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Sindh, Punjab and the plains of Khyber Bakht Nakhwa are still covered in the sad tune Mamula Mutasir Majeed 37 Mulki and non-Mulki Parwaz Mansu Morway A1 closed from Pisha Toll Plaza to Burhan Morway A2 Lahore to Sheikhupura from Islamabad Tool Plaza Bal often and Highway A3 closed from Hiran Minar to Thokar Nayaz Beg Motorway A3 closed from Lahore to Samundri and Faizpur to Darkhana Motorway A4 closed from Shershah to Abdul Hakeem and Faisalabad to Pindi Bhatia A5 closed from Multan to Zahir Peer and Rahim Yar Khan to Rohri Lahore Syal Kot Motorway They were also closed Morway m14 Hakla to Rera Ismail Khan Takman Weather in Mak Yat Ki Today there is rain at some places in Balochistan and snowfall in the mountains Guz is the lowest in the country during 24 hours Manfi in Haraj Kardu 10 degrees centigrade was recorded in Gilgit, Srinagar, Manfi, five, Hunza, Rawalakot, Manfi, three, Islamabad, Koeta, one, Pisha, Etabad, two, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Sargodha, mere run, five, Sakhar, six, Lahore, Mithi, seven and Karachi recorded the least degree of Harat, 13 degrees centigrade.

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The Israeli army claimed to have destroyed the command structure of Ammas in Shiwali Gaza, said that we killed 8000 fighters of Maas, increased the attacks in Khan Yun as well, intense shelling towards the hospital of Palestinian Hilali Amr, even by unprepared attacks near the hospital. Standing unarmed Palestinian was shot and martyred Israeli army also conducted raids in the Maghreb coast Another Israeli soldier was killed in Gaza Israeli army’s confirmation The number of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza reached 510 On the border areas of Lebanon Attacks: Hezbollah targeted the Israeli air base on Jabal Herman with 62 rockets. After the rocket attacks, sirens sounded in the Israeli areas. 

Israeli army claims to have shot down a rocket belonging to Hezbollah. America and France started efforts for peace between Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah said that we will respond to Israel’s attacks on Hezbollah in the same manner. There will be no talks with Israel until the war in Gaza ends It is advisable for the security forces that the country can go to the elections despite the danger. The government’s confidence is showing failure. While talking to Geo News program Naya Pakistan, Prime Minister Talat Murtaza Salang said that he will not rely on the agreement of the Senate before the elections and the government will not be a part of any such activity which will interfere with the functioning of the Election Commission. Our job is not to depend on the judges, but to implement the court decisions. If the decision is found wrong, we will challenge. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to give the date of election or change the date of election, To stop the general election, it is the responsibility of the Election Commission. Jamaat-e-Islami’s senator Mushtaq Ahmed has stated in the agreement that holding elections on time is an absolute requirement of the Election Commission and the government. It is the responsibility of the Senate to approve the declaration of the election, it is illegal and unpopular. Clear elections should be held on February 8. 

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The Senate has approved the declaration of the election, the document should be considered as an art, there is no complete quorum on Friday. In the presence of 14 members, the Senate had unanimously approved the resolution that the elections should be postponed. An urban Supreme Court also reached against the resolution. The resolution was passed declaring the resolution unconstitutional and illegal. Appeal for action under Article 6 against the senators who did this, Leave the Senate and get the agreement passed by the people of Muttahida, then the elections will be held on 8th February only. Bilawal Bhutto said that the Chief Justice has said that 8th February is set in stone. The line is, step up, Qazi Saheb, we are with you, we will contest the selection in this election. General Jaya and General Hameed Gul, while talking to the media in Lahore about the political gathering’s influence on Punjab, said that a party gives instructions that gold in Lahore The roads of Lahore are waves of milk and honey. I have roamed the roads here. There is not as much work required in Lahore as in the rest of Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif could do so much work in Lahore because of our NFC Award.

