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Future of the App AMP

Whatever doubt you have, whatever issues you have, what the future of your app is regarding this, all the details are going to be discussed in Ad Insider, like you, there is an Ad Estator plugin, brother, we have mentioned it in the last article, you will install it and here. By pasting the pay code, wherever you want to set up the center, once your authority is built, the audience’s trust starts building in you and maximum traffic starts coming to you, due to which you can earn lakhs of rupees. If you earn per month, then where will the means to earn lakhs of rupees come from? The means will come from here, So hello friends brother, once again welcome to the website you are reading and today we are going to talk. 

This article is coming on some important topic, brother, it is coming on your recommendation because a lot of your comments were coming, there were so many, that is, different comments were coming from every person that Sir, it is not done. Brother, this is such a trap that WordPress is telling some of its stories. Check whether you have subscribed or not because today we are going to remove this doubt of Amp and this ghost of Amp. 

Importance of Liking the Article

I am going to leave it here, after today I am going to fix whatever amp issues you have, there will be no doubt in your mind regarding the amp, this is my commitment in this article, so before proceeding further in the article, once again I would say that you must like the article here because after this we are not going to make any article on A because now the future of A is not so much but if we talk about web story then in the case of web story we need Amp. Today we will cover this topic thoroughly, where to use an amp, where not to use it, whether an amp is necessary or not, and what is the future of the app, everything is going to be discussed in detail, so without wasting time, go ahead. Let me go on the screen and tell you what is AMP disease. 

Today let us discuss it in detail and let us fix it here. So let us go straight to the screen and let us discuss. First of all, I have listed the questions that have come to you. Let’s look at the questions that have come down, what all the questions have come, so first of all brother, the first question that is coming is whether it is an amp, what is it? The first question that is coming is brother, is it an amp? We will talk about it in detail. The second question that is coming is why we need an app. Why do we need an app? The third question is whether there is a need for an app for articles, news articles normal article websites, blog websites, or not. The third question is Do we need an amp for web storage or not? After that, the fourth question is whether we should go for an amp or not. 

Understanding AMP: Speed of Mobile Pages


This is a confusion. Some people say that an amp should be installed, but some people say that it should not be installed. If you want then we will talk about this in detail also, the issues that are being faced by the people who are using the amp, how to fix them, we will talk about it in detail in this article and the last thing is that the apps and websites are amps. For those who have installed it, ads are being displayed on those who haven’t, due to which they are losing revenue, so we will talk about that in detail as to how we can fix those issues, so in today’s article, we will talk about it thoroughly. We will talk about if you want to use the app, how to install it, what things need to be kept in mind, and how to fix the issues that are coming, then we will discuss all the things one by one and move ahead. I will tell you first. So our first question is here, as we mentioned what is it, then we have something related to the speed of mobile pages, further what it did, it is an open source web platform framework that helps publishers create quick loading web pages for mobile devices. Meaning, what is this? It is a framework that helps you in making web pages quick i.e. fast on mobile devices. A framework has been created that helps you optimize your speed and increase the speed. 

You must have understood this. What is an app? Let’s look at other websites that are ranking at the top and also ask them what an is app. They are also saying that the first mindset is here to say that the statement holds for both the business and the customer. This site does not go into much detail, we will stop here, let me brief you again. AMP is a framework that helps you build mobile compatibility with your web pages and increase the speed of your web pages. You must have understood the meaning of AMP in accelerating, it is a framework, it is a plugin that increases the speed of your web pages along with your mobile compatibility, so I am hoping that was our first question. It is clear whether there is an amp, so brother, the next question is whether we need an amp or not, so on top of this, let us now discuss. The load speed is too low, meaning it is too low. 

AMP’s Role in Improving Mobile Page Load Speed


This is one of the more obvious use cases with M since the framework’s primary goal is to improve mobile page load speed so brother it means that if the loading speed of your articles on your website is very slow then in that case you require AMP. If you need an amp, then it is clear why we need an amp. Now we have to see that we need an amp in the sentence Do we need an amp for WordPress themes? So now I asked that our website be made in WordPress, brother, so WordPress themes. With this, do we have any requirement for an amp or not? If this is your next question, then let me clear it up also, all the themes of are already mobile-friendly. So brother, what is he saying about the themes of WordPress that we are using? It is already mobile friendly, so the app is not required to provide a mobile optimization experience, so according to WordPress, it is mobile. Nowadays, whatever issues are related to mobile, whatever themes are compatible with WordPress, the build that has been made now is There are also developers, they have customized that theme in such a way that now we do not have any requirement of the app. WordPress on Edge nowadays we do not require any amp plugin which means we do not need any plugin at all, so I believe that it is simple. Now we do not need an amp. 

