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Shehbaz Sharif Ready for Prime Ministerial Responsibilities

Shehbaz Sharif is ready to take over the responsibilities of Vizarat Uzma, Sadre Malikat Dr. Arif Alvi will take oath from Nine Ministers Wazir Azam today, Pur Waqar will arrive at Awane Sadr at around 3:00 pm, apart from Sarban of Ittehad Zaman, all three Services Chiefs and Safirs of the two countries will also participate. On reaching the Wazir General House, the Guard of Honor will be presented to Mia Shahbaz Sharif, Not only today, I again offer Misak Mashat, along with this I invite them to a free Misak. By sitting together, we will ride the fate of Pakistan, a tribute to the political regime of Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif and a free feast, an offer to the opposition to sit for Intekhab Allah, a promise of release of women and underage prisoners, a promise to uproot terrorism and the missing people. 

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Prime Minister Denounces Opposition’s Letter to IMF

Wazir Azam calls Bani Tehreek Insaaf‘s letter to IMF termed as national enmity, says PTI on May 9, Mulki Salmiya, wounds of that day are still fresh, the law will take its course, inflation will come down, employment will increase, the subsidy will increase Barara will go to the farmers to increase the IT verandah, they will work together to lay the network of public transport, Mia Shahbaz Sharif PU Azam said that the people of the new government, the emperors of friend policy will start coming in a year, not to be a part of any great game and to take CPAC forward. Announcement of Government will have to come to us for the release of political prisoners. Shahbaz Sharif had nothing to sell in the first title and today Islamabad United and Pisha and Zalmi will be added to the HPL PSL line Gujarat Rose Multan Sultan defeated Karachi Kings Defeated and secured a place in the play-off stage.

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