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Introduction to Spot DCA

Good friend, in this article I am going to tell you about Spot DCA, basically all the big traders who are doing wells, what we call crypto wallets, right now they also do DCA, basically I will tell you. Recently I met a guy there, and we had a tour of Binance, he was a big trader, and he guided me on this thing, brother, you just do Spot DCA, it is okay in which you can get a very good profit, you are okay, now basically his What was the purpose of this talk, he said that when I show you the chart, see here, if you see here now, brother, yesterday the market had taken a bull run, see here, I also created a very powerful signal here. 

Generating Profit

I had generated good profit from here, if I take it to the one-day chart, okay now see it says that I mean when BTC moved here, see BTC moved around 25 to 24 here. It was said that I told people a lot to buy BTC, buy BTC, BTC is going to give huge profits but people were not ready to buy BTC then why were they not ready because the market was falling right People were feeling that there would be a huge decline from here because you know a form is created in the market that next BTC is going to go to 15 from here, Bitcoin is going to go to 10 from here. Okay, when the market is falling, no man is ready to buy it, no man is ready to invest his money in this, but when the market goes up, then everyone says, Man, it’s okay. 

Reducing Losses with Spot DCA

We should have invested, then people go towards investment, and then but the market has hit high, then you get loss there, if you do spot DCA, then here your loss ratio will reduce a lot, basically you Understand a little bit of the concept, how much profit would you have made if you had done spot DCA here. If you had switched on spot DCA just one or two months ago, how much profit you would have made, see just here. 

Automatic Buying with Binance

What is spot DCA? If the market is like this It is going up, okay, if the market puts a dump from here, then your buying is done here. The number one thing is okay, again the market pulls back and goes up, okay, your profit starts here, the market starts coming down, you’re buying again here. See, let me tell you one thing, I am not talking about the short term, it is about the long term, this process lasts for one, two or three months, then you get a very good profit from here, see now. When the market makes a bull run like this and then falls, then sir no one is ready to buy here but if you do Spot DCA here, Binance’s automatic system here gives you automatic buying. If it happens, then the system will automatically buy it here, but if your mind physically tells you to buy it here, then it is okay. I will show you a practical example below. See here. If the market had set a high recently, it is okay. 

Market High at 49K

This was my high till 49K again after that see the market, it has fallen suddenly, here at 38K, it is okay, so here, if you were told to buy, you never buy, I don’t do it, why because A FOMO is created inside the market, which is social media influence. They create news inside the market that the market from here is going to go up to 15k again, and the market is going to go up to 25k. The next market’s spot is at 25, and it is at 30, if the market is going to fall then I will never buy here, I will wait for the market to become stable again, I will invest again but if you have seen the spot at DC. If you have booted on then what will happen is that the market will automatically come down, it will make you buy here, then it will go up, it will generate your profit here, it will go down again, it will make you buy again, you will get profit again, that’s the right thing to say. 

This means that the benefit of Spot DCA is that when the market falls, then you have the opportunity to buy but you cannot do it yourself, then what happens is that your system will automatically do your buying, right, so that’s why I say. This is a very important thing, definitely understand it, see it once, and understand that if you like the thing then you can apply it physically, if you don’t like it then there is no issue, or don’t do it. 

There is one thing that I want to guide you with. You will understand that if you feel that this thing is beneficial for you then you should take its benefit. If you do not feel that it is not giving any benefit to me then you should not do it. Okay, I am not telling you that. You must do it, do understand it once, okay, let me tell you one more thing, whenever you do Spot DCA, sir, if you are investing less money in it, then your profit is not that much, I spent the last time with you. 

Comparison with Grid Boot Trading

I shared the article of Grid Boot Trading in which I had invested $47 with you, so I got a profit of $1 within three days, it is okay, basically time limit was also applied to it, but there is no time limit in this, okay. In this, whenever the market falls, your buying will keep happening. Okay, this process is one month to month. If you let it run for a long term, then it will give you good profit. If you want to make a very good profit within one week to week. If you go then brother, this is not for you, I am telling you that this is a long-term process, that means right now this month you see the market, it is at 50k, next month the market may fall till here, okay. 

