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The Next Pandemic

Hello friends, remember in childhood, our parents used to tell us often, don’t read so much TV, your eyes will get damaged, wear glasses and regretfully, do you know the truth of today? What are glasses? Crores of children have worn glasses. Having trouble seeing that are far away Near sightedness increases in kids If your distance vision is weak then it means that you have near sightedness. In scientific language, it is called measurement myopia and the data regarding this is very shocking. 

Myopia: A Growing Concern

India If we talk about the age group of children aged between 5 to 15 years, then the rate of myopia used to be 45 20 years ago, today this number has crossed 21 i.e. one out of every five children living in the country. Today the situation has become such that myopia is considered an epidemic and it has been predicted that by the year 2050, every second person living in the world will wear glasses. Why is all this happening if you are already If you have worn glasses, can you restore your eyes naturally? And if you have not worn glasses, then how can you save your eyes in the world of smartphones? 

What are the real reasons behind myopia? In today’s article. Friends, we know the answers to all these questions. To understand this whole issue deeply by understanding the latest scientific studies, first, we have to understand, friends, how human eyes work. Here on the screen, you can see a big simple diagram of the eye. The human eye works like a convex lens. You must have read about convex lenses in school. All the light rays get collected at the lens point. After passing through the lens, in the eye of a normal human being, this is There is a focal point, which is the back part of the eye which is called the retina. If your eyes are working properly then whatever light comes inside your eyes first hits the cornea which is the outermost layer and then While passing through the pupil, it goes through a lens which is a lens inside the human eye. An optic nerve is connected to this retina which transmits signals to our brain with the help of which we can see. 

The Next Pandemic
Credits Dhruv Rathee

Now an interesting fact. The thing here is that you will feel that the lens present inside our eyes is doing the work of bending the light rays, but our cornea is doing more work than the lens. About 70 times the bending of light is done in our eyes. That does the cornea, after that, the lens that comes after that just does a little fine-tuning, so this means that if your eyes are not working properly then the shape of your cornea has changed. In fact when people have myopia or hyperopia. If there is a condition then the shape of their eyeball changes. 

Look at these diagrams. In myopia, the eyeball gets stretched more and becomes longer due to which the focal point is not on the retina but is formed before the retina. In the second case, if your near vision is weak then it means you have hyperopia or it is also called hypermetropia. In this, your eyes become narrow and the things nearby appear blurry because the light rays that are there pass after the retina. The focal points converge in the retina after the retina. Another interesting thing here is that in humans, the eyes of all newborn babies are usually already narrowed. Children who are 50 years of age are not able to see nearby things well, but gradually as the child grows, the eyeballs become of the correct size. 

This process takes about two years to complete, so by the age of 2 years, children start seeing normally. Now a question may come to your mind that the length of the lens is fixed, so how is it that humans can see far as well as near? We need to know our focal point. To change the length again and again, the shape of the lens will also have to be changed again and again. 

This is true and this work is done by the muscles in the human eyes which are also called ciliary muscles. Keep the finger away from you and slowly keep looking at your finger and bring it closer to your eyes. You will see how your eyes are being focused closer and your eye muscles are getting more stressed. You will feel it. It may be that there is more stress on the eyes as you try to see closely because the ciliary muscles contract to see nearby objects. 

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The contraction of the ciliary muscles changes the shape of the lens when you look at nearby objects. The lens becomes more round and when you look at distant things, the ciliary muscles get relaxed so that the shape of the lens can become flat out. This ability of the eyes is called accommodation but obviously, the ciliary muscles have their limit. Beyond a limit, it cannot change the shape of the lens and when the shape of a person’s eyeball becomes long due to myopia, then the ciliary muscles cannot help much there, but the question here is that people do have myopia. Why do some people’s eyeballs become longer and some people don’t? There are three different theories here. 

