Binance Spot Trading Unleashed: Advanced Methods

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Celebrating Success: Yesterday’s Profit

First of all, see my profit. yesterday’s profit was $500 plus. Well, in this article, I basically want to tell you a little difference between the spot and the future. Our new members mostly come to my channel. If there are, then they go towards future trading in the start. Okay, I will tell you this thing that friend, look, never go towards future trading in the start, firstly you do spot trading. It is okay because unless your accuracy is high, no. The more trades you make, the more your trades will turn positive. 

Building Confidence Through Profitable Trades

Your trade will be profitable. Till then you will not build confidence. It is okay to trade in future. You are mostly my new friend who comes and takes future trades and makes losses. It is okay for them to make losses. The main reason is that they come in at the start, start future trading, and confidence is not built, okay if you see, mostly this must have happened with you too that when you take a trade, you suffer a loss like As soon as you close the trade, the market goes up even if you have taken the right decision that the market can go up from here or the market can go down from here, that is your decision is right but what happens is that You do not have confidence in it. How is that confidence built? 

Spot Trading: A Path to Confidence

The more you trade, the more times you analyze the market and try to trade, the more confidence will build in you and you will gain good profits from the market. Okay, so within the start. Do spot trading. You have confidence in the spot. Now, we see mostly our people who come here to trade. I say that very few people I meet want to become full-time traders. Mostly what do they say about them? 

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The Strategy of Scalping for Full-Time Traders

That we don’t have time, friend, we are doing such and such job, some person is doing some business, some is doing something else, some are doing some trading together, okay, full-time traders are not available at our place. Well, the scalping done by Hatta is full-time, okay see, if I have been sitting since morning, I have analyzed the market twice, and I have got such a good opportunity twice where I can trade long. I could have taken it, when I got another option, I got a loss there, no problem, two went in my profit, one went in my loss, friend, there is no problem, I am running in total profit, but our new What do the members do, they are doing a job, they take trades part-time, they go into loss, brother, they just closed down and went away, but for those who are full-time traders, futures trading is fine for them, if you have free time. Then you come towards the future, otherwise, you do spot trading. Okay, the spot is so easy and it is so much fun. Now recently, which means there has been a crash in the market, which was almost my total investment, here I had also withdrawn some of my money. Here the amount of $ was working fine, which means now $ 100 was my investment, so when the market crashed, then sir there I was incurring a loss of almost 2000 plus, okay but there was no loss, it was going down. 

Maintaining Confidence During Market Fluctuations

The price was the same but I was in full confidence, I said, there is no issue friend, when the market came down, I bought Majid there, I bought DOT, okay, I have bought BNB in ​​it, I have bought Ethereum there. I bought yearly, I bought fourth and fifth, I bought injectable, I bought five coins there, Majid. Ok Majid, I had about 5000 dollars more money lying here, I picked them all up and put them back inside these coins. If you want to invest then see the market as soon as it comes back. Go to my channel and watch the articles that I have analyzed with you. 

Spot Trading: Seizing Opportunities in Market Dumps

I am not saying that I have analyzed much of what I have done, but I am saying this in it, friend, you have a buying opportunity. See, whoever is a spot trader, whenever a dump comes in the market, it is a buying opportunity for him. For those who are doing futures, it is a loss-making thing, but for spot traders, it is a buying opportunity. You get the opportunity to buy. Okay, so I bought from Majeed there, so Alhamdulillah, my profit yesterday was the same as you which I made on WhatsApp Plus, then the same profit of mine was gone to Rs 700 plus, yesterday it means a very good profit. Ok, there is no risk inside the spot, no tension, sir, I have left the investment, so there is no problem, if the market is coming down, it is nothing, it will come down for a day or two and then go up, but the project should be good, okay if you have done so till now. 

Introduction to the 200 Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

Spot Trading
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This is my free prediction that I keep giving you, okay and after that mostly I refer those people from here who have created an account on Binance through my referral, we also add them to our paid group, okay? This is free, you can join it, and you will get the link in the description. Okay, sir, the purpose of talking about all this is that once you have spotted it, I will tell you on the screen how to take the steps, see the indicator, and select Apply. Make sure that there is a website, you also get its application, it is fine on mobile, here you have to make its length 200, fine and going to its style, I will make it a little healthy so that it can be seen clearly. Sir, this is 200 EA. 

Spot Trading Strategy: Buying Opportunities Below the 200 EMA

Spot Trading
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It is mostly here, if you see YouTube, it will cross the EA line and start coming down, okay, it will start making a swing, then you understand that some crash has started in the market and below this, okay where you are. If you get a good opportunity, if it was here then it came here, that means you keep buying here, it’s okay, put your position here at 25, put it here at 25, it’s okay, that means keep buying below this, then as soon as the market crosses it, If it comes out above then Sir, you will get all that money i.e. here it will start converting into profit. Okay, this is a very powerful strategy. It is good for spot traders, it is not for futures. When the line of 200 EA is crossed. After crossing, the market starts making a downward swing, which means if it is ok then start buying that coin. It is ok but choose a good project, ok, after that as soon as the market crosses the EME line and goes up, then you can buy it. Start selling it and it automatically turns into a profit. 

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