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Reveal Secret Trading Strategy

Okay, first of all, you can see my profit here from $1,500 plus $15 84 is my profit for the last 30 days, my profit for seven days is 812 and my profit of today is 216 if we just multiply 1500 ₹ With 3300 means if Pakistanis do the calculation then this roundabout here becomes 45 lakhs which I have earned from trading Alhamdulillah this month and I have done this only from spot trading. Okay if you think here I will call it in future. It is okay if I take it in trade, if not more then just calculate it here with 10x leverage. If you had done it with 10x leverage then my pay here would have been $15000 which would be around about 40 lakhs plus amount. It was okay but I mostly do spot trading which means there are no chances of loss. Okay, they are not less. Okay, how are they not? I took proof and shared this thing with you and then after that I tell you this secret strategy. By which strategy have I earned this money, so first of all you are here, if I scroll down a little bit, you see my PNL is coming here, see the daily PNL, okay, now here is this red that you are seeing. Here are these dots, see here, this one is the sign of loss, this green one is my profit sign, okay now see, I take it to 30 days, see this from here, now show this graph of 30 days in front of me. 

Trading Strategy
Image Credit: GNF Learning & Youtube

Beyond Profits: Understanding Losses in Spot Trading

What is happening here is that these green lines are showing me profit and the red line is showing me loss because many friends say, Kiley Bhai, is there only profit in this, are you not getting loss or is there loss? Now why do I say? I know that there is a loss in the spot but we do not know the meaning of that loss. Now if we calculate here, then see me here. Within the last week, I have lost only twice. If I come here, see me here. There was a loss of Rs. 62 but what was the loss, only the market had fallen a little dump, okay, I was facing a loss as soon as the market recovered again, you check yourself here, my loss was recovered and after that Also check here, I made a profit of $75 that day. Okay, similarly, if I come back a little then check here. The loss was also more. $62 was going into my loss but as soon as the market recovered again, I got a profit of $97. Profit was being made, like this, see small profits, $10 on this day, okay, like this, $34 on this day, okay, the more movement there is in the market on that day, the more profit I got, similarly, the pay loss is 85 here. Pay Continue to See for how many days a loss of $31 is okay $40 is okay Similarly $9 is okay After that see this is okay 0.80 cents but after that Continue to See for how many days I have been in profit also Then loss means the main purpose of showing you This means that there is loss as well as profit. After calculating the total loss and profit, Alhamdulillah, you can check my profit here. Alhamdulillah, my profit is more than $1500. Now let’s go to the system and this thing practically, I will show you basically how I have taken this profit and how you can gain. Let me tell you that this is the application that I am using. Gut is a but Gut and Binance are similar, and both are very good, okay, you will get the links to both in the description. Okay, this application is But Gut, you will also get its link in the description. If you want to work on it, then read this. 

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BNB and SANA Investments

You can download it from the link, you will see it below the article. Okay, if you create an account here with my referral, you will get a discount of Rs. 10 on the fees, which is a very good thing and you also get some rewards here. So if you want to create an account, then the link is below the article, you must download it from there, so let’s go to the system and see this thing practically, you have just seen the profit, this was from one of my exchanges, now its Apart from this, my Alhamdulillah, I have held BNB and Sana very well on Binance, okay in very good quantity and they are giving me such tremendous profit, now you check here, BNB is okay, BNB had this dip yesterday. Here I made a very good purchase of BNB and Alhamdulillah, now I am sleeping only these two coins there and on BNB I am getting a profit of $ 1200 in one day on Binance. Alhamdulillah. Okay, I have done that with you now. I did not share it, what does it mean, what is the purpose of talking basically if you learn these things and do them then you will see better benefits. Okay, now see how I bought it. I have used this thing in many of my articles. 

Technical Analysis with Pay Channels Indicator

You see my comment, I had made a special article on this, that friend, in the current bull run, there is no chance of taking any profit in any coin, whenever you see a dump in the market, you Buy it, ok now look but you have to do it with risk. Now what did I do here? Now no one here can understand that brother, where is the spot being formed, and where does it mean that the market can take a pullback, for that here? Let’s go to pay indicators, this is a very old indicator, I shared it with you in recent articles also, here sports resistance is fine, here is this indicator in the name of pay channels, where if I click on it one time, then it is on my chart. It gets applied, check this and man, its accuracy is very tremendous, see here now, the market is going to the top here, see this here, it is in grey, it means that right now the market here is neutral, okay. Neither can the market go up from here, nor can it fall from here, here the market can also go a little sideways, it is neutral right now, and even the indicator is getting a sense of where the market can go next. If we look here yesterday above its base, the market has been consolidating here for a long time. 

