Imran Khan’s Conviction Will Be Annulled | Big News Came | Cipher Case Updates | Viksolve News

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Imran Khan's Conviction Will Be Annulled | Big News Came | Cipher Case Updates | Viksolve News

Imran Khan:

I do not think that we can go to the High Court and take this stand, the reason for this is that basically neither a case can be made out nor can there be any punishment in it and the way it has been proceeded is completely contrary to the requirements of the Constitution and the law, i.e. Fair trial which is provided in 10A, in the Constitution 10A, this case will arise on the same day, the reason for this is that you have done all the work without the presence of the Consul, you know, this was the case in Toshakhana case also in Majhi. 

This was what he meant to say: Yes, now our witnesses are coming, we have to present them, they were not even given a chance to the consuls and the decision has been taken even now in their own capacity i.e. those who have engaged the consuls officially. But he has been given defense council, there is no justification for it and his record says that he is his procurator, that is, Abbasi Sahab, Rizwan Abbasi Sahab, that is, his associate and has already appeared before the prosecution in this case. In such a situation, I think this case will be resolved but their aim was to create fear among the people and the way Najam Sethi Sahab had said that yes, their aim was to give a message to the people on behalf of the establishment. 

You can force whatever you want, we did not let it come, then this is the result of that stubbornness, then if the car provided by Sat turns against the people and starts giving this message to the people, then try hard for it. 

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That sir, we did not give a chance to your favorite leader to come, it is not a good thing for the state, but the blood of justice that is happening here and the kind of situation that has arisen which has ruined the courts. It was said that these murders are being carried out through the courts, i.e. the injustice that is being done to you people, everything is happening in the courts, so because of that, your entire system has been ruined and the people are being forced to suffer. In such a situation, whether it is in your establishment or in your administration, you do not know what kind of state you want to run. As in this case, it cannot be made the basis of this anywhere in the decision, the reason for this is that there is no statement by anyone. 

It is possible that a decision will come soon, this is a gas work, it can be seen this way, but the matter is different, its political consequences and the political consequences are that a person who is their representative, their translation is Nawaz Sharif’s special. And if he is a special person of Sshan’s establishment, if he is saying this, then he knows that punishment is going to be given and most of the news coming from those who were close to these people was that they had taken a decision and this decision was taken. 

Whatever it is, justice should not have been sacrificed in this way to make it a reality. Now what is the status of the judge? What is the status of the court? Everyone knows that living is like that. Once upon a time they used to call it ‘King Courts’. Now it is not known. Will it be said no court at all or else such a situation will arise? I understand that today is a day of great trouble and pain. You see the emotions of the people, how people react now and this kind of situation before the elections. Do you want to create some stability within Pakistan or are you bent on destroying Pakistan completely?

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