Rashmika Mandanna’s Deepfake Goes Viral. Fake & Real Video Revealed

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Friends, now you guys, watch the following video, which is in front of you, this video will start reeling at once, 100 percent reel, and this is a very famous Bollywood actress, Rashmika‘s video, and it is quite fast. It is not going viral but if I tell you that this video is not a reel, it is a fake video, it is a video of another girl, then what will you believe? Yes, friends, this is not a reel video.

I am telling you before that you guys know how dangerous AI is becoming for the coming season you guys know right now AI is slowly dripping more and more AI’s through we can do anything like Ask someone to write a script, he will do it. Solve a question, he will do it. If you want to ask something, he will answer it for you.

That AI will do everything for you by itself, even if I’m sitting right now and I’m talking, I can create an AI version of myself and it will come to you and say, I don’t have to sit down. I don’t even have to make a video so AI is doing very well but somehow it is being misused very fast now see everything has two sides. He uses it well, he uses his miss, he asks his smartphone to find his time, you put the time in the right place and where do you get it from, there is a similar AI. You can do a good job, but AI is becoming very dangerous at the time.

Now this video you have seen is a video made by AI. It is not a reel video. Now I am showing you this reel video. What you can see is Jarra Patel’s reel video, which he uploaded a few months ago, now someone has put Mandana’s face on it with the help of AI. Converted into a fake video and this video went viral very quickly first through Twitter and now it is going viral all over the internet now after this video went viral friends here is Umtah Parchan Jo Hai by Bollywood actor. In a tweet, he said that this is a big issue and that legal action should be taken quickly.

Rashminka, whose video has gone viral, also tweeted and said that it is not just for me. It is very scary for all the girls from India or all over the world. AI is being misused a lot. It has to be taken and if I tell you a little bit about AI, AI is so dangerous and AI is going to destroy a lot of people’s jobs. The work is manually done by a person sitting down who gets a monthly salary, he will not get that month’s salary. Salary is available, but this work will be done by the AI ​​in the coming time by creating a script itself. Ok, now I don’t have to sit here.

Let the AI ​​version be created in my place. If the script will start making the video in front of you. In the near future, this AI will also end the employment of many people and miss-uses are happening everywhere.

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