How To Make Money From Airdrops

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Best Opportunity to make money from Airdrops:

If you want to earn profit and money sitting at home without any investment, then today’s article is very important for you. In today’s article, I will tell you in detail about Crypto Airdrop Farming.

I will tell you about Crypto Airdrop Farming. I will tell you the do’s and don’ts by the end of this article. If you follow all the steps then you will understand air drop farming so well that you will never have any confusion in life again.

Make Some Money There are four questions related to airdrop farming which are very important for you to ask. The first question is, is airdrop farming worth it? Now before I answer that question, it is important for you to understand that airdrop farming There are two types of drop farming, one paid and one free. In airdrop farming, the projects expect you to either stake thousands of dollars in their platform lock your funds with them or make transactions with this money and do swaps. Buy NFT, etc. All these activities require investment, so the barrier to entry is quite high and the participants are quite low, due to which potentially the quality and amount of returns from such airdrops can be high.

On the other side, you have Free Airdrop Farming. In Free Airdrop Farming, neither you need any skill nor you need any investment, which is why, its barrier to entry is very low and the number of participants in such airdrops is very high. Due to this the quality and amount of potential returns may be reduced.

Now the guarantee in both types of airdrops is zero because no project has explicitly promised that we will give you so much money. You are doing all the activities but since the quality and quantity of free airdrops is generally low, if you want to make such airdrops worth it for yourself then you should not miss any airdrop if you get 60-70 airdrops at a time.

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If you have to farm also, then it is your helplessness because you do not have investment and if you want to make it worth it then you will have to farm all the airdrops so that you can increase your chances of return.

Question number two, are you farming the airdrops properly? Now, since 90 out of the audience we have here, people do not have investment, our focus is mostly on free airdrop farming, now in free airdrop farming, social farming is airdrop surf, and relationships are at the top. And within this, the method of making points is that most of your Twitter’s have been created in I have shown you that there were neither any tweets in their profiles nor anything in their bios. Now when you keep all these things in mind, then you should understand this. Not only that it can make your Twitter pend but also the projects will not take your profile and your activity seriously. There is another thing on which you people have to comment, like it, retweet it and interact with this tweet so that you can Bro, I can’t tell you what Awaam did to me after I could collect Param’s points.

Whenever on my YouTube, people consider me to be the customer service agent of that project and start sending messages in the morning and evening asking, Brother, what is its update, this clearly shows that many of you have started airdrop farming of fake fakirs. But neither are you understanding anything ahead of it nor behind it and you have become such a tiny Milo Palash baby that neither are you bothering to read the information related to that project nor are you working hard to understand that information. If you get it from there, whatever projects I tell you will come and you will understand them because you must have read the first and second Jamaat, so my advice to all of you is that you should not become Papa’s angel and the information on these official channels. Understand what is coming so that you do not need to insult me ​​by coming into my DM. I have started telling you one more very important thing related to this. Often, under the tweets of official projects, impersonators or scammers try to trap you by giving links to claims. The names of scammers or impersonators match the name of the official project, but if you look at their usernames, they will always be different from the handle of the official project. These impersonators usually show under the official tweets as if they are from the same project. Another tweet came from the side in which there is a link to claim your tokens. Click here and you will get points. Remember that all these links are scam links and if you click on them, your system, your information, and your wallet will be destroyed. Crypto accounts can be hacked and compromised and finally, the fourth question is Are you trusting these airdrops platforms a little too much?

To know more click on the video link given below and watch it practically.

 Video Credit: YarRamish [Youtube]
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