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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose:

Hello friends, on 9 February 1943, a German submarine left the German city of Kiel. Although all the soldiers of Nazi Germany are sitting in it, among them there is also an Indian, whose name is Masuda. 

This submarine has been given the mission of South. Traveling across Africa and transferring Mr. Matsuda to a Japanese submarine sounds easy but it is not free from danger because the sea is full of British ships and this is the time of World War 2. When both Germany and Japan were fighting against the British, on 26 April 1943, after a journey of about two and a half months, when this German submarine reached near the coast of Madagascar, a Japanese submarine was seen in front, but the sea was so stormy that both these submarines It would have been very dangerous to come near each other, so for the next two days these two submarines kept moving in parallel. 

Finally, when the weather cleared, Mr. Matsuda came out of the submarine while paddling in a small raft, getting drenched. They reach near the submarine where Captain Masao Rao welcomes them. A question will arise in your mind why are German and Japanese submarines helping an Indian at the time of World War II? 

This is because friends, because Mr. Matsuda is none other than Our Netaji is Subhash Chandra Bose, knowingly or unknowingly, through this historical journey, he also becomes the first Indian in history to travel in a submarine. Friends, Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the greatest freedom fighters of India and his entire story is so amazing. 

It is full of stories of how he fled India after giving up the British rule, went to Germany, met Hitler, went to Russia, went to Japan, met the Japanese Prime Minister, went to Singapore, formed his own army and, living outside India, waged the biggest war against the British rule. We Want to Expel British Power from India We Have to Fight the Enemy with Our Own Weapon Let us understand their entire story in today’s article. 

Let’s start our story from the year 1939, the year when the World War started. Viceroy Lord Lin Lith Goe also declared war on the behavior of India without consulting any Indian. This was a big embarrassment for the Congress and under the Government of India Act, Congress had control of some ministries, so Congress removed all those positions. Resigned During this time, Subhash Chandra Bose was organizing his own party, 

The Forward Bloc. Although this party had emerged from the Congress, by the year 1940, it was separated from the main organization of the Congress. There were two reasons behind it, The first was that Subhash Chandra Bose was too much of a lieutenant, I have talked about it in detail in the article on Gandhi and Vs Bose, if you have not seen the link in the description and the second reason was that Bose wanted to use the Second World War. 

He wanted to take quick action for the benefit of India and it became a necessity for him to separate from the Congress. In July 1940, Bose was leading a march in Calcutta, due to which he was arrested by the British government. By staying, he challenges the power of the government by launching a hunger strike, Release Me and I Shall Refuse to Live, direct announcement is made from his side, in 1940, he was speaking in prison, so he gave an ultimatum to the British Government and undertook a fast attack. 

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Soon his health started deteriorating and within a week the government decided to take him out of jail and put him on house arrest. The government did not want him to be blamed if Subhash Chandra Bose died in jail, so they thought that As long as the health is bad, they are kept under house arrest. 

As soon as the health gets better, they will be put back in jail, but Netaji was making his own plans. His plan was to go to Germany and ask for help from the Germans to fight against the British, but Germany Bose contacts a communist organization in Punjab to find out if there is a way to secretly cross the border to Germany. 

He is told that there is a way to enter through Afghanistan. If you go to the Soviet Union from there, you can go to Germany. On January 16, 1941, around 1:30 in the night, when the whole city was sleeping, Netaji secretly comes out of his house along with his nephew Sishir Kumar Bose. 

He wore a disguise. He was pretending that he was an insurance agent whose name is Mohammad Ziauddin. He kept driving with Sisir in the dark throughout the night and reached Dhanbad at around 8:30 in the morning. Here he stayed with Sisir for one night. Spend the day at Bhai Ashok’s house and the next day catch the Bose Kal Mail train from the nearby Gomo station. 

This train first reaches Delhi and from there they change trains towards Peshawar and catch the next train called The Frontier Mail to Peshawar. After reaching there, they are received by the provincial leader of Forward Bloc, Miyana Akbar Shah. The next step was to completely get out of the British Raj areas. To do this, they change their form again. From Mohammad Ziauddin, they become a deaf and dumb Pathan. 

