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Introduction Gemini Vs Chat GPT

Tools are always being upgraded. Tools earn crores of rupees monthly through blogging. Yes, crores of rupees. Brother, we have talked about each plugin, one important plugin, and one tool. In today’s article, we will also take a comparison with GPT. And what is the comparison, between the two? Hello friends, once again welcome brother to an interesting article today we are going to talk about a new topic brother, this is the most important topic we have covered till now. 

Tools as Cornerstones of Blogging Careers

How can you convert blogging into your full-time career? If we answer all these questions, when we talk about blogging, we talk about all the tools. Tools are always getting upgraded. Tools keep changing, and we need to upgrade ourselves, so as technology improves, we need to improve ourselves, we need to upgrade ourselves when we are fully Talking about a time career when we come into a full-time career, tools have a place in the career and they have importance. If we treat that importance equally and adopt it, then we can move forward successfully in our careers. If we avoid the tools and avoid the latest technology, then we can also get trapped in something that can stop our career somewhere, so I want that if the technology is improving then it will move forward. If there is, then that information should go to you also, you too adopt technology, you also use technology, technology is made to be used, those who are big bloggers, who are smart bloggers, who earn crores of rupees monthly through blogging, yes crores of rupees. Brother, the big bloggers earn crores of rupees, we also talk about lakhs, and you also earn lakhs, blogging is an extended part of blogging, web stories, and Google3 tool has come, through it you can also earn lakhs of rupees daily. 

The Significance of AI Technology in Blogging


We have talked about it in detail, we have created a complete course, and we have given the link to the course, you can check it by going here, how we have to adopt the tools, what are the tools, we have discussed about each plugin. We have talked about a tool above important plugin. What we are going to talk about today is that we are going to talk about AI tech technology. Yes AI technology, whenever AI comes into your mind, whenever someone discusses AI with you, then only one Tool comes to you Chat GPT Only Chat GPT Like if our toothpaste comes then we remember Colgate only, if milk comes then Amul is remembered then brother like this, if we want to eat chocolate then Cadbury is remembered then these are the names. That’s brother, which settles in our juice, that is, in our blood, gets on our tongue, which we never change, as soon as we talk about AI, we remember Chat GPT, then brother, it is not like this, Chat GPT today. To give competition to GPT, Chat was known as Google2. To give competition to GPT, it was known as Google2. If we talk about Chat GPT or Gemini, then both are advanced AI tools that help you in day-to-day. Through AI tools, many of your activities have become quite easy.

The Role of AI Tools in Content Writing 

What can you do through AI tools? You can do all the work which you have to do regularly in a day. We are bloggers, so we think from our point of view. How do AI tools help us? So as soon as we talk about AI tools, content writing comes to our mind. So I always say that we have to use AI tools but we have to use them smartly. Many bloggers say this. If we should not use tools, then to remove all this confusion, we have brought this article. Should we use AI tools? If we should use them, then in what form should we use them? How can AI tools help us? If we use AI tools, what could be the harm? If we talk about all these points, then without wasting time let’s go to the screen and see which AI ​​tools we should use or not. In today’s article, we will also take a comparison between GPT and Gemini, what is the comparison between the two, and what are the benefits, so Brother, when we talk about all this, it is possible that you may not trust what I am saying. I am your trust, don’t go beyond that, many people will not even agree with me and even disagree, so let’s leave all these things at once and let us discuss them in detail. 

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When we talk about blogging, then who does not think of Neil Patel? Everyone knows Brother Neil Patel, who is Neil Patel, and his career, he is the oldest blogger, his brother is the biggest expert in the world of blogging and there is no bigger expert than him now, so this is his website, Brother Neil. Patel ji, which you are seeing here, recently did a survey, and a webinar came up which I also got to attend when I attended that webinar, I also got to learn a lot of things. Why are you watching my articles? You are watching to learn something or the other, so we also watched their articles, their discussions came live discussions, and we watched live discussions, so I want to see once from where we can get that access. Maybe we can take a look here, it is telling about their tools, here we go to the blogs and see which of their blogs have come, I think this was their latest blog a few days ago. 