We do not need to install an amp because the themes that are coming now are mobile-responsive. Now you can see that the loading time of your pages, and the page loading time within these themes is quite quick. If it is fast, then in this case we do not need it, so here if we see directly, that we do not require this WordPress theme, then brother, this becomes our answer, now why do we not need this number one? Now what is our mobile response response theme? Now our theme is a mobile response theme, so we do not need an app. What is the second reason? The second reason is the internet speed of 5g. So brother, now our internet speed has also improved which was two-three years ago. Talking about it, when our 3G was running, we did not have much speed, hence more AM was required, but now our internet speed has become so fast, and our technology has improved so much, so now we have no requirement for the amp. So now it is clear brother why we do not need an amp, this is our first step, do not be doubtful now, gradually you will get answers to all the questions, and gradually as you move ahead, you will yourself say, Sir, you are the last one. In the article it was told that you have to install M, all the creators say that if you have to install M, then that too is a doubt, we are going to cover it in the next article, so there is no need to worry, stay tuned in the article, then let’s move ahead to our next question. Let’s take what our next question was, do we require M for a news article site? So brother, here is my answer. No, today we do not need an amp. Our themes are so responsive and mobile-compatible. 

We do not need an app if we are working only on articles. I am repeating this line. If we are working only on articles then we do not have any requirement for M. Do not create doubt here if you first If there is any doubt, I hope it will be clear. If you are only targeting articles or working on long articles for search and discovery, then there is no need for an app for you. You can do without an app. Can also work because your theme is quite responsive plus your internet speed is quite high so in this case, there is no need for you to install the app. Now our next question comes do we require a theme for the Web story, this is straight, we are also Google’s end experience, so brother, confusion starts here, so what is saying that yes we do require a plugin for web stories, brother, confusion starts here, Khichdi is made. 

This is where a trap is formed, this trap has trapped you, brother, you do not want to get trapped in this trap, the meaning of this trap is that we have brought the solution in this article, and that is why this article of today means that this article of today is going to be the most important article for you. in your career because today we are going to clear this trap, brother, we are going to make a clear path in this, we are going to create a clear vision for you, so read the article carefully, you saw above that WordPress says that you There is no need for an app, for this, you need an app, so why is this app needed for web storage, so for this now how do we have to work smartly, how to move ahead so that we can build our website well. Beyond that we can work, we can target good traffic, we can target search traffic also, plus through web storage, we can target well. Web storage always helps you in bulk traffic, bulk earning, and high earning. So that’s why we need to install the app also, brother, how can we install the app in the best way where you have to face minimum errors, if any errors come then how to fix them? 

Using an AMP Validator Tool

We are going to talk about that further in this article, so one of our doubts will be clear that we need an amp for our web story, we require an amp, so here Google must be a valid app to avoid invalid amp issues, test your story using an amp validator. Tool Fix and Detected Errors So it says that your web stories should be amp compatible, if any error is coming in your amp, then detect it and validate it through the amp detector tool, then now it will be clear that we need an amp. We are working on the web storage, so if you are targeting the article also then there is no need to worry, we will do balanced work and we will keep both things in balance, through that we can target both things equally. We can bring traffic and earn well, so now it is clear to us brother, we have the requirement of an amp, okay and we need an amp, here now my next question is, should I go for the amp, this is also not enough for me. When comments were coming, I would say yes, we should go for AM if we are working on web stories. So, brother, we will have to go for AM if we are working on web stories. Okay, now along with me, I will also complete the installation process. 

I will do it, we will also cover the installation along with it, so that saves your time, we do not have to do much on this, so here we are. I have already opened the dashboard of WordPress, so here we go directly to the plugin section. First, we will go to the plugin section, install our app, then we will go to Add New Plugin, we go to Add New Plugin, and directly search for the amp here, after searching for the amp, we get the plugin of the first amp here, which You can see the downloads are more than 4 lakhs, we will install it here, I am installing it directly, after installing it, we will activate it directly, it is a very simple process, there is no need to panic, we will activate it, which will be visible here. 

You will see m4 WordPress, it has given us, we do not have to do anything in it, we just have to do next, there is no need to think much about it, developer and technically save way, so you have to leave it, you have to use non-technical setup and it will scan your site. First of all, let me tell you that maximum sites fail here, so you do not need to see this, there is no need to panic, it is a simple procedure, it is a standard procedure, and it usually happens like this, rest of the things are settled later, so here Installation is happening, your A is being done as if the installation will be completed once, then we will discus on it, then you take some time on top of the next step, then it takes a little time to take some time, before that I will clear you at the time of web story. Why Pay amp has become necessary, it is also a question as you must have seen that the web story has been done here that the web story has been done by the web story Must by Valid amp Pages to Awoidal Invelid amp Ice. So it means that it is saying that it is saying that Valid it is said And the issues that are invalids should be fixed. Why do you want an app for web stories, then I tell you that in web storage, we use the graphics of high definitions, where on where you have a size that is your image size, it is quite High is very large size images. 

