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Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari

Hello friends, on December 11, motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded a video under his name youtube4. In this article, some young people stood up and told how a big scam happened to them. It was said that they bought an online course for about ₹ 5000000 in which There was nothing special in itself but it was being sold casually like an MLM scheme. The only problem is the course which they had marketed, in this course you will get the learning of this business. Learn this business in which way you can. 

There is nothing like that, they are making salesmen there, people were told that if you also want to earn lakhs of rupees then you should also go ahead and sell it to other people, they are relatives, whatever they found to my parents, they first told them through my parents. That you get this done, your son’s life will be set. 

Another unfortunately, it is said that most of the people who bought it were poor people, unemployed and were lured by money to buy it, although no scammer’s name is mentioned in the video. But the people watching said that this video points towards Vivek Bindra, another motivational speaker and business coach. 

This thing becomes clear automatically because Vivek Bindra charges Rs. 0 for his youtube and Vivek Bindra even said that this controversy arose because Sandeep Maheshwari’s channel was not getting views, two lakh videos were being played, your business coaching was not working, so you thought of doing this scam because your No video was going above 2 lakh views, friends, we will not talk about such arguments of business mastery in this video because all these fall in the category of ad hominem logical fallacy, where there is a place for talking on the point, you can tell the other person. 

Start targeting personally. Vivek Bindra’s second line of argument was that I have made a world record, I have distributed free meals, I have trained people, I have done this, I have done that. If it is a scam, will 12 world records be made overnight? We had built an entire hospital, we had distributed free meals to 2 crore people, we had prepared a hospital with 200 beds, all this is fine but it is irrelevant regarding the allegations of scam. Actually, in response to the allegations leveled against Vivek Bindra, he said two types of things. 

First of all, while defending himself, he said that the records of his company are clean, there is no scam in their balance sheet because they have been audited by a reputed company like Ernst & Young. He says that there is full financial transparency here. Today, all control and statutory compliance is being done by Arnstein Young. 

Then they said that there is quality in their sales department, they have a money back guarantee and if anyone misses a sale, immediate refund is given. If there is a mis- selling then a refund is given on the spot. He said that people come to learn from him and some of them join as affiliates and there is no MLM scheme in whatever he is doing. There is no multi level marketing here. Rather, affiliate marketing is happening. 

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Do you know the meaning of multilevel? When there are many levels, there is only one level, that is affiliate, it is not multilevel. What is the difference between multilevel marketing and affiliate marketing, I will talk about it further in the video. I do, but the second argument was Vivek Bindra’s apology. 

He admitted in his video that a few people have committed miss selling and he is ready to apologize wherever he has committed a mistake and because a few people When the company had missed selling, they had stopped the entire program in the month of May because some people had missed selling, the quantity below was very small, they stopped the entire program in May, the video of which you made today, Start Your Business Master. In response to this, on December 20, Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded another video and this time directly and openly targets Vivek Bindra. In this video, once again the same allegations are repeated about how people were taken to a seminar. 

Dreams were shown and caught four idiots and took commission on them at Rs 30, Rs 35 and whatever you have invested, you will get all the money back. This is a scam. On the other hand, problems increase for Vivek Bindra because in the meantime, some old videos are being shown. His clips start circulating in which he stereotypes SC ST doctors and criticizes reservation. Reservation means anti-progressive, people who have the strength are not allowed to move ahead. What is the Indian system, it is completely opposite to meritocracy, it is not run on merit here. How often does it happen that the surgeon leaves his equipment inside? Sometimes the doctor leaves cotton inside while doing a resection. 

Obviously, in my opinion this is a very wrong statement which shows the privilege blindness of the people who believe in the position of lower caste people. But those people do not know that even today, how much caste discrimination and caste discrimination is seen in the country, but for Vivek Bindra, the whole situation becomes even worse when this news comes out, Days After Wedding Motivational Speaker Vivek. Bindra booked for abusing wife alleging that he beat his wife and physically abused him. 

