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Image Credit: Lifelong Disqualification Judgment: On the news, various areas of Punjab were closed for traffic from various areas of Punjab, from Makama and from Piwar to Islamabad, Swat Expressway was closed from Colonel

Lifelong Disqualification Judgment

On the news, various areas of Punjab were closed for traffic from various areas of Punjab, from Makama and from Piwar to Islamabad, Swat Expressway was closed from Colonel Sherkhan to Chadra due to money, Shah refrained from non-essential travel. Hidaya, the sound of winter across the country, the mercury dropped from Bari to Manfi in some areas, beautiful scenes of snowfall in Balochistan, Harsu whiteness in Wadi Ziyarat, light rain in Mukhtalif Ajla, strong winds all over Sindh including Karachi, severe winter in Sindh Status of schools changed till 31st January, schools will open at 7:00 pm, according to the Department of Education, divorce will be imposed on all government and private schools Inflation wave continues in the country, pulses, gram, sugar, eggs, onions and bananas including 19 aya expensive weekly inflation There was an increase of 81% in the number of strong people, the number of IDRA increased to 4286 people, the number of terrorists continued, the elections should be postponed on February 8, the agreement to postpone the elections in the Senate was approved twice, Madan said in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

The situation in Surat is bad. Maulana Fazal Rehman was attacked. Amaal Wali Khan and other political leaders received threats. Health Department is once again allowing India to spread Corona. The Election Commission has postponed the election schedule of February 8. Senator Dilawar Khan presented the agreement. At the time of voting, 14 seniors including Babar Gardi Singh were present in the Awan in a deafening tone. The opposition session of Murtaza Solangi and Afnan Ullah was adjourned till the end of the session. 

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The Senate Secretariat also issued a notification of approval of the agreement. Vizarat Pamani Umar was asked to take immediate action. And the instruction to present the report within two months I requested the Chairman two or three times to allow me to speak but he did not allow me to speak. We are standing behind the date announced by the Election Commission. Because of this, I had no other scope to protest against this agreement. It is not the job of the government to enforce attendance or mark the quorum. 

I did not get a chance to give a broker in the agreement to hold the election in Awan Bala. I did not get the opportunity to give the date of the election. It is the discretion of the Election Commission to change Nigra, Vifa Wazir Talat Murtaza Solangi says that we cannot change it in case of any such situation. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of security, weather, and other issues. Opposition to the agreement on holding of elections in the Senate. On not doing so, the People’s Party’s action issued a condolence notice to Senator Bahram Antangi. Elections will be held on the agreement of postponing the elections. Cheman People’s Party cancels the execution of Bilawal Bhutto. Shari Rehman says, Bilawal said that we do not go to the elections. We have also announced Wazir Azam’s candidate. People’s Party has not supported the agreement. 

Bringing in the agreement through Chor Darwaza and getting it accepted is an insult to Aye Vane Bala. The wish of postponing the elections will not be fulfilled. Noon League is full. Will oppose even for a moment Will not let the elections get wasted Legi leader Javed Latif’s No announcement of Ahli’s deadline Decision of the case will be given soon Brief verdict will be given Supreme Court’s seven stops Large Bench Attorney General in praise of the Chief Justice After hearing the petition and hearing the court’s statement, the decision was reserved. The Chief Justice said to the remark that those who made the law were intelligent people. We cannot ask the Parliament to make laws in this manner. 

The court is only there to settle the matter. ] PTI gets big relief from Election Tribunal Shah Mehmood gets permission to contest elections from NA 214 Umar Kot, papers of Zain Qureshi also approved for nomination, Haleem Adal Shaikh will also be able to contest elections from NA 238 Atif Khan Nai Panjta and Raja Basharat Papers of all PTI candidates also approved. Papers of all PTI candidates approved from N-132. Shehbaz Sharif’s papers from N-132. Notice issued to General Returning Officer on appeal against the nominated key. Nawaz Sharif’s papers were postponed till January 8 against the nominated key. PTI and Maryam Nawaz Notice issued on the appeals of Zulfikar Mirza’s sons Hasnain and Hasa Mirza on the appeal against the papers. Election Commission to reply till February 8 from Returning Officer Taraz Kon Challa People’s Party announced the names of the candidates of Sin Se Qaumi Subai Assembly Palav Bhutto Asif Zardari Khushi Shah Ijaz Dhakrani Nafeesa Shah Shazia Mari Naveed Qamar and Digar will contest elections from Sindh People’s Party will fight elections on all the issues Almost the birthplace of martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in Multan Sabik Sadar Asif Attendance of Zardari and Digar Anniversary cake was cut Almost Jalo’s Wazir Azam Bilawal Slogans of Bilawal Bhuto Ka Lahar Me Khawateen Workers Convention Said People’s Party is not of Arafiya but of Awam’s group All the claims made to the people were successfully fulfilled Will oversee Punjab Wazir Ala Masin Nakri inaugurated the building of police station Sadar Bairon after Tajin 9, said that the shortage of police personnel in the state will be filled, approval has been given for the recruitment of 11000 youth, night safari will be started in Lahore Safari Zoo.

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