Imran Khan’s Deal with The Establishment? Salim Safi made a Big Statement | Viksolve News

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Imran Khan's Deal with The Establishment? Salim Safi made a Big Statement | Viksolve News

Who did Imran Khan Deal with?

Deal with Imran Khan’s establishment Salim Safi gave inside news. In a private channel’s program Shahaj Khan Zada asked senior Sahafi Salim Safi that Imran Khan wrote an article in Economist in which charge sheet was given to the present and Sabka establishment and America. 

Is it a frustration that the matter could not be resolved with the establishment because Barrister Gauhar had given a separate statement on 1st January which seemed to indicate that PTI wants to move forward with a different politics, is this a fluke of strategy or a good one? This is happening due to lack of response. Salim Safi replied that this is frustration and it is absolutely wrong that Imran Khan is not ready for anything for free. According to my knowledge, till he went to jail, he was doing this every second day. 

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Salim Safi, sometimes through family members of various officials and sometimes through a friend, tried to make deals with General Bajwa and later with General Asim Munir and his subordinates. Salim Safi still said that this is why Imran Khan called Wakala. Moved forward and pushed back anti-establishment Anas that maybe Tablix could be defeated but there is a complete no from the establishment side and they are still in no mood to deal with Tablix.

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