Fighter Box Office Collection | Fighter Vs Pathaan Box Office Collection Day 3 Comparison | Hrithik | Viksolve News

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Fighter Box Office Collection | Fighter Vs Pathaan Box Office Collection Day 3 Comparison | Hrithik | Viksolve News

Fighter Vs Pathaan

Friends, at present, if there is the most discussion about any film, if there is the most heated atmosphere about any film, then it is Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padu, which star film Fighter and Fighter have created a stir in the theaters and friends, the film Fighter. 

It has made the biggest record till date in its name, till date no film in Bollywood has been able to do what Fighter has done and friends, first of all let me tell you the recording of the opening made by the film Fighter on its first day. Compared to that, the film’s second day collection was more than 100%, that is, more than double from its first day. 

We saw this film collecting on the second day and friends, today is the third day and this film is on the second day. It is also housefull all over the world, that is, this film is completely back on track and indeed the people of India are liking this film very much, but friends, as you all know, on this very day in the year 2023. King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan was released in theaters on January 25, which not only created history at the box office but also made history. 

The film made a big record for Bollywood by earning more than Rs 50 crore in its lifetime. It was made and brought about the comeback of Bollywood which is still going on, so for now in this video we will talk about how much total earnings Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan managed to earn in India in its first three days, while the film’s success in the entire world. 

How much was the collection in the first three days and also we will talk about how much total earning the film Fighter managed to earn within India in its first two days, what is the total collection of the film all over the world and how much the film has earned today on its third day. 

If it is going to earn then friends just stay with this video but before that friends if you consider Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan as a great actor then like this video wholeheartedly and also subscribe to this channel. Friends, first of all I will talk about Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan because it is important to talk about Pathan because Shahrukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood, was making a comeback after four years. 

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He had zero flops in the year 2018, after which Shahrukh Khan had sworn off I thought that if I make a film for Bollywood, I will make it such that the whole world will like it and after returning from Pathan, this film was made in the direction of Siddharth Anand, which was produced by Yash Raj Films, that is, Aditya Chopra gave us Shahrukh Khan’s role in the film. 

Along with John Abraham, Deepika Padu was seen in an important role and the budget of the film was more than 50 crores, but friends, even before the release of the film, the Boycott Gang was completely behind this film. Due to which the film did not have to be promoted, rather the Boycott Gang itself did the promotion completely and even before its release within India and abroad, this film was completely in the news and was completely covered. And this was the reason that the film was released in three languages ​​Tamil Telugu Hindi on its first day and the film had earned a net of Rs 57 crores on its very first day i.e. opening day and the film’s The world wide collection was 107 crores, the earning of the film on the second day was 70 crores 50 lakhs and friends, the collection of the film on the third day was 39 crores 25 lakhs and the total earning of the film in three days was 166 crores 75 lakhs. At the same time, the gross collection of the film in India had become 197 crores, from overseas the film had earned 115 crores in its first three days and overall the total earning of the film in four three days was 313 crores, where friends Pathan in three days. 

The film had earned 313 crores all over the world, which was a commendable collection and within three days the film became a superhit at the box office. Come on, friends, now let’s talk about the Fighter film because I cannot praise the Fighter film enough, friends. Remember that before the release of the film, there was not much hype about the film, due to which even in the opening day collection of the film, we did not see much response, very less response was seen, but I told you before. 

I have already said this and I have been saying it before that if there is any film then the budget of the film does not matter whether you are making a film with a budget of 200 crores or 300 crores, we have also seen Adi Purush, apart from that we have not seen Pandey and Apart from that, I have seen many big films which were made with a budget of Rs 150 crores, 200 crores, 50 crores but the audience did not like them at all and these films were completely useless at the box office and were completely flopped, but if a film It is good, even if the budget of the film is low, but that film is actually a super hit at the box office. 

If I give you a little example of the year 2024, then friends, Hanuman is in front of you, it was made in a budget of less than 440 crores but 50 crores. Till now the film is still running at the box office but talking about Fighter, it was an action film which was made under the direction of Siddharth Anand in which we have Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor in the important roles. 

The budget of this film was also 50 crores, but friends, if I talk about the box office collection of Fighter film till now, then friends, the way this film is performing at the moment is really praiseworthy because the Republic Day special. This film was released on the occasion and on its first day i.e. opening day, the film had earned a net of Rs 24 crore 8 lakh from all over India and the gross collection of the film in India was Rs 229 crore 29 lakh from overseas. ₹ 8 crore 31 lakhs were earned on its first day and the world wide total earning of the film on the first day was ₹ 37 crores 60 lakhs. On the second day, the film collected more than ₹ 1 crore and the film collected ₹ 66 crores in just two days. 

While the world wide earning of the film has reached 96 crores, today is the third day, friends, today this film is going to earn Rs 30 to 332 crores. Yes friends, today is the third day and it is the first Saturday, so today the film is going to earn Rs 30 to 32 crores. And the total earning of the film will go from 96 to 988 crores, while the film is making 135 crores in the whole world, which is commendable and tomorrow is Sunday, so tomorrow this film is going to do even better, but friends, Fighter or the film Pathan at heart. Tell me which is the best movie among these two? Thank you.

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