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Bilawal said that he is on his own Mansoor. While Noon League is fighting elections to get its Quaid out of the case and Tehreek Insaaf is fighting elections to get its Bani out of jail, Tehreek Insaaf’s leader Barrister Gohar Khan has said that the Supreme Court on the bat The decision will be accepted in the presence of 14 senators. The agreement to postpone the elections has no legal status. The Supreme Court has said that the date of elections on February 8 is set in stone. There is full hope that the elections will be held on time. Bani PTI’s non-national. On the published article, he said that getting the article published is not a big deal, anyone can do it, they were not even allowed to carry plain paper, PTI has no quarrel with anyone, PTI respects all the people. Did not make any statement against PTI, vowed that any statement about Bani PTI will be issued only by the chairman of the party, Sarvraj UIF A Maulana Fazlu Rehman will visit Afghanistan today Afghan government has invited him to visit Sabik MN A. Maulana Jamaluddin Mehsud will also accept Maulana Fazlu Rehman. Maulana Fazul Rehman has said that he has the full mandate of the Government of Pakistan for the visit to Afghanistan. While talking in Geo News’ program Jirga, he said that he is a fan of Mujaki but from TTP. For me, only by seeing the situation on the ground, we can move forward towards implementing some wisdom. Explanation of Maulana Fazlu Rehman Today in the conversation program Jirga, Sabba will be played at 10:5, Election Commission will conduct polling according to the constituency Announcement of doing so many rounds of stations: According to Tarjuma, voters and candidates of the lower caste on the initial polling list can submit their scales or proposals till January 11. During January 12 to 17, DR will give decisions on these scales and proposals. Complete list of polling stations: General Kabal will be ordered for 15 days from the exam. The decision to return Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s papers nominated to Mustar in Multan is upheld. Appeal against ARO’s decision. Documents of Mustad Shah Mehmood’s son Zain Qureshi and daughter Meharban have been accepted. 

Returning Shah Mehmood’s papers were musted by the officer due to forged signatures and stamp papers of Islamabad instead of Multan. PDI’s papers made from Lahore were nominated. Returning officer summoned today on appeal against mustering. Shehbaz Sharif’s papers from Lahore were nominated. The petitioner who appealed against the approval of Gujar did not appear for the second time also. The court again gave the opportunity. The papers of Maryam Nawaz were nominated from Sargodha. The appeal against the approval of the nominee was rejected. The papers of Jartaj Gul and her husband were nominated from DG Khan. The papers of the nominee were approved from Pisha. Taimur Saleem Jhagra’s papers were approved; Asad Qaiser’s nomination papers from Sababi were also approved; PTI leaders Khurram Sher Zaman and Sadr’s son Awa Lavi’s nomination papers from Karachi were also approved; PTI candidate Muzmil Aslam was also approved for election from NA 241. Got the permission to fight, Mutal’s cabinet committee formed after the date of 9th May The committee will take stock of the incident of 9th May 2023 Will find out the master mind of the plan of 9th May, Saas Sahul and the implementers of such incident immediately and The committee will take stock of Taweel Muddat Asarat, will prepare recommendations to prevent such incidents in Mustaqbil, Nigna Wifa’s Wazir Law Mohammad Irfan Aslam, in Sarab Aahi, the committee will be bound to submit the report in 14 days, areas of Karachi, Gulshan Iqbal Block along with medical stores. In the CCTV video, Muzma’s face was captured and the robbers also ran away after robbing the people present in the medical store, Polio virus was confirmed in 14 samples taken from different parts of the country According to Taman Vizarat Health, three of Pisha’s Hyderabad Polio virus has been found in two samples from Sharqi area of ​​Karachi. 

Virus has also been found in one sample each from Madi and Garbi of Karachi colony. Virus has also been found in one sample each from Sakkar Kota, Kohat and Islamabad. Tasti Kota Satellite Two mob dacoits killed in town watchman’s firing, Mujaham watchman also injured; Hospital Munt Kill; Sports arena built under two bridges in Karachi’s District Basti, victim of dilapidated Sakhi Hasan and Nagin; Arena lights under Chowringhee bridge damaged; Saso Goods and doors are missing. The area says that the watchman at Sakhi Hassan Sport Sarina was Mamur, who left the job. At Naagin Chowrangi Sport Sarina, the employee has been coming for only two weeks. Drug addicts steal iron and take away it, and the urban system is ruined. Balochistan University is helpless in front of the chaos and the employees of Balochistan University are deprived of salary for the last one and a half month. Announcement of Aitzaz Mujahra to Peer. University arrangement says that the annual short fall of Balochistan is more than one and a half billion rupees annually. 

The country is facing a short fall of Rs. 20 crores. The wave of cold continues in the country. Sweaters and socks are not enough to protect from cold. Due to gas shortage, even the comfort of heating is not available. People have turned to soup shops to protect themselves from the cold. Took carrot halwa, dry dry fruits and fish, enjoyed hot milk and jalebi, this time in Koeta it was not as cold as it was in previous years, winter also came in Karachi in January, the city became happy. In this work, Pakistan Party leader Humayun Akhtar Khan, while speaking in his election constituency in Faisalabad, has said that people will be killed on all tube well solar in the constituency, Islamabad will bring a scheme to provide loans to farmers, you will send him there and get lost. Will not happen, will come to the hall every weekend, also said that his sugar mills have given jobs to thousands of people, Islamabad High Court orders CDA to make RG washroom for the Baloch Mujahids sitting on strike, District arrangements and police should be informed in any case Instructions not to detain Baloch Mujahideen. In the final order of Baloch Mujahideen Rasani case, the court said that Baloch Mujahideen should give assurance that they will not perform against the law. Before using loudspeaker, Mujahideen should take permission from the authorities in the Tahrir order. 

