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Such a beautiful Islands:

This is Pompeii Island, located in the far-away Pacific Ocean, which is hiding a secret under its mangrove forest, which leaves the human mind stunned. If we can imagine the loneliness of Pompeii Island, then the closest to it is Papua New Guinea, and that too. It is 1900 km away from here and the second place is Japan which is 3600 km away. If seen from above, Pump Island is just full of forests and mangroves but in reality, there is a city of souls and spirits hidden under this forest. Yes, one such. A city where the locals are afraid to go. It is believed that if anyone tries to go here or even tries to talk about this city, they may die. Khushmadid once again in the article of Viksolve

Image Credit: there is a city of souls and spirits hidden under this forest.

This city named Nazarene Nain Madol is hidden under the forest in the east of Pampi Island. To go here, one has to first get permission from the King of Pampi Island and after completing a special ritual, a mask made from the roots of the Kava plant. A unique drink is given which is made by rubbing it on a stone. It is believed that after completing this ritual, the spirits of Nan Madol do not attack. Even after going into the forest, Nan Madol cannot be seen completely. Because Mangroo and its roots have completely hidden the structures built here. Hidden amidst the dense forest, this is the biggest structure here which was built 800 years ago with the help of huge stone pillars. This special stone is found here on Bastno. 

There are such stones whose weight can be up to 70 tonnes i.e. 700 kgs. Lifting such a heavyweight with the help of today’s advanced machinery can be quite challenging, so imagine how this work would have been done 800 years ago in the queens of the Pacific Ocean. The interest of Paheli is no less than the pyramids of Giza and the stone sculptures made in the Easter Islands. The biggest thing is that the entire surrounding area is filled with only coral reefs and forests, so these types of stones are not present here. 

Image Credit: There are such stones whose weight can be up to 70 tonnes i.e. 700 kgs.

Then, where were these stones brought from and how could they have been lifted? Stories are famous among the locals that this work was done with the help of magic, but it can be very difficult to know the real reason for this because there is no written record here. There is neither history nor evidence, there are only stories that have been changing for centuries. To study this entire city thoroughly, it is very important to cut the mangroves here. Physically this work is not possible, hence it was decided to take the help of technology. By installing the lidar scanning device in the drone, scanning of this entire area was started. 

The waves of lidar can pass through the trees but after hitting the solid stones, they get recorded back in the lidar device. With the help of this data of lidar, now this 3D model of the entire area can be made. The result that came out after the lidar scan was completed presented a spectacular view of the hidden structures of this entire area. Here about 90 structures hidden under the trees emerged. Residential Complexes And there were also ritual places. When a hidden ritual structure was visited, the 800-year-old Sakav pounding stone was still present. The same stone on which this drink called Sakav is still made by rubbing the roots of Kava. A major investigation was done. So it came to light that in reality each structure was built on a separate man-made island and an artificial sea wall was also built with big stones around all these islands so that it could be protected from the sea waves. 

Image Credit: Here about 90 structures hidden under the trees emerged. Residential Complexes And there were also ritual places.

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Were there any super humans Then indeed, this work was done with the help of spirits or magic? Although small, making man-made islands in that era is indeed no less than a miracle. On one hand, despite so much advanced technology today, the World Islands of Dubai have returned to the sea. On the other hand, the settlers of Nan Madol had built an entire city of man-made islands 800 years ago. 

You will be surprised to know that the weight of basalt rock used in all the structures of Nan Madol is more than 7 lakh tons. This is the same weight as that of eight aircraft carriers or the world’s largest freight train, which was 8 kilometers long. The weight of such eight trains is equal to the weight of the structures of Nan Madol. Now the question arises about such a big freight train. Where did the Balt Rock come here in large numbers? On the other side of Puffy Island, about 18 kilometers away, a quarry of Balt Rock was discovered, and that too was hidden by trees.

When I climbed a 200-foot-high quarry and saw it, it was surprising that there were Slabs of basalt rock present till then, which perhaps for some reason remained lying here. Traces of smoke and ash were found on these slabs, which shows that a fire was made in between them and water was poured over them, due to which the appearance of basalt rock slabs changed. Part of the puzzle of the 800-year-old man-made islands in the Pacific Ocean had been solved. Now it was the turn to know how these stones were transported to Nan Madol, 18 km away from the quarry. As You first learned each stone weighs from 5 tons to 70 tons. It is not possible to carry that much weight through Puffy Island because the high mountains between the Stone Quarry and Nan Madol have blocked the way. There is only one way to do this. It is possible that from here these stones were somehow transported to the ocean and then placed in a boat on the other side of the island and taken in a complete circle to Nan Madol. To prove this theory, the seafloor along with Nan Madol was examined. 

Gold was searched through scanning. At a depth of 300 feet, some objects were scanned which probably did not appear to be a part of the floor in any way. It was found that some pillars of basalt rock were also present on the ocean floor which may have been lost during transport. These pillars had fallen into the sea. This is proof that such heavy stones were brought to Nan Madol through the sea only. During the research on Nan Madol, nothing was seen at every turn. 

Researchers think that if people stayed here Even at that time, people could transport such heavy stones by sea, so it means that they must have gone to other islands also. An island named End Atoll, 15 km away from Puffy Island, was inspected. Pillars and a lot of Sakav stones were seen, which means that these were not ordinary people but highly skilled people who could transport heavy cargo by braving the ocean waves even 800 years ago. When the team of researchers and historians took stock of Pump Island, They saw a stone art site where there were various carvings on the stones.

 Now these carvings are not 800 but about 2000 years old, in which a unique symbol was also seen carved. The surprising thing is that a similar place was found 3600 kilometers away today. This symbol has also been seen in New Kaleido Nia, that is, for whoever created this symbol, sea travel was a child’s play, doing such a big journey without GPS and advanced equipment and many centuries ago there were man-made islands and such big structures on them. 

This makes it clear that the ruling elite of that era lived here, but till now no one knows where they went after leaving such a big system, whether there was any natural disaster here or they got lost in the ocean. You people will also like and share this article on Viksolve. Thank you very much for your loving comments. See you in the next great article.

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