It was necessary to become deaf and dumb here because Bose did not know how to speak Pashto language. Pakhle pakh kha pakh se de de feet, woh se khair de, if you open your mouth, the secret will also be revealed. If anyone comes to check on the border, then his The party traveling with us should tell that this Pathan next to him is deaf and dumb. 

He travels with another Forward Bloc leader Bhagat Ram Talwar and both of them pretend that they are going to the shrine of Adda Sharif in Afghanistan to pray. They should know how to speak and listen on 26th January, 1941. They left Peshawar by car and by the evening they had crossed the border of the British Empire. By the morning of 29th January, they reached Adda Sharif and with the help of trucks and tanks, they reached Kabul. 

Completing the journey [Music] It took Netaji 15 days to go from Calcutta to Kabul, but the British government came to know about his escape only 12 days after his escape. This was because the people present at home were constantly People used to come to his room to deliver food and his other nephews used to eat his food. 

People would think that Subhash ji is still in the room and the food is being eaten. Food is being delivered for him and this thing was kept so secret. It was said that even Subhash ji’s mother did not know that he had run away from home. 

It was only on 27th January when a case against Subhash Chandra Bose was to be heard in the court and when he did not appear in the court, his two nephews Informed the police that he was not at home. On January 27, the news of his disappearance is published for the first time in the newspapers Anand Bazar Patrika and Hindustan Ruled, after which Reuters also picks it up and a news spreads across the world.

British Intelligence receives many reports. One report states that he is on a ship bound for Japan, the other states something else but none of the reports were true. A ship bound for Japan from Calcutta is also searched by the British but Bose There was no trace of him. Subhash had told his nephew Shishir that if the news that he had escaped remained suppressed for four to five days, then after that it would be impossible to catch him and this was true because after that the British would never be able to catch him. 

The government could not catch him back. After reaching Kabul, Netaji goes to the Soviet Embassy to ask for help but he does not get any help from here because the Russians thought that he was a British agent who was trying to infiltrate into the Soviet Union. Then he tries to contact the German Embassy. 

Hans Pilger, a German Minister, who was present in the Embassy at that time, sends a telegram to the German Foreign Minister on 5th February saying that after meeting Subhash, I advised him. He should remain hidden in the market with his Indian friends and I contact the Russian Ambassador about his behavior. After a few days, Netaji gets a message that if he wants to move ahead from Afghanistan, he should meet the Italian Ambassador on 22 February. 

This meeting takes place in 1941. On March 10, Bose is asked to get a new Italian passport made. Bose is given a new Italian passport. This photo was put on his Italian passport along with a new Italian identity and now his name was Orlando. Meanwhile, the British government had intercepted an Italian diplomatic communication and they had come to know that Bose was now in Kabul. 

They also came to know that he was thinking of going to Germany through the Middle East and two of the British Intelligence Special Operations Executive is given this task to find Bose in Turkey and kill him before he reaches Germany but Netaji was one step ahead, he never took the route through Middle East, instead he reached Moscow in his new Italian identity. 

After reaching Moscow, he finally takes a train towards Berlin and on the second day of April 1941, he reaches Berlin, the capital of Germany. Netaji had three objectives here, first to set up an Indian Government in Agile and second to find a way to reach his voice to the people. And thirdly, to establish an army made up of Indians, those Indians who have been prisoners of war. Now let us see one by one how Netaji worked on these things and how he met the biggest dictator of Germany, Hitler. 

The conflict here was that Germany should give a diplomatic recognition to India. They wanted Germany and other Access Powers to officially declare that India is an independent country and they have made India’s independence their war aim, but Germany never gave such a declaration. No because Hitler was not comfortable with this idea. In his famous book Mein Kampf, Hitler expressed his opinion on India. 

He wrote that he admired the British government for the way they had dominated and administered India and a German. Despite having blood, he wrote in Spite of Everything that he wanted to see India under British rule. Not only this, Hitler also made fun of the Indian Freedom Fighters by calling them ‘Ass Attic Jugglers’. The entire freedom struggle of India was a joke for Hitler. But still Hitler wanted to use Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose against the British in this war. Netaji also knew that the relationship between him and Nazi Germany was a transactional relationship. 

Both of them saw their own benefit here. This is why this is a relationship, otherwise it would not exist. With this in mind, he gets to work. He makes plans as to how India can collaborate with the Access Powers. 