Due to this, a police complaint is lodged against him. Vaibhav Kwatra, a resident of Ghaziabad who lodged the complaint, alleged that his sister had married Vivek Bindra. On December 6 and on December 7, after an argument, his sister was beaten so badly that she had difficulty in hearing. On December 14, a case was registered in Noida police station regarding this and if this is true then It is very shocking because Vivek Bindra is a person who used to give life lessons to other people and used to recite quotes from Bhagwat Geeta to teach people how to improve their life but as I told you many times in the previous videos. 

Vivek Bindra
Image Credit: On December 14, a case was registered in Noida police station regarding this and if this is true then It is very shocking because Vivek Bindra is a person who used to give life lessons to other people and used to recite quotes from Bhagwat Geeta to teach people how to improve their life but as I told you many times in the previous videos. 

We should not do a media trial here, many times what is seen is not there and what is happening is not what is seen, so before the case is over, before the court’s judgment comes, we should not hold anyone guilty here. So now on to our main issue. The big business that comes back will be decided here only, but this much we can understand what is legal here and what is illegal and even more important in my opinion, I would like to explain to you what is moral here and what is immoral. In this course, in the world of Affiliates and MLM, first of all understand from the very basic what is the meaning of doing business, it means that you sell a product or service to someone and in return you are paid, you get a lot of money. 

It is a simple transaction. Product means any physical product, it can be a table, chair, car, bungalow, any thing is being sold to you here and on the other hand, service means any service is being given to you. 

Now you go to watch a movie in a cinema hall. It has become a service business where you take consultation from someone or you take their services from a tax advisor or lawyer, it has become a service type business, then any product or service is being sold here, which means it is a business now because we are connected through the internet. 

If we live in the era of YouTube then it is not necessary that the product should be a physical product here, the product can also be a digital product like any online software, if you are going to have a month on the computer, which will happen after becoming a tuber, then how can you do youtube 1 day MBA course and Here comes friends, the first immoral thing in my opinion is the problem of branding. 

In my opinion, giving this name to the course is a very wrong thing. I am not saying that what is being taught in the course is not valuable or not knowable but. Name it 10 Day MBA. What does MBA mean? People joining this course may think that the entire MBA degree can be completed in 10 days, but can it be possible to get one MBA degree? It takes one to two years to do this. On average, it is the same thing as this bottle of Tomato Ketchup. 

Seeing the name Fresh Tomato Ketchup, you would think that it contains fresh tomatoes but no, it is just a brand name of this packet. If you look at the back, it is written that this is only a brand name, trade mark and does not represent its true nature. Amul Fresh Paneer does not mean that the paneer is fresh, it is also just its name. If you turn the packet, the same line is written in it. Same excuse can be given here also, no, this is just the name of the brand, 10 Day MBA, it does not mean that you are getting an MBA degree, but think about it, I can do this with my Chat GPT course. 

The name of Master Chat is instead of GPT, I should name the course Bachelors Degree in Artificial Intelligence and sell it to you by saying that look, this is a course of Bachelors Degree in Artificial Intelligence. My buyer will think that what does it mean, complete Bachelors. You will get the degree here. 

No no no then I would say look this is just a brand name, in this 5 hour course you will learn to use Chat GPT but this Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence is just a brand name of mine, this thing is not illegal. But in my opinion it is very immoral to do this. The second point is that some people raised the argument regarding the price of the course that Vivek Bindra sold for ₹ 5000000. 

How can the price of an online course be so high? This is for sure. Some people were saying that it would be a scam, although we are talking about two different courses here, the 10 day MBA one is a different course and the IBC one about which a whole controversy has arisen, it is a different course but when it comes to the price point. 