The Next Pandemic
Credits Dhruv Rathee

The first theory is the Near Work Theory. Some scientists said that the more time we spend looking at things nearby, The more strain there is on our eyes, the more our ciliary muscles will have to work and the longer our eyeballs will remain more round and squeezed. And the longer the eyeballs remain squeezed, the more difficult it will be to relax the eyeballs back. This is the near-work theory. The more time you spend reading books, looking at the phone screen, or looking at the laptop screen, the more strain is on your eyes. But even before this, there was another theory that was believed for many years that it was the real one. The reason behind myopia is DNA theory. Scientists believe that there is no reason behind myopia, it is just related to genetics. Your DNA will tell whether you will have myopia or not and this thing is hereditary. If glasses are prevalent in your family. Everyone is assuming that you too will wear glasses, no matter what you do. 

The Next Pandemic
Credits Dhruv Rathee

This DNA theory started failing by the year 1977 because a very interesting study was conducted in 1969 on the tribal people living in Alaska and it was found that There were middle-aged and elderly people living in Alaska. Myopia was never seen among them, but the rates of myopia in children and teenagers were more than 50. Such a big change within a single generation, genetics cannot be the reason behind this. Especially when it was seen that the children were adopting a Westernized lifestyle, here the near-work theory was born. Friends, although this near-work theory was not a big discovery in itself, technically this theory was more than 400 years old. Johannes A German astronomer named Kepler first suggested in the year 1604 that this could be the reason behind wearing glasses when he was wearing glasses, but from 1970, this near-work theory started becoming the most popular theory among scientists. It seemed that the more educated people are, the more academic a population is, and the more glasses are seen among those people. 

The Next Pandemic
Credits Dhruv Rathee

Historically also, British doctors had observed that the cases of myopia were more common among the students studying at Oxford University. Age comparisons are being seen between military recruits who were recruited in the army. In a late 19th century handbook, it was also suggested that if you want to treat myopia, then you need to take a sea voyage. If there is a need, then today this near-work theory can be extended to smartphones, tablets, and computers. The same thing that our parents used to say to us, do not read so much TV, it will damage your eyes, do not read TV sitting too close, will your eyes get damaged? This thing was true. 

The near-work theory is a good explanation but it has been very difficult to prove. Many latest scientific studies have found loopholes in this theory too. This Australian study conducted in 2008 found that it does not matter how much total time you spend on near-work things, what matters more is the intensity of your sessions. In 2015, a meta-analysis was done on the scientific studies done on near work theory, it found that every one hour a week you spend working near increases your chances of myopia by 2, that is, one extra hour if you are looking at nearby things, reading books, looking at the phone, looking at the laptop, all these things. 

The risk of myopia is increasing but some studies have started seeing inconsistencies in this near-work theory. Some scientists have asked whether this is happening because people are working near or there could be some other reason behind it. Is there any reason that is related to many people due to near work due to which myopia is occurring? Here comes our third and latest scientific theory friends, which is outside theory. According to this theory, children are not getting myopia due to near work but rather Myopia is happening because they are spending less time outdoors. Exposure to daylight is the main variable behind myopia. 

Today friends, most scientists believe that outside theory is the main reason for myopia. Back in 2007, a big study was done on children living in California, which found that actually when children stay outdoors, the risk of myopia is greatly reduced. Next year in 2008, a study was done in Sydney. In this study on more than 4000 children, the children were observed for several years. Variables were seen as to how much they were playing outside, what they were doing outside, and how much they were working inside, and the same conclusion was reached as to what activities the children engaged in while being outside. 

It does not matter whether they are participating, playing sports, going for a walk, having a picnic, or just strolling outside, the only difference is that it is necessary to be outside. This theory also proved that myopia. Why is it often called a disease of affluence? It is a disease which is seen more in rich countries and less in poor countries. When there is economic growth, children start studying more, people start working on computers more, and people start working outdoors. If we spend less time, myopia is seen more. Many studies have also been done on animals to find out what is happening in the eyes. 

When we spend time outside, what changes occur in the eyes due to which we get myopia? If not, it was found that when we get exposure to bright light, we get exposure to sunlight, the production of dopamine in our retina increases and dopamine regulates the growth of our eyes, our eyes become so elongated due to the production of dopamine. If there is a deficiency then you have to stop elongating your eyes. 

