Bushra Khan | Get 14-Year Jail in Toshakhana Case

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Election 2024 i.e. the day of people’s decision is just two days away, political gathering and candidates have less than 9 hours left for the recruitment campaign. Nigra Wazir Adhikala Gaur Ijaz said that on Thursday, Azada Munsif Aana and Shafaf will come in the country. Elections are going to be held, 65 lakh officers of police, paramilitary forces and army have been taunted for the security of voters. Pay attention to one question. Ijaz said that no decision has been taken to shut down the internet on the election day

Today, security is at hand. If a request to shut down the internet comes, it will be considered looking at the circumstances. Inshallah, this is an election with absolutely perfect measures which can be taken in the interior ministry and with the help of our armed forces and with all the majors, this is an election. And peace is not our hope, we are sure that we will conduct it. Which country can provide more than 65 lakh civil, military, army and QRF forces for its elections? It is too much to quote the restriction of 65 lakh net. 

It is being floated, no decision has been taken yet, if such a request comes from any state or district, then it will be looked at according to that district and that state as to what is the threat there and the news is that the Municipal Wazir Senior Punjab Musan Naqvi has been made the Chairman of PCB without any contest. Mohsin Naqvi has been made the Chairman of PCB for three years. Mohsin Naqvi is the 37th Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board. After the completion of Mohsin Naqvi’s selection process, PCB’s Election Commissioner Shah Khawar Advocate told that Mohsin Naqvi can become the Chairman PCB along with Nigra Wazir Ala. 

Mohsin Naqvi will be given the charge today itself, he will remain the Chairman for 3 years, as per the rules the board has been given the task, good work and decisions will be taken in the upcoming events, Nigra at this time. Wazir Tala Si Ahmed Shah is giving a news conference, see this, I cannot talk anything irresponsibly, I cannot even give a hint of such a thing unless we are told, you know there is feud in many places. 

There are also many people who settle their scores, that person is also an elected MPA who had won last time, so there can be multiple reasons, there can be one to sabotage the election process and someone can also oppose them, till now we We don’t have even the slightest help, we can’t settle on this, let’s take turns in questioning two things. 

The first question is that it is being heard that what is the mobile phone signal or internet signal in Karachi tomorrow? Broadband services will be closed. Is there any decision regarding this? If there is any policy, please tell me. My second question to you is that our friends are given an access card by the Election Commission of Pakistan, but in our old practice we have seen that the police The policemen who are present there are stopping us from going inside and they do not surrender the card, they are not ready to accept it, they say you talk to our officer, then what policemen were you told about that? This issue was discussed in detail repeatedly and everywhere in every division and this is the card that we came to know that even in Sakhar there are 1 such cards and our office has given strict instructions to the distributors everywhere that the photographer is the one to take his photograph. Make up your mind and go, he will not stay there. 

There is a cameraman who is loud and those who do not have Zenon are media persons. If there is still any shortage then today is also the day with us and we are open and I give full instructions to you. 

There is an instruction to facilitate the entire office that if footage is to be made then footage of that process has to be made. You went, you saw that there was a queue, now you went inside, no policeman will stop those who have that card, Ranger Police. Rati will not stop his actions, action will be taken against him, it is on the instructions of the Chief Minister and this instruction was given to the police officer at the highest level by repeatedly giving MFE size to all the people everywhere, but unnecessarily, the one making unauthorized claim that I I am Sahafi, such people will be stopped, because of that your work will also get spoiled, there will also be internal footage, you know that wherever the vote is being cast, you will not go there, but signatures are being made, slips are being cut, if you took an overview from there then I did all this myself. And in fact, CM Saheb has given all the reasons for this, despite this we will be sitting there, if any problem comes then we will facilitate and Nadeem Saheb, you will have the numbers of all the commissioners in our office, DC’s, SSP’s, DIG’s and so on. Nigra Wazir Tala Sad Ahmed Shah, who is the Superintendent of Medical and Major Hospitals, is giving a news conference. 

Bani PTI’s Aliya Bush Bibi, who was sentenced in Toshakhana and non-Sharia Nikah cases, has approached Islamabad High Court for Hariyala Jail Munt Kili. In the application filed in the High Court, Musha wife has taken the opportunity that she wants to serve her sentence in jail like a common prisoner. According to the spirit of the law, all the townspeople are equal, hence the notification to declare the Gala residential area as a sub-jail was issued yesterday. Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab says that MQM and Hafiz Naemar Rehman have made a false allegation that they are privatizing the Nursing College. During a conversation on the occasion of the visit to the Nursing College, Murtaza Wahab said that the Nursing College exists in its own place. He is going towards Public Private Partnership. Hafiz Naimer Rehman Sahab and friends of MQM are accusing me that I want to sell it. I quote the media talk of Naimer Rehman Sahab in which Shahenshah Press Conference accused me. 

Murtaza Wahab wants to privatize a running nursing school in my possession. I don’t know why some politicians of the city are in such a hurry to press things. I don’t know whose curse is on us when we try to do any work in this city. If people try to fix it, then people do negative propaganda. Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Hafiz Naemar Rehman says that he will not let people’s mandate be looted in any Surat. The decision should be left to the voters. 

During the news conference in Karachi, Hafiz Naeemer Rehman said that People should not be insulted by filling air in a balloon with holes and under no circumstances will we let people’s mandate be violated. People may have a desire to fill someone’s balloon with air, but if there are so many holes in it that the air cannot be filled. If you are not able to fill it, then why are you insulting the people’s mandate by doing this exercise? Leave it to the people, they have done what had to be done, now they can vote for whomever they want, we do not want to take even a single vote forgery, we do not want to get ourselves registered. 

On ballad paper, but do not want to reduce even one of the number of votes that will be given to Jamaat Islami. Let the one who is winning win, let the one who is losing lose. Despite the snowfall and rains across the district at the time of mercury and Chinar, Intekhaab implementation continues with full vigor. 

Winter Irrespective of the candidates and voters are seen busy in the race for success. Ali Afzal Afzal’s report is the youth of Paras Nar who are performing Mukami Raks during the election campaign in Barbari. NA 37 and PK in District Kuro. Totally nine candidates are in the fray on the lines of 95 and 96. Here the status has fallen due to Hararat Nukte-in-Jumaat but the candidates and their supporters seem to be enthusiastic. 

The focus will be on the hilly areas because going there is not enough for us. It will be difficult in the rest of the plain areas, especially I will mention the lower area, it is a little easy there, it is very cold in Parnar, but we will cast our host in every situation, Inshallah because it is our public right and we will not lag behind even an inch in that. We will vote for the candidate who has in his heart the pain of the orphans, the poor and the earth for this community, 37 from district Kurm, Sajid Turi of People’s Party, 34 including Hameed Hussain of MWM, Maulvi Asmat Allah and Azad Jamil Khan of GI, while two Subai Nish. But 56 candidates are in the fray. In the hilly areas of district Kuram, the road from Barbi to Baias Amrat has also been closed, but the candidates and voters say that in any case they will use their right to vote on February 8. Ali Afal with Kam Javed.

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