I do not find any sense in this argument. A course does not become a scam just because its price is very high. If you find its price to be high then perhaps you are not its target customer because I would like to tell you from personal experience, friends, I have lost Rs. 5000000. I have also bought online courses for Rs 5000, I have also bought courses for Rs 50000 and I am not kidding, here I had bought a course which was literally worth Rs lakh and I am telling you the truth. I spent it on that course. 

I felt it was worth it because that course met my needs. Whatever I was looking for, I learned from that course and the return I got, the knowledge I got from this course was more than Rs 5 lakh. If it was worth more then any online course is not a scam just because its price is higher, that is why I would say that the controversy that had arisen regarding Sandeep Maheshwari was that he had published an ad in the newspaper in which he was offering consultation. I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

If you find its price too high then you are not its target customer. If you were in my place and spent ₹ lakh on the course on which I spent, then you would probably think that this is… It was absolutely a waste of money because you are not in my place. What I value is not necessary. People have different needs and regarding this, I would like to give a simple advice. Before purchasing any online course, read the page of that course. Go and see the curriculum of that course. 

All the trustworthy and good online courses write in detail on their course page that exactly what you are going to learn from this course, like look at the page of my time management course, I have made it clear. It is written that there are five modules, what exactly will be the chapters in each module, they are written similarly, I have also written clearly in the course of Chat GPT, there are six chapters in this course, there will be four lessons in the first chapter which will teach you these things, in the second chapter In this you will be taught the basics of promotion engineering. 

In the third chapter, the focus will be on students. In the fourth chapter, here the focus will be on personal life. How you can do health and fitness, travel planning, food and diet planning chat using GPT, then business and employees. But if you are focused, then nothing is being hidden here. It is clearly written from you that you will learn to master Chat GPT, you will learn to use it in daily life, at home, at work, in school work, so that you will be able to increase your productivity and efficiency. 

You can imagine how valuable it will be for you. However, if you are interested in purchasing any of these two courses, then I would like to tell you that a New Year sale is going on at Dhruv Rathi Academy till 5th January. If you purchase any of the courses, you will get 45 Off will be available, this offer is applied only till January 5 on using the coupon code New Year. If you are watching this video after that, then the discount of this coupon will automatically reduce from 45 to 25. 

Below you will find a description or you can also scan this QR code. Just take care of one thing that the chat GPT course is in Hindi with English subtitles and time management course is only in English, now now comes back to your issue. So the third point arises here. If I sell my chat GPT course for mis-selling, you can earn millions of rupees from this course and not in the sense that you will learn from this course, you will gain knowledge from this course. 

Applying will increase your business and you can earn millions of rupees from it, you can not earn millions of rupees in that sense, in the sense that whoever buys this course, he can earn millions of rupees by selling this course further. Would it be right to do so if I do not sell my course on the basis of its value, but sell it by saying that you can earn more money by selling this course forward Sold your course by saying that if you buy this course, you can earn one to 20 lakhs, I am guaranteeing you, you will not reach ₹ lakh months, then I will not reach it, then come to me and ask for money and seek money back to me, what is legal in this case. 

What is Illegal, what is moral, what is Immoral, it becomes a little more because there is nothing wrong in affiliate marketing in itself. What is in business when you sell your product or service? You sell the product or service of another and when you do this, you get a commission of it. 

You do that if you can put the affiliate link of the paintbrush in your video and you can tell your viewers that if you want to buy the same paint brush, then use my affiliate link and when people use that link, you will you But you will get some commission in and it can become a very good source of side income. 

I used to do it a couple of years ago but now it is closed and it can be a very good marketing way without this Spending extra money, assuming if you went to a barber and that Barber told you that next time you come to get a haircut, bring three of your friends together and the haircut will be free for you, now both of them in referral or Afit marketing There is no genuine product or service that has some value in itself, now a third model comes in addition to the model of direct selling, it goes up a step from affiliate and referral. 

