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PTI: Senator Dr. Humayun Mohammad

I am Senator Dr. Humayun Mohammad, today once again in the old style, an attempt was made to commit murder in the Senate and the thief door was once again used. Last hour of Friday, last five six seven minutes. 

Total six seven people. One of them was from the People’s Party, one from PMLN, one from Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and three or four were from the BAP Party. The quorum was not complete. 

The agenda was over. People were going to their homes. Someone said, “Do you know about the elections?” We are getting closer and then suddenly five or six people from the party came to Mebarana and suddenly they introduced this bill through Dilawar Khan. When Dilawar Khan introduced this, I don’t know why the Chairman has made a bonfire of them and absolutely In the same manner, this has happened among a total of 12 or 13 people. Despite the lack of quorum, this bill has been introduced and a sudden voting was conducted on it. 

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In that voting, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League Noon, all three opposed it. But obviously the rest of the people had planned everything, they knew how many people would be sitting at a particular time, they had tried to kill every day in the same manner, if this type of people are in politics. If we, the politicians, start doing such things, then what will become of this country? 

How long will we continue doing such things? How long will we keep these thieves burning the doors like Justice Munir to come and derail Pakistan’s democracy? I strongly oppose this and I think these types of tactics should not have been used by these people and the Senate should not be used for this type of thing. I strongly oppose this. Thank you.

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