Imran Khan’s Big Order after Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s Rearrests

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Image Credit: Imran Khan's Big Order after Shah Mehmood Qureshi's Rearrests

Imran Khan’s Big Order

The Election Commission has listened to my request as a Chairman PTI, I have brought it to their notice that it is your moral and legal responsibility to ensure that the elections are free, fair, and transparent. If the Supreme Court has granted bail to Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sahab on the ground that This is also necessary for free fair and transparent elections, so now it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to make noise, beyond that, there should be implementation and he should come out of jail. 

The Election Commission observed that you should give us the application and so on. We will take action, Inshallah, today itself we will give them a petition. I have also brought this to the notice of the second Election Commission in connection with the re-jail of Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sahib, that all the proponents who are worried about us are being threatened and intimidated. 

All the people who stole the documents from the government were searched and Harasar has also asked them to give us a description of these writings and we will inshallah take action against those who are responsible. Now let’s see to what extent the Election Commission will go ahead. But Inshallah, today itself we will apply to the Election Commission and will bring all the necessary things in it.

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Today we will give a certified copy to the Election Commission. We have requested the Election Commission to post our certificate on the website today itself. And whatever you want to order for restoration, do it today itself. The Election Commission has currently observed before the court that Inshallah it will be implemented soon. 

We hope that Inshallah the elections will be free, fair, and transparent. The Supreme Court will guard it and the Supreme Court will protect it. Inshallah, the court will decide that the election should be held on the 8th. Now if you people have any questions, then I will take it. Look, in connection with the arrest of Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sahab, we also brought a notice in front of the Election Commission and the Election Commission Has said that you give us an application and we will take immediate action on them Inshallah, then the Election Commission has said this but we will also go to the High Court and whatever form is available there, but first of all we give the application to the Election Commission. 

Please tell me why this has happened. Thank you. Look, we have had more than 50 jawans coming to us from all over Pakistan and if you look at them, I have a complete list of how many people were injured, how many documents were stolen from them and There is a complete list in which of the following areas and inshallah we will give the complete list to the Election Commission. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission. 

I have told the Election Commission today that it would have been better if you had gone personally today instead of visiting different places. We should write it down on papers and give it to you, you go and visit yourself instead of coming to jail, but if not, if the Election Commission asks for these writings, then we will also give these writings because, at this time, the entire focus should be on making sure that the elections are free and fair. 

Yes, the economic policy has sunk, if the elections are not free and fair, and transparent, then it will cause huge losses to the entire country, it will lead to the loss of democracy, the High Court has given you the check mark, so there you have got it again. Do you understand that once again? Look at the re-map, if people who have rights feel that they have to go to the Supreme Court then they should definitely go and even if a case comes to the Supreme Court, we will plead and defend it. 

The prima facie approach which the High Court has seen is not sustainable. Because the way we have conducted the elections for the private political parties, there is no scope for it in any other law that if you judge the election of any party that so and so person could have conducted this election and so and so person could not have conducted the election. 

You cannot use this as a basis to take the marks of 25 crore people who have a representative party, this is a huge crime, it is an excess, it is illegal, illegal and this order is not there yet, this is what the Supreme Court had said in 1964 in the case of Maulana Mehdood. Then in the case of Benazir Botan, it was said in 1988 and it was said in 89, from that time till today, the same law is coming that if you take marks from a political party, then in practice you have dissolved the political party, which is stated in the law. 

Only the Supreme Court can do this. According to the law, no other body has the power to dissolve a political party and the Supreme Court says that taking marks from a political party is in fact like dissolution, so Inshallah. 

Look, all the plans have been given, we have it ready, Inshallah, now Khan Saheb’s instruction is that everyone should go towards the elections and start preparing for the elections. All the people who have held the press conference, no matter on what date, all the people. We have no intention of giving tickets to those who have held press conferences.

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