Latif Khosa Apologized For The Question Regarding Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa

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Image Credit: Latif Khosa Apologized For The Question Regarding Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa

Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa

Oh sorry friend, look at this, if he is angry at my writing ‘Sardar’ while his name is the next line one who is the acting Chief Justice, just go to the official website of ‘Apni Jo’, only the other name starts with ‘Sardar’. 

And brother, by writing ‘Sardar’ on my name, which is also on my Shati card, which is my main breed, how can I miss my breed, but do you understand that maybe I am saying it for the sake of demonstration, brother, there is no law or law in my name. If he talks like this at the level of Chief Justice, then you should understand whether he is talking about law and law or not. 

They are trying to make someone look inferior, so many things were present in it, we also asked about the CD, the way I made them read the 12th Safa with great difficulty, which is from the side of PTI candidates and the way the candidates were stopped. 

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The way his character A Tahi Kuninda and his proposal and sequences were cut and torn and so on, what kind of level playing field is being given? There is a very long letter which I read and recited with great difficulty. He said that notice should be given to the IG and Punjab and Chief Secretary Punjab and Advocate General that we had made a list of all those whose Ikhnautek

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