Buying Strategy During Market Pullback Based on FOMO and Technical Indicators

This thing is fine from here. Look like this, this thing is fine. Now as soon as the market broke it yesterday, it is fine from here. There has been a break and here he told me, see, this is a very strong sport, I mean, together these two very good sports were being made, now I was sitting here 100% confirmed that as soon as the market will fall, it will fall. Come on the first port, come on the second, brother, I will do a lot of buying here. I bought all the dollars I had here because I knew that the market would pull back from here because people A FOMO is created inside. I was watching articles at night. People were saying that the market crash had started. The crash has started. But my friend, the crash has not started yet. I knew that all the people from here Those who had bought from here, already from this point, they sold the crypto here, now they were finding the buying opportunity again, they had to bring the market down once, this was a good opportunity for us to buy. 

Identifying Buying Opportunities After Market Rejection and Liquidation

There is one good thing and here you see how much fun it is, that is, if we had continued only with sport and resistance, then the market could have given us a very good profit. Now there is no time for buying in the market, if you see right now, Ali. Brother, if you buy from here, then brother, I will not recommend you at all to buy from here, why not because friend, one thing is right here because now the market has broken its all-time high, now it is okay. No one can tell you this thing with certainty that the market will go till here, pull back again and start falling from here, ok, start falling from here, no man can tell you this thing here. 100% that the market can go up to this point, okay, so I will not recommend this thing to you, I will tell you this thing that if the market goes up from here, it goes down once from here, it is okay and after that here it is See how big liquidation happened. Okay, whenever the market does liquidation like this, it will happen here. Look below, the market will get such a big rejection, then it will be a good opportunity. You should take entry in the market soon. It is okay, it means good in the market by taking entry. Make profit, that’s it, that’s it, and after that, I want to tell you one more thing which is very important, see here, now if I come above BNB, okay see, BNB has created these two sports for me here. Check out how many times the market has given me the opportunity here, okay here now, tomorrow the day after tomorrow, sorry tomorrow, the market has given me the opportunity here, then brother, buy, buy, buy. Those who have bought here, check this time. 

Profit-Taking Strategies and Re-entry During Bull Runs

I have just sold my portfolio of BNB here at Rs 50, it is ok but now I know the market will go above Rs 600 but now I have sold it with a profit, now again I expect it to pull back from here. As soon as it pulls back, I will buy it again and then I will generate good profit because one should take profit along with it. The market may crash from here. If you have made a profit, all that money should go into loss. Keep withdrawing your profit along with it. I have sold here at Rs. 50 and have invested at Rs. 50. If the market goes above here and does not retest, then my profit will continue. 1/2 But it is okay, but as soon as the market retests, I will not take entry again because right now there is a bull run going on in the market, so all the strategists will not work accurately here, it is okay because recently it happens that the market has made high lows. It is known that there is the high of the market, here is the low of the market, and from here the market can pull back, can fall, but right now nothing can be fixed here, yes, you can only know about this sport. With the help of this indicator, you can enter the market by knowing that here you are getting strong support. As soon as you see the market coming there, you can start buying the market from there, but there it is. You have to see that there must be a big candle like this with a shadow where the market must get liquidation from below. This is a time frame of one hour. Try to find such a big candle in the time frame of one hour only. Do it and take entry in the market there. Okay and rest I would tell you to mostly go towards spot trading because I have shown you my profit now, you also get a loss in spot, then the next day if the market pulls back again. If this is the case then your loss is recovered. It is okay if this is what you will go for in the future. See I told you, if I had done this trading by taking leverage, if the market had gone up then I could have made a profit of Rs 15000 but it is possible if the market is down. If it falls below, then all my money could have gone to zero here. Ok, what was the earning to do, I could also lose my money here, so try to go inside the spot and whenever the spot falls below you, the market will pull back again. Okay, buy it here, it will hit a high market once, then after that, there will be a pullback, so buy it, the market will give you a good profit. Okay, for now, this is a simple strategy, use it and Inshallah in the next one you will get good profits. 

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