“BAT” Symbol Granted to PTI? Final Decision From Election Commission? Breaking News

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"BAT" Symbol Granted to PTI? Final Decision From Image Credit: Election Commission? Breaking News

“BAT” Symbol Granted to PTI?

Peshawar High Court’s decision to file an appeal against the High Court’s High Court decision in Peshawar High Court’s decision to file an appeal against the Election Commission’s decision to file an appeal today is likely to be filed today. 

The legal team is keeping an eye on the pending appeal, while the Peshawar High Court accepted the decision of the Election Commission on December 26. The court had ordered the Election Commission to continue publishing the certificate of PTI Intra Party Examination on the website. Had given an order to restore PTI’s Intekhab mark bat. 

Let’s know the details of Peshawar High Court’s order to return PTI’s Intekhab mark bat. Bero Peshawar Mohammad Naeem, Naeem, tell me what are the details of this matter. Mutalik ji. The Election Commission is eyeing a serious appeal against the High Court decision. Ila is coming forward on behalf of the Election Commission. 

An appeal is expected to be filed today. The legal team of the Election Commission is keeping an eye on the appeal. The discussion is going on. On December 26, the Peshawar High Court decided to return the PTI Intra Party Intikhab Kaal Dum and Intikhab Nishan Balle of the Election Commission back to PTI. 

Here, let me also tell you that if seen, the Division Batch of the Peshawar High Court It was decided that the Election Commission should decide by 22 December whether to give the bat mark to Tehreek Insaaf or not, for which the intra-party election was to be justified. 

A decision came from the Election Commission that the bat mark should be given to the intra-party election which was That Kaldara was given, after which Justice Kamran Hayat of Peshawar High Court gave interim relief. Since there were holidays in Peshawar High Court, there was a single bench that took the decision, which means the decision gave back the mark of the bat. Since it was decided on the same day. 

Single Bench cannot hear this decision in its entirety, hence the Election Commission has decided that now it should be filed before the Division Bench in the Peshawar High Court itself, for which preparations are being made and bat marks and intra-party examination will be done. The RG decision quoted will be challenged again in the Peshawar High Court.

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