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Zartaj Gull (PTI) Former Minister of Climate Change of Pakistan

I submitted my papers from A 185 Dera Ghazi Khan and I am contesting elections from there. First, my lawyer was abducted, and then I hired another lawyer, my lawyer was also arrested and an attempt was made to arrest him. And today when I had the scrutiny of N 185, both my wives, the proposer and the second, are from respectable families, rather they should appreciate and respect the state of Pakistan that they should remove me so much where the men who are behind have moved away, my wives. 

Whatever she is, she has become a proposer and second. Today she has been arrested from Arok’s office. I don’t understand what answer I will give to her family and what is on them. She must be going through the second one which is mine. 

My MPA is Akhavan Humayun Raza of PP 288, his proposer and second are lawyers, leaflets have been issued against those lawyers and now they are not getting scrutiny and they are not being allowed to go to the office because if they go, they will The entire camp, Ghazi Khan, who is currently ARO’s office sir, the campus, basically everything, will be arrested. 

He is filled with so much hatred. My appeal to the Election Commission is to arrest only me. Your staff is a mess, it is not able to do justice to us, if my proposer and second wife have been arrested, I am not being allowed to appear there, my lawyer is being arrested then this is the kind of situation. 

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What justice will we get, although the country has progressed only through free and fair elections and those who are against me, the Noon League people, cannot challenge me. You are so afraid of me in the field that you have never seen more than 100 Hajj on me. No, what kind of leaflets have been issued against me and after the leaflets, your heart was not satisfied, then you people have taken away my proposer, and second, you are harassing my lawyer, that is, you have spread the atmosphere of fear, you are fighting.

If so, then you contest me through votes and I will defeat you through votes. My appeal to the Chief Election Commissioner and to the Supreme Court and to the High Court is that the way God treats the candidates of other parties, it should be free and fair. 

The election is being allowed to be fought, we should also be given that kind of opportunity, let the people decide, but by destroying our honor in this way, God’s concern is with us, this is the terlightlagjaagi, Allah is with me in the camp. Ghazi Khan’s people are with me, many thanks

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