Salaar Box Office Collection | Salaar 11th Day Collection, Salaar 12th Day Collection, Prabhas

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Salaar Box Office Collection | Salaar 11th Day Collection, Salaar 12th Day Collection, Prabhas

Salaar Box Office Collection

So friends, as you all know Prabhas’s much-awaited film Salaar was released in theaters last Friday i.e. on 22nd December, which is running on its 12th day in cinemas today i.e. Salaar has completed 11 days in cinemas. And currently, in this video we will talk about how much Prabhas’s film Salaar managed to earn in India in its first 11 days, what is the total collection of the film all over the world, and how much this film is going to earn today in its 12 days. And what will be the total worldwide box office collection of the film in 12 days? So friends, just stay tuned to this video, but before that, friends, if you consider Prabhas as a great actor, then like this video wholeheartedly also Friends, if we talk about the box office collection of the film Salaar, first of all, let me tell you that the fans were waiting for this film a lot because Prabhas is a big superstar and it is being made under the direction of Prashad Neel. The film was made by Prashant Neel who has made KGF Chapter One and KGF Chapter Two and it was an action thriller film and believe me you got to see all that you wanted to see because the kind of action we saw in Salaar was probably better than this. 

You have never seen this before in any film and the way Prabhas performed himself in the film Salaar was praiseworthy and this is the reason why the people of India have liked this film very much, you probably can’t believe it. Will do as much as there were expectations in this film, Dinky was in front of Salaar in Hindi language, but still, Salaar made a very good collection in Hindi language in front of Dinky, even though this film crossed the figure of 100 crores in Hindi language. This film has created history in Telugu as well and apart from this, this film has made a very good collection in Kannada, Malayalam, and those languages ​​too, that is, Salaar film has made a good collection as much as the expectations were, it was not as expected. It started well but the film was not able to reach there. 

Let me tell you that along with Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Hassan Jagapathi Babu were in important roles in this film and the budget of the film was 425 crores but both the parties got 4425 crores. Now you have seen only one part, the second part of this film is yet to come, Salaar film had a very good start all over the world, this film earned Rs 178 crore 70 lacks on its first day and friends. This was the third biggest opening of the year 2023 in the Bollywood industry from South Industry i.e. if I talk about all time highest Indian films, apart from this, the three-day weekend of Salaar film was also very good on the three-day weekend. The film had earned Rs. 402 crores all over the world, which was a huge collection. 

Earning Rs. 02 crores in three days was not a small thing, but after that, we saw a huge decline in the collection of the film and the film still has not reached where it should have reached. If I talk about the box office collection till now, then friends, on the 10th day, the film had earned Rs 15 crore 10 lakh net from all over India because the day was Sunday and the second Sunday was of the film Salaar. In 10 days, Salaar film had earned a net of Rs 345 crore 27 lakh from all over India in all languages. In Telugu language, the film had earned Rs 345 crore 27 lakh. 

In Tamil language, the film earned ₹ 198 crore 25 lahks. The film earned Rs 55 crore in Malayalam, Rs 10 crore 29 lahks in the Kannada language, the film had earned Rs 4 crore 93 lakh and in Hindi language, the film had earned Rs 115 crore 25 lakh in, so this is a big thing, Rs 345 crore in 10 days. The film netted Rs 27 lakh in all five languages ​​in India and the gross collection of the same film in India was Rs 8 crore. The film earned Rs 193 crore overseas in 10 days and the total earnings of the film in 10 days in the whole world was It had become Rs 1 crore. Yes friends, in just 10 days the film Salaar had crossed the figure of Rs 00 crore. Now comes the 11th day i.e. the day of Happy New Year. 

It was 1st January so this film earned Rs 1 crore. On January 1st, I would call the collection very good, that is, even on Sunday it was ₹ 15 crores 10 lakhs, and on the 11th day also the film earned ₹ crores and today is the 12th day, so today we will see a decline in the collection of the film, so here Today the film will make around 75 to 8 crores or maybe even less than that, up to 6 crores, but still the total collection of 12 days of the film Salaar will be 366 crores net from India and the film will be netted from all over the world. We will be seen making around Rs 6638 crores in the film, which is commendable and the film has become a super hit at the box office, but friends, how did you like the film Salaar, do tell in the comments.

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