There is a go in the world wanting to make crypto Gemz and I think Gemz is going to play a very important role in that whole scene, so it’s for all of us to form Gemz. I show how to do the form step by step, so read it carefully and understand it.

Crypto Wallet

How do you create your own crypto wallet? Without a crypto wallet, you can neither claim airdrop points nor earn money from them.

Now you have to go to Gemz‘s website by clicking here and Gemz‘s website will open, after writing the website it will be written “Gemz Points” below it will be written “Signup and Complete Task to Start Earning Points“.

Gemz Airdrop
Image Credit: Gemz Airdrop | Official Website

In the black colour button it will be written CONTINUE so press on this button then it will be written WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL? You have to put your email below it and after that you have to click next and as soon as you click on the web button of next then it will be written what is your wallet address then you can get Metamask on your PC or mobile.

Gemz Airdrop
Image Credit: Metamask | Metamask Wallet

You have to download the wallet extension and if it is mobile then you have to download the software and after downloading you have to create your account there and then you have to go back to Gemz‘s official website and connect your wallet like you If you click on Connect, you will get many wallets, but we will select only Metamask because this wallet will give us a lot of benefits in the upcoming Web 3.0, so as soon as you click on it, you will get the option to connect your extension.

Gemz Airdrop
Image Credit: Gemz Airdrop | Select Wallet

and OK it, after that you have to connect the account given below. If you press it, you will get some points for free and continue to get some more people to join with your referral until the Airdrop is launched, then you have to keep joining with your referral and as soon as your link, that is, the referral. You will get 500 points for free by joining the person who joins.

Gemz Airdrop
Image Credit: Gemz Airdrop | Free Points
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