Like you become door -to -door, go to people’s homes, sell offices or services, it is nothing wrong in itself. There is a very good option for small businesses and small companies because they do not have to spend much money. On advertising and marketing or branding, but big companies also do this such as Yareca Fobus, a company behind the aquagard, has a direct sales force of more than 10,000 direct sellers and Tapparware Almost in everyone’s house which plastic tupperware in everyone’s house The boxes are kept, that company also uses direct selling method. 

In this case, there is a genuine product or service here which has a value in itself, then comes a step from the network marketing direct seller and go ahead now. By becoming a direct seller, you are not only starting to sell any other product or service, but you are also recruiting direct sellers, you are making a network like a network, but imagine you, but imagine, now there is no product or service to sell Instead of product or service, a membership should be sold.

A member of a member of which you have to pay to be a part of which you have to pay and you are said to go to this membership and sell to the people. You will also have to pay them money, you will get some commission from it. 

There is a scam and Illegal also. In December 1978, the Indian Parliament passed an act. The Price Cheats and the Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act. This law banned the system with this members that you did not sell the memberships in such a way through network marketing It is necessary to have a product or service here, but then some companies started scaming, there is a company for people by selling a product or service named, there is a company that sells a kit here, soap hair oil and cream kit Value in itself why someone will buy these products at such a high price at a price of ₹ 2000000 because they are not buying products, they are buying membership in actually. 

People sitting above get the benefit, people who come in the network below, their commission is less less and the most bottom people invest the most money, the most benefit from the commission in buying these fake products It is available that people sitting on the top get it to the government to avoid these things in 2013 and in 2016 also the Ministry of Consumer Affairs released an advisory released on direct selling and the government in 2021 went ahead on direct selling and Consumer Protection Direct Selling Rules 2021 and all direct selling companies brought new rules, it was necessary to follow these rules. 

A major point in these rules was that the direct selling company or direct seller did not get any customers and did not get any customers. Can you bring other customers, buy this and your money will come back in this way, if you are selling something, then it should be that this product is this product, this product is good. 

You can buy it and you can earn money by selling it to others, then the product should be sold on the basis of your value, then Vivek Bindra came back to the big business, friends, the same thing is applicable when Vivek Bindra sold his course. What was sold by saying, were they selling the product that this is a business course, this business course is very good, you learn a lot of new things, learn to do sales. You learn to set up your new business and then you can earn a lot of money Or he was selling his membership, through this product, this is a business course, you can become an IBC by purchasing it, our independent business consultant and you will get a chance to earn millions of rupees to the people by selling this course to the people and we will support you. 

Will provide and as long as you keep bringing new members for us, you will earn a lot of money. Offer is being sold. In the first case, you can earn money and in the second case, you can earn money in the second case, if you sell this course further, if the second case is main selling point, then it means most people who will buy it They will not have a difference that what is the content in this, what knowledge is getting, they would just want to sell it forward, if Vivek Bindra used the first sales pitch to earn money, then nothing is wrong in it, it is a very good thing but If the second sales pitch has been used here, then it is a very immoral thing and in many mones, which sales pitch used here in accele Try to find very few videos, I get very few videos, I have this course content available, so if someone can answer this, then there are only those people who bought this course and listened to the sales pitch. If someone can answer this, then he is Vivek Bindra himself and is the people of his team. 

If they clear this, how many people set up their businesses after taking their course and made their businesses on the basis of that knowledge. And earning money and how many people earned money by selling this course further, I will be cleared by making money by making money by making money, but it means that if you are among those with whom this ej If it has happened, then you will have to go and complete the police and keep your point and if this scam has happened to any of you, then you should raise a defiant voice because Sandeep Maheshwari is also standing with you I would like to give all types of pyramids and MLM scams, never find shortcuts to earn money to avoid money. 

If you want to earn money, then there are two steps for it and these two steps will always be there. Learn Learning Low Sc and work step by, it is simple fund, if you come under the greed of anything else, you will not get long term success even if you thank you very much

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