He establishes a Free India Center in Berlin and then a memorandum. They present Hitler by showing that Hitler should attack India with his army so that the British can be removed from there and it will be as if the heart of the British Empire is being attacked, they distort things a bit. They try to instigate Hitler to take his army to fight against the British in India but no positive result is visible. 

The main reason was that Hitler did not care about the independence of India but there was another German. Who was actually quite interested in helping Bose, Adam von Trott was the head of the India Section of the Foreign Office in Berlin. With his help, this Foreign Office was made a special India Division. 

A few months later, on 2nd November 1941, Bose came here. But they established the Free India Centre. In fact, the building you see on the same road used to be an office. Today, the Free India Center is just a café there. There is no name or sign that it used to be an office. And on the other side, there is a Spanish embassy. In the first meeting to be held at this centre, six decisions are taken. Firstly, the name of this entire struggle will be Azad Hind or Free India. Secondly, the name of this organization in Europe will be Azad Hind Centre. Thirdly, the national anthem of our country. 

Image Credit: Firstly, the name of this entire struggle will be Azad Hind or Free India. Secondly, the name of this organization in Europe will be Azad Hind Centre.

There will be Jan Gun Man. Fourth, the emblem of our movement will be tri color with a springing tiger. Fifth, Indians will greet each other by saying Jai Hind and sixth, Subhash Chandra Bose will be given the title Netaji on 20 May 1941 had submitted a detailed plan to the German government on how propaganda could be carried out throughout the world. 

Azad Hind Radio 19 February 1942 was a part of this plan on how propaganda could be carried out throughout the world. Azad Hind Radio 19 February 1942 Netaji decides that Olango Mazo’s identity is too much He should leave this and bring his real face in front of the world. He conveys his first message to the world through Azad Hind Radio. 

This is Subhash Chandra Bose speaking to you over Azad Hind Radio which was broadcast to the Indian people in February 1942. Subhash Chandra Bose is going on to happen. All the people give their first address to the countrymen through this radio. It is teased, it will have to continue till we achieve complete freedom, apart from radio, a monthly journal is also made by the name Azad Hind, which is rolled out in March 1942, within a few days, within a few days, 5000 copies within a few days Circulat is done in Germany, but the third purpose was the problems coming there. 

That was therefore named this military unit, Indian Lion Bose, he met more than 10,000 Prisoners of War here, he could not convey everyone, about half of the people could not convene, the strengths that were about 5000 people were this army, this army was definitely small. But many myths were historic because Netaji became successful in gathering people of different casts of different religions, Captain Walter Harb, who was in charge of training camp at that time, noted Hij Excellence Netaji Gols Vaz to Paralyz the Century Old Antagonists Routed in the Indian Nationalities Release and Casts and to Unite the Members of Both Dij Units in One Great Common M 26 August 1942 Indian Lijan takes his Ooth and with this Netaji is fully successful in fulfilling all his motives There are one thing except for one thing in Germany, except for independent decliers to India, the reason behind Hitler was to meet Subhash Chandra Bose in May 1942 a few months ago about the negative attitude Indians. After Netaji Convining Victory, there is more interest in S Compare to Military Wise Act, so now Netaji turns to look at Japan towards Japan. 

To throw the British out of India, Japanese Prime Minister Hid’s Tojo had taken a note, he was saying since Early 1942 that the time has come, if the Indians have been standing here against the British rule, if you If you want to know about the stories in detail, then there are many audio books on Cook FM such as the leader of the Soviet Union on Joseph Stan during the Soviet Union Leader World War 2 or on the Allen Touring, a genius person who has given the German code to the German code Crack and helped the British. In this world war, Kuku FM Janarli is also a good audio learning platform where you will get to hear audio books on all types of topic, whether it is a history, it is a politics Audio books are best to listen to when you are walking or do small work in something else, if you have not yet joined Cook FM, then there is a coupon of off at a special 50 in the description below. Can check out and now come back to the topic. In February 19 42, Japan defeats the British in Singapore and was fighting Singapore on the side of Ocupide, after Japan’s takeover in Singapore, he becomes the Prisoners of War. Here Netaji sees Netaji another opportunity, why these people should also be included in their Army. Amidst all this, Mahatma Gandhi announces the Quit India Movement in August 1942. 