Human trials were also done to prove this theory. One of the biggest ones was done in a college in Taiwan which was published in the year 2020. Millions of primary school children in Taiwan were observed. A major change was seen in Taiwan between 2001 and 2015 in 2010 when their government started a program called Tien Tien Outdoor 120. Under this program, schools were asked to ensure that children spend at least 2 hours outside. Spend and after a few years of implementation of this program, a big positive impact was seen. In 2012, the rate of myopia among these children in Taiwan was 49.4, and by 2015, the rate of myopia had fallen to 46.1, that is, children spent only two hours outside. Spent every day and due to this the wearing of glasses was reduced. Exactly how much daylight is required here which increases dopamine production in the retina. 

This thing is still unclear but the brightness of 10000 lux is considered a good benchmark. It is a unit of illuminance. How much light is there at a place? It is measured in lux. If you go out on a sunny day but are just sitting in the shade, you can still easily have a brightness of 10000 lux. In tropical countries where there is direct sunlight, a brightness of 1 lakh lux can easily be seen, but if you live indoors, even if you have opened all the windows and doors, but are sitting inside the house, you will not be able to see any brightness. If you are sitting inside a building then even the brightness of 1000 lux cannot be crossed. 

Now some of you may think that if we artificially install so many lights inside the rooms and classrooms that the brightness of 10000 lux can be reached, will it have any effect? It will be at all, but it is very difficult to apply 10000 lux brightness inside a room. You will have to install so many lights and so much heat produced from those lights that special air conditioners will need to keep the room cool and to keep the room cool and in the same brightness If it is not easy to work in this manner, then it is better to get out and if you are among those who feel that I want to go out, but I cannot get time only while studying and work I will say that take my time management course and look at the special thing of this course is that I focus a lot on Happiness, waking up at 5:00 am every morning, working for 12-12 hours, I am completely against the advice of this Husler culture I not only learn to increase your productivity but also use life in my long term setpactrily life, due to which I can give so many articles to you, as well as the world traveling the world, so far, all the people who have taken the course, they have taken them. 

You can see some reviews on the screen and if you have not joined yet, then you will see a tremendous transformation by joining you, you will use coupon codes in your life. Will you find it or you can scan this QR code and just remember one thing before buying the whole course is in English language, it is not in Hindi? It is no longer back to your topic. I would like to say that Mayopia is not a mockery problem, some of you may feel that what is the big thing, the glasses are the only thing, everything will be fine by applying glasses, but the latest scientific study has found that Mayopia has found that Mayopia And even in the middle of blindness, there is a significant coroly, an Investigative Thaalmore and a study published in the Visual Science Journal, a study of November 2020 preceded that the population will be high grade myopia worldwide on 10 by 2050, high grade myopia will be high grade myopia if you mean if your If the number of glasses is 6 or less, the more your glasses are number, the more your eye is cade and having a high grade myopia means that the risk of your blindness in the future increases because it is because which is the retina which is the retina He is present in a fina it amount in the eye, but if the eyes and groups continue to grow, then it has become such that you have the same number of butter on the bread, but the number of butter is the same but the bread is getting bigger. 

If you have to keep spreading out by thinning the butter, the retina will have to be spread out on the bread too, the first case cinematic on that area of ​​the eye is here that the retina becomes so thin that they start bursting literature and If the retina exploded, it is called retinal tier and if it goes out after bursting, then it is called retinal detachment and in such a case you will become blind in 2019 The number of glasses increases, the risk of having myopic maculopathy increases from 67, this is another unstable condition so that you can become blind and not only do not only increase the chances of having a sickness in the myopic eyes and the rest of the sick are also increased such as a glue coma In 2019, the American Academy of Opertemic Force was entered so that people started looking at Mayopia as a global health problem but a year later, the pendam of Kovid-19 came where the lockdown was forced to stay inside the house. 

