Hamid Mir Got Emotional While Talking About PTI & PTI Symbol Bat

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Credit: Hamid Mir Got Emotional While Talking About PTI & PTI Symbol Bat

Everyone knows who will win and who will lose. Whatever happens, the Chief Justice will be responsible. Talks of level playing field are left far behind. Whatever is happening has never been seen before. 

Hamid Mir of Senior Tajiya gets emotional on the treatment of PTI people. Politics is not happening, it is all power politics, no one is interested in elections, the situation is that no matter which party comes, whoever becomes Wazir Azam, everyone knows that he will be unprepared, the cabinet will also be unprepared, that is why the political parties are not bringing Manshoor to the people. 

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Promises are not being made, the whole emphasis is on making those who want to make Wazir Azam happy. Hamid Mir said that Tehreek Insaaf also has no perspective. PTI also tried to make a deal. Even today, if a deal is made with Tehreek Insaaf, then it will be anti-establishment. 

The Election day rigging is a thing of the past, now the pre-poll rigging is taking place; the Chief Justice will also be responsible for whatever happens; they will conduct the elections but could not make the elections free and fair. From now on, everyone knows who will win and who will lose.

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