AI’s Role in Search: How Will SGE Influence Google & SEO?

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AI's Role in Search: How Will SGE Influence Google & SEO?

Introduction SGE

Hello everyone, I am Vikram for in today’s article, we are going to talk about a very special thing Which is the increasing effect of AI in search Is it so much that your blog is in danger, that your business website is in danger Or where the SEO’s career is in danger We keep talking many times that the increasing era of AI will finish Google And if Google has any loss Then the normal websites that generate revenue based on content Or such executives like us, search engine executives Who earn revenue through SEO or digital marketing What will happen to them? So in today’s article, we are going to talk about all these things And let’s see what effect this AI has had on search so far So at the end of November 2022, a company called OpenAI Launched a bot called ChatGPD Which was capable of answering people’s questions in their natural language As soon as this AI model was launched, people immediately started predicting That this is a threat to Google Which is not the case, but we will talk about it some other day Under the pressure of OpenAI and ChatGPD Google announced SGE in the Google I.O. conference in May 2023 SGE means Search Generative Experience SGE doesn’t just show people 10 links and snippets instead of their search But it also showed AI-generated answers People claimed that SGE extracts content from top-ranking websites And shows it to the public This caused revenue loss to those websites And their content was being stolen without permission Google made a lot of changes in this with time And it was also revealed that this SGE experience Will be stopped in December or January But these were just rumours and claims Actually, this hasn’t happened And even now, when we are recording this article in February 2024 SGE is still being used well Although, it hasn’t been launched in the mainstream yet But there have been some changes in SGE Which show the future of search in this AI era And show how SGE will help people in search But this help is only for the users What makes Google useful are bloggers, website creators, SEOs, content creators And in this AI era, when we are talking about SGE Or tools that can give people their answers without visiting the website Then what will happen to these people? What will happen to SEOs, bloggers, or content creators? So, today we will do a deep dive We will see how a user finds his information in this SGE environment Is the website creator or blogger getting harmed in the process of finding this information? And what is the role of SEOs in this new era?


So, let’s go to our workspace, the computer screen, And let’s see how this SGE flow is working And what are the new features and changes in it? And how much are they doing good or bad? So, we have come to the Google search window And here we search for how to play cricket Now, here you can see that nothing is visible to you separately This is a featured snippet, below that we have 10 blue links More than 10, there are a lot of things But still, let’s call them 10 blue links And here you can’t see SGE Because SGE is still a beta feature And it is only visible to those Google accounts Where SGE is enabled So, let’s go back to an account where SGE is enabled We have come here and search for how to play cricket And when we search once, you can see That we can see a small Search Labs icon above This means that SGE is enabled in this account Here you can see, get an AI-powered overview of this search That is, you can see the search results here Featured snippet is visible here But if you want to see an AI-powered snippet If you want to see SGE, then you have to click on this Generate button Now, this is not always the case Google normally shows this snippet with a lot of searches But when it never happens, you automatically see the Generate button So, we clicked on the Generate button And we can see this AI-powered snippet here Okay, so an overview of cricket can be seen How to play, how many players are there, how many innings are there What is fielding, what is batting, what is over, what is score, etc. 