It has been said that due to this, if the rights and wrong actions of the other townspeople are disturbed, then the arrangements can be made. Instructions have also been given to appoint Baloch Mujahi Dan as a focal person for talks with the police and the arrangements. Baloch Mujahi’s protest outside the National Press Club in Islamabad. Even today, Khatoon runs away due to firing in Shahzad Town area of ​​Islamabad police station. According to the police, Khatoon was murdered after entering the house by firing. Full Jim absconds. Search continues, America’s Wazir Treasure Antony Blinken’s Gaza war continues. After the fourth visit, Mashrak Wasta called Turkish Sadar Ur Dovan and Turkish Hamsab in Istanbul, said that the focus is on preventing the spread of Gaza terrorism, Turkey is ready to use relations with Farid Khan to reduce terrorism, Israel did not increase the terrorism. Hamsa leader Ismail Haniya’s message to US Wazir Khaja said that America’s support for Israel has become a reason for the unrest of the people in Gaza. 

It is hoped that Blinken will learn from the incidents of the last three months. Blinken must have learned a lesson Qatar Israel Maghreb Egypt Saudi Arabia and UAE too, Palestinians protest across the world against Israeli attacks in Gaza Thousands of people protest on London’s West Minister Bridge Israeli dead body in Germany Outside the building of the German Embassy in Berlin, Atzar General election in Bangladesh today Bangladesh National Party and other opposition Zaman’s boycott Opposition Zaman’s call for two roza country strike Appeal to the people not to vote In the election without opposition Pushu incident before the election of Hasina Wajd as Wazir Azam for the fifth time. Five schools and four polling booths were set on fire in Dhaka. Five people escaped due to fire in the passenger train on Friday. Police held the opposition responsible for the incident. Seven Archons were arrested after giving agreement; Opposition mustered the assembly, Barack Obama is in trouble again due to Trump’s increasing acceptance; Important meeting with Sadarat’s Democratic candidate Joe Biden; Obama gave advice to Biden on making the Intekhaab campaign a world and keeping it better. But he vowed that if he does not put his life into the election campaign, then the chances of Trump’s victory will keep on increasing. Joe Biden was the deputy leader of America during the Obama era. Obama played an important role in Biden’s victory, He was an American. Airline regulator’s hawk, order to ground Boeing 737 Max 9 ready, decision to take stock of the preparation, 171 ready passengers around the world, action will take four to 8 hours, yesterday, some part of the preparation of Alaska Airlines was blown away in the fog, after which Preparations had made a huge landing. In the preparation, 177 Afrad, including Amlesh, were riding Boeing, so far, 218 Max Nai has been prepared worldwide. 

Christmas in Ukraine areas to join Ukraine areas, Breaking Maji’s customs, celebrated Christmas on 25 December, Australia has given Pakistan a white subdu Burgra won a single Test match in Australia, 28 years passed by Pakistan, in the first innings of the Sydney Test, despite taking 313 rings on Australia, the entire team collapsed at 115 rans in the second innings. But you achieved that Gujarta was defeated in the sixth series and 17th Test on the Austral grounds in 28 years, even if you could not even draw a match, captain Shaan Masood said that in the second innings of Sydney Test, there are less rains in the second innings of Sydney Test. Had it been Surti Hall Mukhtalif [Sangeet] Ho all -rounder Ramesh Jamal tour proved to be a Darya of Australia with the bowling of Pakistan’s Numaya Performer and also scored 18 wickets in the series shown 143 runs in the series shown 143 runs. Despite the defeat in Aamir Jamal Sydney Test, the best players of the match can be declared, Pakistan Super League will start from February 17. 

The new edition of the event will be prepared from February 17. The match will be played in Lahore and Multan, the second Marhale match will be held in Karachi and Rawalpindi. Matches will be, The first conversion of Government Elementary College of Education, which runs under the patronage of private Tanjim telescopic in Karachi, was adopted by Private Tanjim Dambin 4 years ago and started a 4 -year BA degree program for Khawatin 4 years ago. Wali Khawatin’s Convocation was also done in the Convocation of Nigra Wazir Ala Sindh Maqbool Bakir, Bani Shahzad Roy of Zindagi Trust said that if there are courses of doctors and engineers, then Asa also should be, Adeeb and Gulu Kand’s Kartarpur Amad If Thakur Rauf Lala, Digar Pakistani Phankar, gave a fanfare, Indian guests gave the Indian guests on the court Baba Guru Nanak, the Indian Funakar also returned to the Indian Funakar. The best arrangement made hooks Pakistan and the arrangement thanked the arrangements and the fourth wedding Javed is a businessman through the heart of the heart, while the bride is a divorce divorce Yafta Khatoon, Javed Hasan’s wives say that they are happy in the joy of their husband. Hope to justice Javed with all his wives.

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