Utilizing High-Quality Images for Stories


There are high quality images and in bulk we use how to have a story like Instagram’s i mean that you have pics that are photographs, then run in slides, then there are high quality we use images Let’s do what is converted into our story, on top of it, we upload the image with content, which makes a sense and users like it, which we used After we started playing ODI, after that 2020 came, so first we used to be on long articles, then we have gone to short articles news, now we have gone to stories, so within short time in Google3 h means user means an article within short time in Google3 If he used to spend an hour to read, then he used to take 20 minutes to read short articles, then in 1 minute to see a web story, he can gain maximum information in 1 minute, then on the slide we can do the image of the image Through we can convey any message with short title so that the user gets immunity response, then this web stories have been created, so here we must have understood why we have understood why web story was made here Pay fails, as I did it, I did not need to panic, you have to do direct next Next, here you get three modes, reader modes get transparenable mode Let me brief you these reader mode, site, will have a non-app and an app version, you get both versions here, ech version will use it it’s on theme, both versions will use their different themes, so here it is benefited by another The option comes to transactions, transactions, the transactions, will have non -amp and amp version of us the sem theme, we have a single theme, so we will use the theme, then we will use the theme, then we will use the theme, then what is the transitional, what is the transportary third is a recorded mode standard mode. B Complicate amp, then it converts to this completion app, then we have to avoid this too, so we will select the direct transitional mode in it and will next The plugin that has been installed here, it becomes a finish here, so the installation procedure is complete, it will scan here again, it will scan again, so it fails many times, so you do not need to see it too. 

There is no need to fail because you have installed the extra theme here in it and the themes are now, the non -compatible, what do we have to do, we have to do the plugin for web storage only A web story will use the plugin and confine its custom, then we have to go to advance settings to confine in advance settings, you can see that there are supported templates here, so we also select media and after that we You go to Next, in the plugin separation, if you do not have to cover a plugin, then you can also separate it from here, then you will select it, then you will select it, then you will be separated, you can also throw analytic confinement. If you want to monitor the traffic monitor of whatever URL you become of But Ricamendator, then you have to allow the confidant box option to be aged it is. Path suffix is ​​to be used to come on recommendation, in another option, Redirect Mobile Visitor to amp, so we save it here, then we get saved here, so it has become our installation completion, it is this is the standard installation in the standard installation I am doing this is a standard which is confinement, if we now have a question whether we have to use for article or for web storage, now I am going to cover this point, this is the most important point, listen carefully here If we are doing for ampty web storage only for only web storage, then what can you do here, you can uncheck this option. If you save it by doing this, then in this case whatever your posts you put a regular post, you put the article, the plus which is your static page, like a home page like a home page, the privacy policy is a privacy policy, it is not your convert, then this option will not be uncheck if you are not converted to you. 

You can do this if you feel that you should cover the post, you are using heavy images, and your issues are coming in the size of the image. Many times the Discover is not on If that is also a major issue, then in that case you can put an app here, you can use an app for the post, and then we can save it, so whatever your doubt here, whatever major areas come to you That you become sir multiple URLs. Different URLs are made, you can avoid it, you can uncheck the posts and pages from here, then it is the best option for you where you can use them, then here I show you one more thing and I take directly in the search console, whatever your doubts live, such as your or your doubts, the head is coming and coming in the Amp. 

Avoiding Duplicate URLs with AMP

When these aers are made, brother, this is our post, this is our post if we open it and see this is our post and if you are becoming a duplicate URL of the article, with the amp, then to avoid it as I have told you What can you do here, you can uncheck the post here and save it, what will happen that whatever article pages are your URL, you will not go to the duplicate, then you do not go to the amp, then you fix this issue from here Let’s suppose, you have now cleared a doubt that if we have to fix the issue, then if it is a new configuration for New if you are putting the first type of configuration, then you can insure this thing in advance If you can remove it, then you will not get the issue, if someone has already done it, then how to fix the issues of how to fix their issues, brother is the same solution to fix it, if it is a solution if it is a solution Take your URL as many URLs are coming here. Take the same solution to fix the amp amp. It happens that you do not become an error. It is also an install. You can unite. If you are not targeting the web storage, but if you do not want to install or also are installing, then both of them Even if you have an install in the case, even if you are going to tell you, you have to implement if you have not until, then you can implement it, then in both the cases we will use the redirection and what should we do for the redirection. 