Spot DCA Strategy

Credit: Binance Spot DCA Strategy

When the market comes, your buying will be done, it will go up again, and then all your buying done here will be converted into your profit, okay, this is a bit of a long-term process, there is no short-term profit, okay. Now one more thing, let me tell you that what many friends do here is that when they see or learn something new, they just try to apply it in the market with a very big portfolio, then kindly I have this request to you. Sir, whenever you learn something from the market, always apply it to risk management. Such people send screenshots to me. I have invested $55,000. Brother, I am trapped in this. How come I am incurring losses? I am incurring a loss of Rs 2000. I am incurring a loss of Rs 3000. See Sir, I don’t understand how a person who does not even have experience in trading or does not have that much know-how, makes such a huge investment just by looking at it online. Sir. Unless you bring anything into risk management if you think first of all, I will invest $1000 in this, if I am facing loss, I can bear the loss of Rs 200, okay, I can take risk on top of that, how do you? Here you can invest $55000. Okay, if you cannot bear the loss then how can you invest so much? 

Whenever you have to invest in anything, first of all, you have to manage its risk management. Okay, I have completed that. Had also added the article How do you do it, it is okay that I will bear this much loss here, I should have this much profit, this is my investment, firstly you have to decide all the things and then you have to apply it physically, okay always Don’t blindly invest money in anything, first of all we manage its risk, we look at it, then apply it in the market, rest of this is such a powerful system of DCA Boot that you can start it even with $10, okay you are here. 

You will also get profit from this but the profit ratio will be less you can start with $10 also. Let us move to mobile and let us understand practically how you have to generate profit by using Spot DC Boot on mobile. the article is looking good. So please give a like to the article, friend, this is love from your side because we too are working so hard for you, we are struggling and making articles, we just need one like from your side, we do not want any money, it is free. If you are doing off cost guide then do give a like to the article. Next, let’s go to mobile and understand this thing physically. Okay, now I have opened my Binance application here, you just have to install it and after that, You have to add your dollars, etc. as much as you want to invest, right now to do DCA, you just see the option of trades here below, you have to click on it one time, after that you have to click on this button above. 

The button is visible, you have to go here, and after that, you have to click on More here, on More Boots, here you see this, spot DCA is visible below, okay, in the last article I told you about the spot grid. But this spot DCA is an outstanding thing, just click on it and it opens in front of you. Now, brother, there are two things in this, number one, if you can buy BTC, you can also sell, that is, if you feel It is clear that the market is going to go short, from here you can apply DCA i.e. Sell also here, but it is a bit risky, so I will guide you to Pay to Buy here. Sell is also the same as it is, okay. If you want to make a sale, you feel that the BTC from here is going to go down, then you can also make a sale, but I will guide you to pay buy here, everything is first, so you have to pay here and start paying now. 

You have to click, okay, he has given this disclaimer that if you have any kind of loss here, there is profit, whatever happens, you will be responsible for it, okay, you have to confirm it once, now after that buy BTC. Now firstly you have to select the pair, here BTC USD is written, better than here, the pair I will recommend to you, I have already told you three pairs, I will only recommend BTC USD, Ethereum USD, and gold, if you want to do DCA. If you want, sir, then you should do it only in these three coins, they will give you good profit, apart from this, if you go towards these small coins then they are such coins which have very little fluctuation and they fall very low suddenly. 

Selecting Suitable Coins & Price Settings

They go very high suddenly, they are not good for doing DCA, okay here you have to always try to select only two coins like BTC or Ethereum, if you want to go to the third one then it is annual, okay Here I will select BT BTC, first of all here now let’s come to price settings, price deviation, what is price deviation, brother, by how much percentage do you want to make your next investment if the price falls because DCA, like I already told you, as the price It will keep falling, he will keep buying you. Okay, how much percentage do you want? Just look here, it is visible that the market has gone up at 3.94, right, if it had fallen from here, then he would have bought you again. Right, so how much percentage do you want now? If the price falls then do my buying. Okay, I write here at 2.5. Okay, this is a small strategy I will make with you. It is very powerful. Okay, see this. At 2.5, if the market falls, then give me my buying. Do it, that’s right, after that it says take profit, now take profit which you want to keep, sir, you keep a little more here, it is okay because you can also close it manually when you see, friend, I am getting good profit. After month to month, it is ok but if you keep some amount here then it will automatically close your trade. BTC may be dumped once and after that, it will perform well and you will get more profit from here. Ok but here you have only If it is written at 10 then your trade will be closed very quickly, okay, so you can’t get that profit from that profit, so here you make the minimum at 50, wherever you get at 30, you can check, okay 40. Check the pay at 20. 