You are wasting your time using AI to create, so brother, this is his blog, we check whether it is the same blog or not, then exactly brother, this is the blog, he has also put the same heading, You are wasting your time using AI. To create content, so brother, what are you trying to say that you are wasting your time? If you are creating your content through this, then one doubt has been cleared even the oldest bloggers They are saying the same thing that we should not create content using AI, so let’s study them a little more and see. You may have attended their webinar before and read this article too, but For those who have not done so, it is very important to know what it thinks, what it says, so what is it saying? Yes, AI helps you come up with ideas, so our first doubt is, brother, what work does AI do? Gives us ideas, and provides us with new ideas, to get ideas we do research, and at the time of research we need some ideas, then we can get ideas through AI. 

What is Second saying AI helps you create content faster. It says now, that it helps you in creating content, it makes it faster, and yes, we have an AI writer at it, it is promoting itself, we leave it, but if you use AI to write your content, it is in most cases. You will get less traffic, so brother, here your doubt should be cleared that if you are using AI for content writing or article writing, then your chances of getting traffic are very less there, you cannot use it. Today we will understand this case study based on Neil Patel’s article and we will also know through this that he is a big name, this will also clear your doubts because he works with the body team and does a lot of research, so what is his thought process? We will also analyze and discuss that thought process in our way and the conclusion will be less. If you write an article with the AI tool, let me break down some stats, then brother, they have done research on it and have taken some stats, so we will also follow those stats. Let’s do and move ahead, they have compared AI vs Humans, so in AI vs Humans, one is the work done by AI and the other is the work done by you human. 


They are discussing this, so with AI we find that it cannot just whip up. Content that you can publish and become part of the race It still takes time to use AI So AI is not that brother you did it like this and you became content, you also need time to use AI, and AI you are good If you give promises then only it helps you for modifying the content to putting it in your CMS to adjusting the format creating content takes time if you are not using AI then if you have to do any formatting then if you have to do anything AI also takes time in that brother. Here they have shown the comparison that here is how long it takes to create content using AI vs Human Brother, when AI works and when humans work, they have shown that here is the time in minutes, it takes 16 minutes. It takes 69 minutes for AI to do the same work and 69 minutes for humans to do the same work. If we are writing an article, then AI will take 16 minutes to conclude that article, which means it will take us more than an hour to write it. So When Using AI We Find That You Can Write Content Post Into CMS And Publish Within 60 Minutes 16 Minutes can mean an Average Time of around 70 Minutes There Are Some Issues That Most People Don’t talk about, and there are some issues in this too that people usually don’t talk about it. 

The first AI takes what is on the web and this is regulatory that is some old information. What it means to say is that brother, if we talk to anyone about AI. If we take some input then the AI ​​has that AI also designed on some date, we have entered some information in its database, then till that particular date, the particular information which we have added in it, near around the same information, you will get a Generates output and gives it, beyond that it cannot give you that information. Any latest information, whatever is the latest development, will not give you AI on any particular thing, then this is an issue. People want to read something new. People want to read. Something new means that people want to read something new, so whatever is new, AI will not give you it at all and the information should be valuable, only then on Google2, off the time human return content is outranked AI-created content. AI leaves the content behind and ranks what is the reason for it but it doesn’t convince you why you are wasting your time using AI. 

This does not mean that you should not use AI at all. I also agree with this. I do, you should use AI, what should you do it for, we will talk further about that also, Traffic over time, we decided to run an experiment, they did the experiment, brother and directly, 68 websites, created documents, fragments, who have difficulty in writing articles of similar length on the side. On a side note, if you struggle to get AI to write article length you just want to have them write one section at a time then brother they experimented on that in the proper way they write articles of the same length when they publish the Article 68 Website Tracked How Much Organic Traffic Each Article Generated on an Average Time So brother, he has taken out the conclusion, he has come up with a conclusion, what is the post on the average time and AI-generated versus human generated, so brother, he has taken out the average and in the average, he has It is mentioned here that we are showing you that the blue color is of AI and the orange color is of human, so in the first month, the results they got are 28, but they got 71 from AI, but they got 49 from here, 36 out of 155 in the third. 139 64 107 52 200 83 So brother, you can see that remarketing was more, much better results came from AI than what was written, by month, five AIs generated, 52 visitors a month, while a human, so brother, as we have told, it has shown the complete comparison. So how is it being crushed in the last that the last time is the same fan and crawl our content we so ruffle and an average increase in the traffic from 11 to 12 so show the increase from 11 to 12 now if dozen is convincing at how much Now to get the same traffic, they calculated the average that here it took you 1.25 minutes to write the human-made content, 4.10 more means more than 4.10 more minutes to get the same result here. 

