Level Playing Field For PTI | Elections Commission Takes a Big Action

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Credit: Level Playing Field For PTI

Level Playing Field For PTI

In the areas of Lahore, the situation of policemen has increased in the area of ​​Amur. Arrangements of Regional and District Election Commissioner Lahore and Marla issued to Subai Election Commissioner, Regional Election Commissioner Lahore and Machar DC Lahore Abdul Dawood Khan made morass. 

While District Election Commissioner Lahore 2 Anam Parvesh has sent a complaint to Deputy Commissioner Lahore Road D RO, political party and others should be given a level playing field, this was the opinion of Marale, the returning officer has sent a complaint, the police officers are misbehaving and are talking in the Amur. 

This was the opinion of Murasu, while nomination papers are being snatched from the candidates. This is the opinion of Morasu. The Election Commission government has warned the Commissioner Lahore in a written form. According to the returning officer, despite the complaint, the situation is worsening, Commissioner Lahore immediately. 

As a matter of fact, Majeed will talk to the police and other authorities on the matter. Representatives will know the details. Shakir will tell from Capital TV Shakir Abbasi. Police officers’ interference in the areas has increased in Chemo. 

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Arrangements of Regional and District Election Commissioner, Lahore. Subai Election Commissioner Kumra Sale Regional. Election Commissioner Lahore Mazan Dogar DEC 1 Lahore Abdul Wadoor Khan sent the issues. Election Commissioner Lahore 2 Anam Parvez sent the issues to Deputy Commissioner Lahore and D RO. Political atmosphere in this issue and level playing field should be given to the candidates was said in the issue on the way. 

It was said that the returning officer sent a complaint, the police are misbehaving with the government and are roaming in the middle, nomination papers are being snatched from the candidates, the Election Commission has informed the commission, Lahore, on the way, it was said that despite the complaint, according to Running Afran, The situation is getting worse. 

Commissioner Lar should immediately discuss the matter with the police and other authorities. The complaint of the returning officer should be resolved. What is said in the file? Mr. Shakir-e-Baasi, many thanks for warning in detail.

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