When this news reaches Netaji against the prepared British rule, he is very happy to hear it, he gives his message through Azad Hind Radio. Earlier there were some differences in the ideology of Gandhiji and Netaji, both of them did not get so much opinion from each other but on this point of time both were standing in support of each other 31 August 1942 When Netaji comes to know that Savarkar and Jinnah like like People are against the Quit India Movement, so they say something that Mr. Wood Request on Azad Hind Radio Mr. Jinnah Mr. Savarkar and All Doz Leaders Hu Still Think of a Commerce with the British to Release for Forests of All that in the World of Tumor late Wood by no British Empire I would like to say to a leader like Jinnah and Savarkar. 

Netaji had told Netaji if your ways are successful in providing freedom to India, then the

telegram of Congress will come from my side first, Netaji himself wrote in his book The Indian Struggle, then his thoughts and ways are definitely different from each other Was but each other was struggling very admirerine and Netaji was struggling from outside India 8th February 1943 Netaji makes his friend ACN No Biyar in -charge of Indian Lion and Azad Hind Center and he leaves Germany. 

This time towards Japan, their path is not from the top of the ground, but they take a dip in a German submarine under the water, this 1880 German submarine once again changes its form and becomes Mr. Matsuda.

Image Credit: Mr. Matsuda.

At the beginning of the article, he was not the only Indian, but he was another leader of the Indian Lion, who was sitting in the submarine, Abid Hasan Safra, two and a half months later, both submarine changes on Madagascar’s Coast and he is welcomed in a Zapanese submarine. May 8, 1943 It reaches the submarine song which is part of Indonesia of today, they catch flight from there and reach Japan on 16th May, Japan’s Prime Minister meets Tos twice. In his second meeting on June 14, Netaji Openly asks him. Can Japan give his unconstitutional help. Even after the attempt, Hitler was not considered but in Japan it was the only question, so that he believes that he would help Netaji and this support of Japan is shown in front of the public world, two days later, on June 16, Bose Japanese diet 82 Extraordinary goes to attend the session and Prime Minister Tos gives a historical address. In order to get India independence, I am sure that India’s independence and prosperity is not far away, after which a statement is given by Subhash Chandra Bose which is recorded on the article. Very few real article footades are recorded on record. 

We have Netaji Netaji This is one of them. See, Jara India and Japan have in the past beng bound by de Cultural Ties and 20 Centuries Old in Recent Times Cultural Relations Heave Bean Interpoded Bikes of the British Domination of India It is Havor Surrton Free Silation will be review and Will Beast in this connection I. Shuddd by Statist Made by Premier General Tos on India Sins March 1942 and Reported by Him Bifor The Imperial Diet on the 16 June 1943 Have made a Profood Impression on India and Haave Great Help the Indian Independence Movement Japan was another Freedom Fighter who invited Subhash Chandra Bose in Japan, I would like to tell you an interesting fact here by the name Rush Bihari Bose, you would like to listen to you on this point of time, the leader of the Indian National Army in Act How can this happen by Netaji created IANA, but no Ein was already agreed before Netaji used to go to Japan in Act The mirror of this felling was operated by December 1942, after which Mohan Singh disbanded the army because he was having differences with Japanese. 

The reason behind this was that Japanese wanted the Indian National Army to fight his fight on his behavior South In East Asia, many Indians refused to do this, so these units were closed and Mohan Singh was taken in custody by Japanese Japanese. He works as a leader and prevents IANA from ending completely, Subhash Chandra Bose Rush along with Bihari Bose reaches Singapore on second July and welcomed with garlands, a great song by Ram Singh Thakuri who is a great song that he The time was played when he got down from the plane, then you can see another original article here, Shaan Hind Aaya Subhash Jaan Hind Hai Subhash Shaan Hind Hai Subhash ji Subhash ji Subhash ji, and the remaining een command is handed over here. 

There was a big historic moment because many Indians had gathered to listen to Netaji in Singapore’s puddle and here a very amazing speech is given by him. There were about 13000 soldiers in this Indian National Army present, Netaji’s plan was to expand it first, first 50000 soldiers should be gathered and later a strong army of 3 million people should be formed. It is said that we cannot give weapons to so many people, we can provide weapons to only 3 people near Haj, but for Netaji, this fight was not just going to fight with weapons. 