It took 1.25 minutes, there were four, so there was not much difference in it, but Neil, I hate writing as I prefer using AI, so brother, he says that we do not write it through AI, but I recommend that you have heavily modified, so brother, he further added his The entire experiment is shown and in the experiment it has told what we should do, it can cover it in the steps ahead, the steps can be covered with the digested He has done the whole of the whole of it in this, after briefing it, it has told that in the last it, it has been in the last, it is a help to Ishu is Most Marketer R Ripling on it to Fulli Create Deer Content for It is not there yat to just to just to do Eventing for You AI Great Bhai Butt This can’t do everything for you and Eve ai Waz Perfect It Dunt Test About Samathing New the People Huent Scene Bhai This ever talk about it Will not do what people have not seen yet, which has just been the latest development which has just been Bifour It Want Produce the Result YouR Looking means that you will not give you any results that you want in act What is the difference in Made and AI Made, yes AI should be used but we should use it for planning. In this, we can insert an assistant article, what are the keywords inside it, and what technology topology is used, we can use it to get all the inputs, and we can use it for research in structure. 

How do we have to catch the title, how to cure Gramtical Mistake or how to do anything in the structure, we can use it in article writing for these things, we cannot write direct articles from But AI, then it is clear if it is clear Gaya bhai, this is our research, brother, on top of this, whether we should use AI or not, for article writing is absolutely clear brother, in this we have no doubt, if you have any dout, then you message me You can reply to you on whatever douts, I am going to talk to a topic in this article today, which tool we should use for us, for better performance, then brother, brother, brother, which of us both of us If the tool should be used, then I am going to take another case study, but I am not seeing it on their blog, brother, today we talk about two tools, then we are directly google2 verses which are the good tool which is a good tool that we are It should be used, which of the two is a good tool that helps us, then once we check these two tools, if anyone does not know, then brother, this tool is the tool and upgraded to Google2, she has just made her gemini. 

We have to see this once, if we get the comparison in both the tools, then what we should use in it, here we are getting a lot of ads, then we take any other side comparison Jamni Verses Chat GPT To brother, we have picked up the website and mentoring in the take target by targeting, all the brothers are in the process of printing money, so everyone is the chat GBT In the Acarding to Open AI CEO Chat GPT Open AI is a tool of Open AI and at the same time, what is Gemini Joeni Jhmini is about Gemini I the C Gemini AI Model That Vaz Build by G Deep Mind AI Research Library that Gemini Model Powered by Bad Jan AI tool has been launched in March 2023, brother and regular work is going on on both tools. 

