Why was the Internet down yesterday? | Huge reason revealed

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Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was poisoned in Karachi. Why was the internet service stopped in Pakistan? Indian media made a unique claim that every day the internet service in Pakistan stopped, after which the Indian media started spreading false stories quoting Pakistan. India Today Times.

All the big media channels including Off India Wave News, Zee News, APP News and Hindustan Time claimed that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has been poisoned and is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Karachi, while some said that he will die in Karachi. Indian media has also claimed that internet service in Pakistan has also been shut down to suppress this news. 

Times of India had claimed that Dawood Ibrahim has been poisoned openly, after which the condition worsened in Karachi. After he was killed in a private hospital, Aja APP and Wave News claimed that Dawood Ibrahim was dead. 

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Initially this claim was made by Vasu but later the Indian media came to the conclusion and the information was given by Bharti Jarai blog. It is true that these reports could not be verified. 

ABP Live said that it is possible that Dawood Ibrahim died in the hospital between 8 to 9:00 pm. However, his death has not been confirmed yet, and since the morning Indian media started removing this news from their website.

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