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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Pak-Iran Conflict!

All the political leaders of the People’s Party are expecting from Khala Makhluk. I have been taught that the head of power is the people and whenever they come to power, they give relief to the rich and trouble to the poor. You support us and we will deliver them ashraful. 20 Nakati program is not air, I will build 30 lakh houses, I will provide 300 units of free electricity for the poor people, I will fulfill my promise, If People’s Party comes to power, farmers will be cut, support me, we will end poverty, inflation, and unemployment, Chairman People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto’s court. 

Adoot Bi Jalse Se Title Maalumaat Tak Raasi Every city has its right, Malumaat is the right of Idar, every Samaat, Barah Raj is being shown, Court action is being shown, all the judges have proposed to show Barah Raj, Tai Tai, people are not able to understand the action. Later let’s talk about it Chief Justice Supreme Court Kaj Faza’s title in detail Said for the first time in the date of Adalia, Mahi report of the Supreme Court was presented More than 850 cases were disposed of 504 cases were disposed We presented ourselves for the safety of our Why don’t we tell the people ourselves what we are doing? 

Information about the tax system should be accessible to the people. The Chief Justice of Pakistan addressed the Sahaf and recited a couplet during his speech. The government praised it a lot. Where are the Sahafis? If you listen to your heart, you will write even a small thing to many people, because if the situation is not told to my heart, then I am sure that I will not get many messages. Had I had to convey the expressions, neither the country would have been ruined nor the leaders would have been hanged. 

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Unfortunately, Pakistan’s old days passed in dictatorship. Freedom to express opinion is not possible in dictatorship Quaid-e-Azam’s speech of August 11, 1947 The process of censoring the princely states started a profit-free process In the era of technology, the princely states cannot control the expressed opinion Judge’s body but I should never get worried Judge’s body If it has the effect of censure, then it is prohibited against it. Social media should not have any effect on the judge. 

If the person who is censuring also trusts the same judge, then this is the test of the judge. Everyone does censure but also trusts the judge in his capacity as a judge and we are the public. Judges are property, they will be remembered only by their decisions. It has been said about me that the judge belongs to me. We cannot hide anything. People were shown a different picture. Justice Adhar Minla was almost titled as former captain of the cricket team played by Shab Malik. 

Shab Malik got married to Sana, shared the picture of his wedding with Sana Javed on social media and also wrote Alhamdulillah along with the picture. Shab Malik had also married Indian ten star Sania Mirza. Actress Sana Javed had earlier married Gulu in 2020. Was married to Umair Jaswal, Shab Malik and Sania Mirza have a son. Sana changed her name to Sana Shub Malik on social media. Shab Malik’s first marriage was with Bharti girl Ayesha Siddiqui  . Shab Malik’s family sister-in-law got married. 

The marriage of Shab Malik and Sana Javed was confirmed in a few days in Karachi. The marriage came to light through social media. Shab Malik has divorced Sania Mirza but the whole family is upset. Sania Mirza had expressed anger between both of them. No, brother-in-law Imran Malik Shaib Malik will continue to meet his son Ahaan in Dubai Shaib Malik and Sania Mirza had bad relations, there was no relationship between them for two and a half years Shaib Malik’s father’s cancellation of marriage with actress Sena Javed came to light Gaya Sania Mirza herself opened up to Shab Malik and was unhappy with Shab Malik’s attitude Imran Mirza’s conversation with Indian media Sania Mirza’s two-day Kabal social media post also went viral in which Sania Mirza wrote that life is never easy, marriage It was difficult to take the decision and divorce was also difficult. 

Everything is difficult. Expressing the problem in the post. Those who cry about the level playing field have made us digest. Nali has done political politics and has not given ticket to anyone. One person answers. Is it any more? Ehat Sahab wants to put the stamp on Awam Sher on 8th February. Hopefully, by voting for Awam Noon League, Nawaz Noon League can take the country out of the trouble. Nawaz Sharif has the formula to get rid of inflation and load shedding. Rahnuma Noon League Maryam Aurangzeb’s Media Talk Muslim League Noon’s Jalsa to be held in Laiya today Multavi Quaid Noon League had planned to win the title from Laiya Jalsa Pakistan Muslim League Noon Jalsa was planned due to the obscurity of Nawaz Sharif, ticket holders were ranked And let’s continue the Karkun Intekhaab campaign, the new date of the gathering will be announced soon. Party Rahnuma No government can be formed without the People’s Party. 

Politics can serve even without the party. Our vision is only to serve the people of Multan. International Airport. Gave motor way, made Benazir income sports program, got it waived, verandah etc. also increased during the era of People’s Party, if the farmer is happy, the country will also be happy, Sabik Wajar Azam Yousuf Raza Gailani’s press   conference, all the candidates conducted examination campaign, level playing field We will give elections, the elections will be clean and clear on 8th February only, we will not let any obstruction come in the way of elections, strict action will be taken against Nasir who harasses the candidates, Idar is doing excellent work, if anyone looks at Idar, then the situation will be with those responsible for 9th May. The one who will be Nigra Wazir Punjab Mohsin Naqvi Without us, neither Subai government can be formed nor the rule of Wifa can run. 

An attempt is being made by making one party the king. Mian Saheb, the people of Karachi always ignore the city rule. Only Jamaat-e-Islami can solve the issue of the Muslim world; Palestinians of Israel; Naimer Rehman’s title   Judge Mohammad Bashir asks for resignation due to ill health; Sir cannot perform duty; leave should be given till retirement; Ehat sir judge of the court Mohammad Bashir Should the Islamabad High Court and Vizarat Law Khad be given leave from January 24 to March 14? Churning of the letter: Judge Mohammad Bashi Rama will retire on March 14 Bani PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Sheikh Rasheed’s applications are on hold and Postponed till January 24, all three political leaders have filed bail applications in San Na Bai’s case. 

Due to the ATC Court judge being on leave, the matter has been postponed without any action   Gai Toheen has been jailed against the Election Commission Lahore High Court Justice Alia Neelam’s three-stay bench will end on January 22 in the court of Lahore High Court Justice Alia Neelam who has withdrawn for hearing the petition. PTI has applied to stop the trial   Hai roba saal Pakistan ki mushi taraki ki sharai namo do fees The cost of living increased from 45 to 82 billion dollars. 

The situation is at the same level since July 2003. IMF’s report on Pakistan’s situation. Pakistan achieved all the status for the betterment of the country from July to September. There is a need for Allah in Tawana Shabe in Pakistan. The cost of production of electricity is high. Pakistan has controlled the borders to prevent smuggling of dollars. The inflation rate in May 2023 was 36 percent. In October 2023, the inflation rate was 268 percent. The current account total may remain up to 1.6 percent of GDP. An increase in tax and non-tax income is happy. 

IMF reports a new system of rains entered in Balochistan. Bara Rahmat Rabat Lasbela and clouds in other areas. Heavy rains in other areas. Increase in severity of winter. Bala Khyber Pakht Kha Galgat Bal Distan also has severe winter. Status Hararat Manfi 12 in Skardu Manfi 10 record in Skardu The severity of winter continues in Lahore also At least status Hararat 6  Record severity of winter continues The strength of winter continues in schools across Punjab, Aaraj and Kata have been suspended till 31 January Schools will start across Punjab at 9:30. Department of School Education has issued an order. Despite public and social pressure, America refuses to leave Israel’s support. American President Joe Biden talks to Netanyahu on the telephone. Safari and war to Israel despite pressure. White House’s Lamia is with Israel despite the belief of help and understanding.

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