The Next Pandemic
Credits Dhruv Rathee

Gaya and the condition of this have worsened from bad to China, a study in children compared myopia rates before pendant and after pendom from 2015 to 19, it was found that in 6-year-old children, it was found that Myopia in China in 6 –year -old children The rates were at 5.7 but after staying in the lockdown for 5 months in June 2020, the rates of Myopia were seen in the children, then they were at 21.5. Standing inside outsourcing not going for only 5 months in the outsourcing, can be that this thing has become a national security problem for China because when you have to be admitted in the Air Force, you have to become a pilot, then your eyes should be absolutely fine. 

But if the children get glasses on 90, then from where will the pilots get pilots for the Air Force, they are also deteriorating the condition in India, which I told you at the beginning of the article, they were based on the 2021 study of 5 to 15-year-olds. The age group which is the Urban children at 4.44 in 1999, but by 2019, 21.15 children were Mayopia and this study has revealed that by 2050, children will have myopia in India at 48.1 by 2050. If a child will get glasses, then when it comes to solutions, we should take all three theories here in account, it is not that DNA theory Complete is wrong. 

Some people in some people are caused by genetic recons and this is the matter It is also true that if your parents have myopia, then the chances of your being myopia also increase, but the theory with outside is the most important theory, after that it has the most impact after that the theory with Near Work and then the Genetics comes now our genetics now our genetics are our control If we are out of it, then we cannot do anything about it, whatever we can do to save our eyes, they are related to these two theory, we should take preventant majors, taking both these theories in the account Get out, spend time in sunlight in the sun, although when you do this, don’t forget to apply sunscreen because the sunlight has a bad effect on the skin, which increases the chances of skin cancer and another try to reduce the intensity of your Near work more Physical activity, play sports because sports have a direct effect on your eyes, such as a sport like table tennis, there is a sport like badminton. 

So this gives your eyes a good chance of relaxing your eyes, when you see books on the phone when you read the books, then these solutions I am telling you that many other countries have started doing already implementation too. In the year 2018, G Jing Ping said that control of childhood myopia has become a national priority for China. In 201 21, China started cracking down on the article games industry and on private tutoring six and 7 years. Riten exams have been abolished for children of the children. 

Restrictions have been installed at the playing time of the Games and physical activities have been promoted. In 2019, the Government of Singapore also took many such steps, The Ministry of Education abolished the mid-year examinations for the children of third and fifth class so that the children have to Spend more time playing outside in books, rather than doubling outsource time in prescripts that children played outside in at least one hour a day, it is good to all the prevention majors who have got already glasses who have been all -made glasses Friends that Myopia is an irritable problem. Once your eye can prevent you from having long, do all the things that I can stop from increasing the number of your glasses, your eyes will not be worse and although there is no natural way back to the eyes To fix, an artificial legend surgery can be done with the eyes so that your vision becomes normal, what is done in this surgery. 

The shape of the cornea is changed. Through the laser, very microscopic amounts are removed by the laser, and the tissue of your cornea is removed So that it can get its shape such that your eyes can get normal vision, it takes only 15 to 30 minutes to do this whole procedure, and anesthetic eye drops are put in the eyes so that you get less pain, although some people get this pain After surgery, there is still a little pain, but if it is said in a roughly, then it is a safe procedure. In addition to this, some special eye drops and some special opia programs can be slowed down. So it can also improve vision in the daytime, but ortho is the latex. It is reversible, it will have to be used in the long term. 

To get good results, it is said that these treatments can be slowly done by the treatment of Myopia on Around 50. But this is still a matter of discussion, these are new technologies and in my opinion, then the best is the same preventative majority that I have told you before, always take care of the new work whenever you take breaks, take more and more time outside the article games. Spend time and when you do this in the long term, you will be able to avoid glasses if you do not get glasses, do not treat goggles like a solution, then you liked this article, then the same detailed scientific research is now on the topic of weight loss. Can see because I have explained the issue of weight loss in this way in this article, you can see a lot of thanks.

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