You are getting good profit. Close it manually otherwise leave it at 50. As the market goes up, you will get profit. Now after that comes the pay base order. Now here you see the size, you should have the number of dollars you want to invest, I have $275, after that you just pay here, next comes the base order size, what is the base order size, how many dollars you want to make your first trade. Want to open for example, now here I have it, I want to invest a total of Rs. 200, it is ok, I want that if $50 is traded on the same as mine, then $50 should be invested by me, ok, how much is left, I have 150, ok. Now 150 I want that man, he is 2020 different i.e. my investments are fine, then I will write Next, DCA Order Size i.e. Next when you told you on market 2.5, what we have told above, when so many percent falls, how many dollars are invested again I want $ 20 Invest again, okay, he has told me below. 

I want to do just 200 waste, I will take time to take time instead of Pay et here that if the intake time is only applied to my trades, that is, if the market comes down step by step, then take the time of intake time, then I only invest, then I am here If I consume, $ 190 He said that your total investments will be OK, after that you have to go here on the advance option, okay some settings, understand that if you are looking good, then you do it if you do not like it. If you do not go towards them, but I tell you that you understand them, if you do not do your heart, then do not put it, then it is okay to leave the first trigger price. It is just here, what does it mean that if I wrote here, see 2.5 that when the market falls down at 2.5, I have got my first investment right, then if I want the first investment, then it will be 2.5 but the next Investment which is mine or not to be on 5, then what will I write here, then I will write here to two, if I want, if I do not, the price is going on, that is, the same is going on No, if you go down on market market 2.5, then I will get my investment again, I want to write the one here, then you have to write the one here, then what will happen to you, then what will happen to the forest and again when the market goes down to the market 2.5, your next Investment will be okay, if you want to multiply from it, then you can increase its price here after that DCA Order Size Multiplier If you want that this price which I wrote this DCA order size ie I wrote 20 Hai, I want man to have a $ 20 investment on my first order once, but when my next order goes, then my 30 orders will be $ 30 there, what will I do, I will write here 1.5 Ok 1.5, now what will this do now 1.5 Multiply will be corrected with 20, then what will happen to me again, there will be $ 30 investments here, but when 3030 are invested everywhere, if they are invested, then my investment will become very big, I will become very big. 

Customizing Investment Parameters

Then what will I do, I will let me write just one on the same one, that is, I will not have an investment everywhere, I will not increase it, it is right. These are some advanced settings. Ok if you want to do it, it’s okay if you don’t do it If you want, you can leave them by zero, okay, you come down from it, then it is coming here, the price range is right that within which two prices you want to do this DC, meaning the price is going on now 50000 I want to be my DC only between 40000 and 50000, that is, if I want 40000, see it here, 40000 and here 50000 51000 are done. If you go below, then close my trade and do not want to do DCA more than that, then you have to put it, if you want to put a stop loss, if you fall on the market 50, then close my trade with it. More I can’t buy loss, then you can put a stop loss here, okay but I will recommend you that you do not apply these things, it is okay, he is getting good price here, it is getting good price here. 

He will do your DCA there, this a little long-term trade will run, I told you, then you can turn it on here, okay it is ok If I do, then see this, see it here, it is okay, it is okay, your DCA boot, which is, it is okay, it is okay, which I had put a recently, now all these things depend on your investment We will reduce the less profit, now check here, my boot is going on, now as it means that the price will fall, so will it be done now because if the market goes down to bottom, then you probably may be here Pay Los Show, but as soon as the market will back the bridge after putting a dump, your loss will start to change in automatic profit. After that Inshallah will check its result and share it with you if the market backs back after putting a dump from here, then how much profit do I have, if you like the article, then please do a like to the article. But we get motivation whether or next time we generate good articles for you, if looks good, then definitely subscribe to, if you subscribe to this website, then you will not lose your loss but will benefit from here, then you must subscribe to the inside the free, then you get Inshallah, in a next article

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