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Guntur Kaaram Box Office Collection | Guntur Kaaram First Day Collection | Captain Miller Collection | Viksolve News

Guntur Kaaram Box Office Collection:

So finally, the films for which the fans were eagerly waiting, both these films have been released in theaters today. On one side, there is Tamil superstar Dhanush’s film Captain Miller, which has completed its first day today. On the other hand, Guntur Karam is going to get a great opening from India and worldwide, this film of Mahesh Babu is making huge collections at the box office on its very first day and is making many big records of the year 2023 and the film is going to be released in theaters. 

It is getting an outstanding response it is a Telugu language movie, an action comedy-drama film, fans like this film very much, so for now in this article we will talk about Guntur Karam today, how many collections on its first day i.e. opening day. It is going to do well because if we talk about it within India, it is only a Telugu language movie and this film has been released in Telugu language only, but even in Telugu language, today this film has made many big records of the year 2023 and its Apart from this, the film has got a very good response in overseas also, so how much opening will Guntur Karam take today in the world wide on its first day, what will be the collection of the film in India and on the other hand, Dhanush’s film Captain Miller which is a Tamil language action adventure movie. 

Dhanush’s film Captain Miller

It is a film and today on its first day, this film is also taking a very good opening in India and all over the world, so friends, just stay with this article, but friends, before that, if you consider Dhanush and Mahesh Babu as great actors. If so, please like this article wholeheartedly and also subscribe to this Friends, if we talk about Captain Miller, then let me tell you that it is a Tamil language movie which was released in five languages ​​in India. 

Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam, this film has been directed by Arun Matheswaran and produced by Sil Thiagarajan. In the film, we are seen with Dhanush, Shiva Rajkumar, Priyanka, Arun Mohan and Aditya Bal in important roles and if the film is If we talk about the budget, friends, the budget of the film is ₹ Crore, although it is not official but it is being told that the budget of the film is around ₹ 1 Crore, but friends, if I talk about the opening of the film today, then first of all look at the occupancy. Put it because in Andhra Pradesh the film does not have that many shows but the occupancy is 24 per cent. 

The film has three shows out of which one show is almost completely full. In Arunachal Pradesh the film has an occupancy of 2 per cent. It has 4 shows. In Assam, the film has 9 per cent occupancy. In Bihar, the film has 8 per cent occupancy. In Chhattisgarh, the film has 11 per cent occupancy. In Goa, the film has 45 shows. In Goa, the film has 0 per cent occupancy. The film has 17 shows. In Gujarat, the occupancy is on 2nd. 

The film has 595 shows. In Haryana, the occupancy on 2nd is 45 shows. In Jharkhand, the occupancy is on 7th show. In Karnataka, the occupancy is on 11th show. The film has 525 25 shows. Within Kerala, the film has an occupancy of 3 shows. In Madhya Pradesh, the occupancy of 12 shows is 127 shows. In Maharashtra, the film has an occupancy of 2 shows. Apart from this, if we talk about Tamil Nadu, then the occupancy here is 30 shows. 

The film has 1470 shows, apart from this, the occupancy on 8 in Uttar Pradesh is 234 shows. Apart from this, the occupancy on 4 in Delhi NCR is 276 shows. So today if I talk about the opening day, then friends Tamil D and Tamil I Max. D If I talk about Tamil D and Aa 2D then the film has made an advance of around 35 crores, advance booking of imd1 has been done in Tamil language and if I talk about Hindi then the film has made an advance of 2 lakhs so I think that Today, Dhanush’s film Captain Miller is on its first day, if I talk about all the languages, then the collection of the film in India today on its opening day will be at least Rs 12 to 1 crore and the gross collection of the film will be It will be around 14 to 145 crores and the film will make at least 3 to 4 crores from overseas, so the film which will have a world wide opening today and I think the film is going to make at least 18 to 19 crores within India. 

If the net collection will be 12 to 1 crore, then this is the first day opening of Captain Miller here. But now we will talk about Mahesh Babu’s film Guntur Karam. So friends, if we talk about Guntur Karam, then it is a Telugu language action drama comedy. This is a film which has been directed by Trivikram Srinivas and the film has been produced by S. Radha Krishna. In the film, we see Mahesh Babu, Srileela Meenakshi Choudhary, Jagapati Babu and Ramya Krishna in important roles. If I talk about the budget of the film, then friends, the budget of the film is Rs. The budget is being said to be Rs 200 crores but friends, the way the film is getting outstanding response on its first day, because Mahesh Babu is a big superstar of Telugu, the fans wait for his films a lot, so today the opening is praiseworthy and record-breaking. 

Mahesh Babu’s film Guntur Karam

The film is taken from India and worldwide. If I talk about Andhra Pradesh, friends, you might not believe it, but the occupancy is at 70. In Andhra Pradesh, the film has 2350 shows. Out of the 2350 shows, there are about 1700 almost full shows. And out of which there are 250 shows which are fast filling. Apart from this, the film has been shown everywhere else. If I talk about Karnataka, here too the occupancy is around 32. The film has 875 shows. And out of 875 shows, there are 250 shows which are almost full and about 140 are fast-filling. Apart from this, in Maharashtra, the film has 155 shows with an occupancy of 18 percent, out of which 20 are almost full. If I talk about Telangana, Friends, in Telangana also the occupancy is 50%, and the film has 2000+70 shows out of which 900 shows are almost full and 400 are fast filling, so here the film Guntur Karam is also getting a tremendous response, and today. 

The film has taken bookings of ₹ crore only in the Telugu language for its first day i.e. for the year 2023. This film has broken many big records i.e. booking of ₹ 25 crore has been done, so if you believe, the film will have at least 55 crores today. The opening of Rs 60 crore is going to be taken only from India. Here, if I talk about the worldwide gross opening of the film, then friends today Guntur Karam is taking the opening of above Rs 1 crore, perhaps you will not believe it but I am telling you. The film Guntur Karam is going to get an opening of more than ₹ crore all over the world, which I will say in the commendable opening, but friends, which film are you going to read Captain Miller or Guntur Karam in the cinema, please do tell in the comments.

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