He wanted that even the events should come and become part of their army and Then together to push the British together, the same thing was seen here which was seen in the Indian Legion of Germany, all the Soldiers of IANA came from different religions, but the Rati was not seen even all the Rati was seen by the Indian National Army among these people. The moto of three Urdu words, the coincidence made from the Urdu words and the sacrifice which means that IANA was divided into five regiments in Unity Faith and Sacrifice Total. 

Rani of Jhansi Eve, which was made a campaign poster of IANA, had a photo in Delhi, there was a photo written on another poster of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. There are people who say Netaji Bade Clear in WhatsApp2. In a radio address, Eve Gandhi supports non -violence but is ready to give the Indian National Army and his full support and even bigger items are that Gandhiji’s followers are also us Support will give your second October 1943 Another lovely message to Netaji Gandhi ji. 

The service that Mahatma Gandhi has given to India through radio is so unique that it is so unique that his name should be written with gold. For any single person could have achieved so much in his whole life, in these conferences as he achieved as much as Gandhiji expresses this love of Netaji, giving him the title of Prince of the Patriot, on 21 August 1943 Netaji Provision Government of Azad Hind setups. It becomes the head of this provincial government in Singapore. It says that this government is not a normal government. Our mission is unique, we are a fighting organization and we will announce the war against the British rule, the Sky Rebited to the Full Throated against the British rule Shuts of Jai Hind Netaji had no territory till now, but all the Indian people lived in South East Asia, they were under his Juris Jicks, the government established in Singapore had the right to collect taxes to collect taxes. And two months later for the Army to recruit Eve Soldiers, the Japanese Army was successful in taking out the British from the Army Army Andaman and Nicobar Island in December 1943 and the government of Japanese Hands the entire control of this territory to hand over Subhash Chandra Bose. 

The tricolor is also waved in the Port Blair, which is liberated from the British Empire, on 30 December 1943 Port Blair. His provisional government also creates an Indo Japanese Loan Agreement by Subhash Chandra Bose. Japan is not a client, but Temprery is a week to a week and an army, under this, Japan gives a loan of a 100 million yen to India but Netaji uses only 10 million yen from it from it. 

They take them out of Singapore to Rangoon, Burma. They were now very close to India. The next target was to capture Imphal and Kohima. In March 1944, an offensive starts here and one of the toughest land battles is fought on the ground. World War This battle lasted for one and a half months, from 3 March 1944 to 18 July 1944. 

About 1 lakh Indian and Japanese soldiers were fighting on one side and on the other side were fighting from the British side. There were also Indian people in the British Indian Army. In the beginning, IANA was quite successful in recruitment. It was difficult to fight in the rain and mud from Moirangkhom of Manipur. On the other hand, in the Pacific Ocean, the Japanese Army was suffering losses at the hands of America, while IANA’s forces did not have much air cover. 

The British had a critical advantage here. British ships attacked the supply lines. Food rations began to run out. The IANA soldiers and Japanese soldiers who were present here had only grass and wild flowers to eat to survive. 6 July 1944 It had been almost 2 years since Gandhiji was released from jail. 

Netaji made an address on the radio. Father of our Nation, We need your blessings in this holy war of India’s liberation. This was the first time that Gandhiji was made the Father of the Someone had called him ‘Nation’, this is where this title comes from. Friends, this title was given to Gandhiji by none other than Subhash Chandra Bose himself. On July 10, 1944, the Japanese informed Netaji that their military position was no longer defended. 

There is no other option except to retreat. After the failure of the Imphal attack, the IANA troops march back to Verma. On 21 August 1944, Netaji publicly acknowledges the failure of the Imphal campaign, saying that the rainy season Due to its early arrival and defects in the supply system, we had to face setbacks here. Netaji then returns back to Singapore and tries to rebuild IANA. What happens next? How to continue this movement? 

What else did Netaji do and how did the soldiers of INA play another important role? Later on in India’s independence, we will talk about all these things in the next part of this article because this article has become quite long. 

If you liked the article then you can now go and read the article of Quit India Movement because this was a story outside India from 1942 to 1944, but what was going on in India during this time and what were the freedom fighters doing? I have talked about everything in this article, you can read it by clicking here, thank you very much.

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