Inside Adele’s lifestyle overhaul after she ditching alcohol

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Adele's lifestyle

The British singer, who recently extended her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas Residency, has been prioritising her health in recent years

Adele's lifestyle
Adele’s lifestyle


It appears that Adele might need to consider a title change for her 2021 track, “I Drink Wine,” following her recent revelation that she’s given up alcohol. The Grammy-winning artist, who is 35 years old, surprised many by announcing her decision to go sober nearly four months ago. However, this lifestyle shift from the native of Tottenham shouldn’t come as a surprise, given her remarkable fitness transformation in 2019.


Over the last four years, the renowned singer has dropped hints about the changes she’s made to her diet and exercise regimen in various interviews. She has even explained that the driving force behind her transformation was her desire to manage her anxiety effectively.


Now, as she extends her “Weekends With Adele” residency in Las Vegas, a venture that undoubtedly demands a lot from both her body and mind, let’s explore the steps she’s taken to ensure her well-being and keep her show going strong.


Choosing Hot Tea Over Alcohol

Adele's lifestyle
Adele’s lifestyle

Earlier this month, Adele revealed that she had given up alcohol three and a half months ago, acknowledging that she had been “borderline alcoholic” for most of her 20s. Despite having been seen performing with a glass of wine in hand on previous occasions, the celebrated singer now opts for a mug of hot honey tea during her shows.


During her 2022 BST Hyde Park concert, Adele playfully addressed her new beverage choice, saying, “It’s hot honey, I know it’s so boring,” and humorously adding, “I can’t wait for the Sauvignon Blanc after, babes.”


Tea has become a recurring theme in her lifestyle transformation, as matcha green tea played a significant role in her weight loss journey back in 2019. Reports from that time suggest that she was following the Sirtfood diet, which prominently featured the hot beverage. Matcha green tea is estimated to contain 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea, which are known to reduce cell damage, boost metabolism, and provide the energy she requires for her captivating performances in Las Vegas, weekend after weekend.

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