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In Today’s Headline Drizzling Rain in Nawabshah

In today’s headline, Nawabshah Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh, Pakistan, it has been raining lightly for two days, but the weather has become very scary, meaning there is still a chance of rain and looking at the weather, it seems that there will be another one or two more. can be rainy day.

Preparation For Election In Nawabshah

And let’s talk about the election, which is going to be held in Pakistan right now. Nawabshah Sindh, the date of election in Pakistan is February 8, 2024. A lot of work is being done before the election, that is, cleaning roads, repairing roads and sewers in Nawabshah. line and other issues are being resolved Nawab Shah Sindh Pakistan MPA Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah who is from Manuabad region of Nawabshah has stood from the MQM party and in the second place a famous person named Ali Hasan Zardari, who is a special servant of the People’s Party and is also an MPA, and Sardar Shahr Mohammad Rind, who is from the PTI, is standing in the third place.

A Fire Broke out in a Clothes Shop

And Today Nawab Shah Sindh, Pakistan, there was a fire in a shop on Gold Plaza Kutcheri Road, in which he was keeping clothes in the shop, that is, it was a clothes shop. There is a fire and some are saying that someone started the fire and so far we know that the fire has started in the shop, now it is because of the wires or someone started it, it is not known yet, and stay tuned to this website viksolve.com to read such news.

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