“Pardison Fontaine Fires Back: Diss Track Unleashed Amid Megan Thee Stallion’s Cheating Claims”

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Pardison Fontaine

Pardison Fontaine, also known as Pardi, has shared his thoughts on Meg Thee Stallion’s recent single, “Cobra.”

The lyrics of Meg Thee Stallion’s “Cobra” stirred up quite a reaction on the internet, with lines like “This p**** depressed, I’m about to stress him,” and “Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d*ck sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’.” Many speculated that Meg was referencing her split with Fontaine, her publicized relationship from February 2021.

In response, Fontaine dropped a new track titled “THEE PERSON,” which takes direct aim at Meg. The lyrics not only explicitly mention her by name but also include various jabs at her character, which Fontaine claims to have observed post-breakup.

Acknowledging a departure from supporting Meg’s lies and half-truths, Fontaine apologizes in the song. He suggests that Meg may be grappling with personal challenges and advises her to introspect, stating, “Your soul is disgusting. You have everything, but you’re still not happy.” He expresses a hope that Meg, the “Body” hitmaker, receives the necessary help.

Fontaine subtly alludes to Meg’s previous association with Tory Lanez, the incident in 2020 that led to Lanez’s conviction for shooting Meg in the foot, and hints at other men she may have been involved with, despite her denial to him directly.

In the track, Fontaine reflects on how he treated Meg like a queen but now feels like a clown in her circus. He describes efforts to lift her out of difficulties, only to feel like she’s intentionally trying to drown him. He clarifies that the song is directed not at Megan Thee Stallion but at Megan Thee person.

Fans of both artists have not held back in expressing their opinions on the diss track. One fan highlighted the contradiction of getting a ‘FEMINIST’ tattoo while allegedly cheating on a woman at her lowest point, calling it “WILD.” Another acknowledged the emotional depth of the song, expressing prayers for healing.

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