You can see the normal things here Now, this whole text that you can see here This text is not created by Google itself This text is taken out from some websites And the websites from which this text is made The data that is being taken to make the answer That website is visible here in this carousel Okay, from all these carousels, from these websites, from these articles The text is taken out and this featured snippet is made Now, you can use this featured snippet By clicking on any of these links Google will take you straight forward to the same part From where the text is being taken out for this snippet For example, so we click on this website And this website automatically scrolls And comes to exactly the same point From where the text is being used in the featured snippet Scoring, manual and electronic scoring part You can see that here in the search native experience Manual and electronic scoring is done during the match So, from some websites, Google takes the text And makes its featured snippet And from the websites from which this featured snippet is being made The link of those websites, the link of those pages You can see here in the right hand side corner Inside a carousel Okay, this is the basic version of the search native experience Now, right below this search native experience You can see some follow up questions You can use these follow up questions Or otherwise, you can also ask your follow up question So, this was the cricket search Let’s do one more search How to play chess And let’s see if we can see anything different How to play chess And here you can see that We can’t see the AI powered snippet We click on the generate button And let’s say that we can generate it or not Yes, this AI powered snippet is again visible here Here again you can see some text You can see the image and also the rules And along with these rules Like the cricket search results You can see the URL of those websites From where this AI powered snippet is made So, by clicking on any link You can see exactly the part From where the AI powered snippet was made It is highlighted like this And you can also see the content of the entire page So, you can see that SGE is trying to answer the query of the user in one stop And whoever wants to get more information And wants to know more about it They can click on any of these highlighted links And get more detailed information Otherwise, the users always have the option To scroll down a little And from the remaining pages that are visible You get the option to get information from those pages Now, below this AI powered snippet You can see the option of ask a follow-up You can also see some follow-up questions above This is automatically generated by Google Google thinks that after this snippet People can have questions in their minds You can see this And if you don’t see this If you are not satisfied with these questions Then you can ask any other question For example, at which age I should start learning chess? Let’s click on this And let’s see what answer it gives us We have got the answer again here Okay Some say that 5 to 15 years is an ideal age To improve your understanding of chess If you have any other questions in your mind Then you can use these follow-up questions again Or you can ask your question You can tag any particular image with your question So, this was the first style of search generative experience In which an AI powered feature snippet is visible Which provides useful website links And also tries to answer people But many times and for many searches AI powered snippet is not visible But still, search generative experience And Google’s AI system Helps users in their searches Let’s see how it works We will search this particular term again How to play chess Here we have not generated an AI powered feature snippet It is not visible right now Still, if we come down Then you can see people also ask Which is a commonly asked question Below that you can see ask a follow-up question option Here you can’t see Google’s suggestions Because we have not turned on the feature snippet And have not generated it yet If we generate it Then we can see Google’s suggestions But still, all the search results that are visible here If you want to ask your user a different question Among those search results Then the option is present here Till now, this section was called people also ask Where normally helpful questions were visible Now, here the user can add his own question What can be the question? Let’s say, at which age I should Start Learning Chess Let’s click on it And now you can see Google’s search experience has been triggered And has started giving answers along with that, all the related useful pages Their links are also given here A box of follow-up questions is visible here And above that Other follow-up questions are visible And if we come down a little Then you will get the option to ask a follow-up question So this way you can see That in Google search results In Website owners and SEOs believe that Google is stealing their website’s text and serving answers to its users and they are suffering a loss of revenue. 

Which is right in their place. But Google’s view is that this change is coming. A change has come in the attitude of users where they want to get answers through bots. They can get answers to all the most common questions through chat GPT, perplexity AI, or any other chatbot. But if Google doesn’t provide this answer through an AI-generated box-like feature snippet in one click, then they can find this answer through any other tool other than Google. So this is Google’s helplessness where it has to play this chatbot game even without wanting to. OpenAI’s primary product, which is their money-making product, is a chatbot. But Google’s money-making product is not a chatbot, it is a search because ads are shown below that search box. So Google is playing this game even without wanting to. And even though it provides answers in the style of a chatbot, it also gives the option to take traffic to websites. All the AI-generated answers are also provided with source links. So the normal behavior of users is that whenever they see a text or information if they want more information, they always go to the source links. So Google is providing important website links in this generative AI text snippet, in this feature snippet, so that they can get traffic continuously. But this is a trend that is going to continue in the future, where people will try to get answers from chatbots. And Google wants to keep itself relevant in this changing trend of search, so that people go less towards chat GPT type tools, and those who want answers in one click, can get them from Google. And those who want detailed information, want to do detailed analysis, or want to get more information, they can also get it through Google. So this was our deep dive into Google’s AI version, i.e. SGE. How is the future? Do you see a bright future? Or do you have any doubts? Or do you see a lot of positivity? You can tell us your views about this in the comment section so that we can continue this discussion further and reach more people. Thank you so much for reading this article. My name is Vikram for, And I will see you next time. Take care.

Credits: Amit Tiwari
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