I will open Gemini, brother, we have opened both tools and open both tools and we will check the command in both the tools and check which tools we find us better, then you have any article inside it Let’s Suppose Please Sagest Most Trending For Travel Targeted By USA is fine, so brother we work on the USA, so we asked what is the most trending keyword which is the most trending keyword which targets the USA and appointed us here, then Si My Last update On January, brother, you can see here that you are talking about January 2022, then this data before January 2022 is getting us here, here you can notice one thing that the information before January 2022 If we talk to Gemini to Gemini here, then we ask this question to Gemini, then Gemini is now giving us output according to her and here is telling that it is determined to pin point a single most trending keywords For the Travel Targeted by the USA Sach Trends R Cultley Evely Evolving How Ever Based on the Resant Data Sama of the Most Popular Travel Keywords Search By US Citizen Inqualud Hotels Flights are showing here showing this Chief Flights Travels Here it is talking about before 2022 I can not provide not provided the absloot latest tending keywords Sustainable Travel with the Keywords Setting Stay Station Special with the Impact with the Impact of Kovid is telling that the adventure travel is telling the Adventure Tourism. The road trip is telling that the chat GPT is not telling the chat GBT is also telling that the data is giving here, the data is giving based on the research, if you see it, then you will click on the hotel, then you will click on the hotel It targets some website and here, it is key keyword research for the hotel is so important, it has been the data of a website and when the data of that website is from when we will also notice this article once here when we have put this article here. If it will have a date mentioned in this article, then we also target it here, if they have done this, but I am not I am not allowed to find the date, I will recommend on my behalf that we will recommend on this data of Gemini on this data Data Pay Rilai can be done because we include Google3 party sites for output for research means that whatever is your command includes third party websites to reply beyond that, for coated data, then brother, brother, what is this here It has been that this key keyword highlighted age a specific user Intent is Finding Affording Affording Affording Affording Affordable Air Fair so that it first said what it said. Based on the recent data recent means you are talking about the current data, you have come to know that Jaymani Chat GPTC Advance is Jemani Apna Google2 so here we said that if you can give some comparison data for 2023 So, unfortunately, yer request comparison dutta e -quite a board to provide relay Means that it has data if this command is the same if we do the chat GPT here, then it will not be able to help you here because it will not have that data here, here Pay said clearly that my last update on the age January 202 I don’t have access to specific data, so it does not have any data of 2023, so brother I am doing technology, you should adopt technology, you should adopt technology for research, you should use data at research time of research AI Help should be taken and she can give you more than AI’s help chat JPT, so here we talked about today, AI should not use AI or not, if we should not use it if we want to use, then who we want to use A tool should be more preferred. For research, we bring enclosure in this article that we should use chat JPT for research or we should use Gemini, then show the company of both, then One thing cleared up that Gemini is better than data, chat GPT, whenever you do research, you collect any information for your articles, you can work in more batter. 

There is a little thing we can increase in it, so we write Google2 USA Travel to USA, whatever we get the top article above us, we will pick up those articles from here, in this we need some article so that we can compare it, then we can make it The article of tourism has been found, it is also a website, so it has also talked about different areas in it, we also leave it, we pick up the simple keywords. What should V be a guide, if we are traveling the USA, then we have raised the USA Country Guide, then they have talked about a lot of areas from here, then we are talking about this in the South which is the USA here. So on top of this, if we have to read that we want to know what is in it, what is it, then we have not taken anything about it, then we will use the tool smartly, we will say this tool, we will say this tool please target targeted Keyword and Intent of this article, we pasted this article here, brother and chat GPT asked what is inside this article, then tell us that the keyword is telling Great Moki Mountain Mountain National Park History. 

The Complicated Overview tells the overview in the Bhai Article, History of the significance of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the brother told it, it has also told its introduction and it has also told the keyword, then we ask the bend question, we ask Gemini and see What is this, what is this, so here I am copying this thing from here and I am also speaking to Gemini and ask Gemini here, what do they convey to us Let us tell us that it told us that targeted keywords and intent of the article are primary keywords. Brother Great Smokey Mountains has bowled and highlighted it and the secondary keyword is Brother Hiking Campaigning, it has also told us secondary keywords. Article Pali M Tools Hu Research the Great Smokey, who is doing research, has told the whole structure of this article and told it in detail, so now I feel that you must have understood that you will be cleared that why I will be cleared why I will get Gemini to Gemini I am recommending it, it guides you in Better Way, in your research, you start using Gemini today, you can take support from today itself. Can write in AI Tool. Time is one, we have included Neil Patel’s research in it, and we have cleared all the doubts you had while talking about her data, so I am expecting today’s article, if you like the article, then you must like Brother Giving such information and good articles: To keep the channel, you get to subscribe to the channel, take care of you till then keep your care and keep on drinking and say that if you keep working hard and work, then the results will come if you work hard and press. You will come, money will come into your pocket, and you will get bye-bye tech, and care in the next.

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