We have to use 301 redirections in Ven Use Redirection to Fix This Issue and Redirection. Brother, it is also a question that if your multiple URLs are made here if I am seeing here too, you are seeing multiple URLs here, then you are very much wasted for so many URLs to fix one by one, then you If you will not be able to do it, we will use a simple method for that, I have noted that method, we will put a code. 

The option gives it, if you see the customer redirection here on the option of direct add new, it is also showing the redirect 301, but here we are giving the option of permanent, then we have to do what we have to do from here. Leave is leaving here from here, if you give the top pa on the ad new, then you have to use that option, it is absolutely easy to add from here. 

We have created a group in the Whatsapp2 article, we will give you a form of call, I am going to give you a form in the coming time in which you can maintain a link to your website. We review five websites from five websites and if you get help, you can also pursue your blogging journey anywhere, if we are stuck anywhere, then we can fix it, then I will share your experience with you, and then I will share your experience, then soon one I am going to share the form with you, in which you have been doing all the things you have been doing your link, you should maintain the URL of your website, then in the next article we will cover it and try to fix your issues, I will try to fix your issues. 

Placing Ads on the AMP Site

I will not fix what things you want to do, then we will review your websites in real-time Because brother, this is for you, there is nothing for me, I am doing all the good, so I am taking whatever time I am taking out for you, then please like the article, do it so hard, brother Many times we have to record the article twice for you and before that we have to watch it completely and do the work. So brother, from here our doubt has been cleared, and our question has been cleared whatever issues come our way. We can fix them by redacting them on 301. If we are using MP, now our next question comes, whatever our AMP site, then how to place the ad on that site? If there are many issues in running the ad, then how to place the ad on that site? If it is not reflected then there is a very simple method for that, brother, we will go directly to AdSense, after going to AdSense, go to Ad option, then after going to Ad option, you will see ‘amp is on’ here on the right side, your site will be shown. Here you get auto ads, here you also get ad formats, if your default is disabled, then you can enable it and apply it directly here if we apply it, it will be applied and From here you will do the get code, brother, after doing the get code from here, we have to copy this code, this is our first code, copy and paste the script in between header, so brother, we have to paste it in the header, so this is the code of our website. 

There is a header, we will paste it in it, so what we have to do for that is simple. We will go to the appearance. After going to the theme editor, we will select our header here. After selecting the header file, what do we do with it carefully? See what is said about these between headers, so what is the meaning of these between headers, we mean that our header is our header and our second header is this, so we have to paste the script in between it, brother, so we have already placed it, so you What to do is just paste it below this and come down and update it. From here you have to update it, so our first code will be posted here, like this our second code is M auto code right footer tag so here we have to paste it. We have to copy it in the footer also from here, we have to put it after the body as I tell it again now that we have to put it in the middle of the body tag, so from here also we can put it below the body here. But you can also put But is Better like other creators have told us that what we have to do to make it work on the safer side is to go to the footer. 

What do we have to do after going to the footer? Here this is our body. Above we have to paste this, above this, we have to paste this, I see here the auto add cum, we have already pasted it and after pasting this, simply update it here, whatever issue there is in your ad, it should be fixed by you. So, brother, this is done to turn on our auto add, which is auto-add related to the app, you can also create a custom add-in on the app websites, for that, you go to buy a unit, and after going to buy a unit you will get There are two types of ads here: your recommended plex ad and display the ad. By creating an ad set for the display ad, you will also create a headset like this and from here we will copy it. Simply copy this code. What we have to do is if we want to paste it in the middle of the body, then we can copy and paste it from here. Number one, if you want to make it more custom, if you want to put it in a particular place, then for that it is a very simple add. You will use the inserter. By using the add inserter, I will show you the inserter. Here in the paid inserter, there is an inserter plugin like you, brother, in the last article we mentioned that you will install it, and here is the pay code. 

You can paste it wherever you want, center it, after the paragraph, before the image, before the paragraph post, you can place it anywhere, you can align it and if you save it, then you can also edit it manually. If you can put it, then it is also very simple, like I have pasted this code here, after that I have put it in post static pages, if I do content before content or before image, before the image comes this, this is from the first image. If it comes first and it remains in the center then after doing this I will simply save it from here and it will be saved and after that, you will start seeing ads on your M pages also. So, brother, our last question was how should we place the ad. Also, we can easily put ads on my pages. So brother, how we have done that is through auto add and auto add. Second, what is the custom ad? Custom does through an inserter plugin. So we can do this ad through the inserter plugin also. 

We can also put custom ads and enable auto ads, so brother, I am hoping that whatever doubts we had regarding the app, we have covered them all in this article. If you still have any doubts, then There is no need to panic, if any point has been skipped by someone here, then you can comment directly to me. Comment, you reply to me on YouTube, and I try to answer whatever queries you have on WhatsApp. I do that every day, but sometimes one or two days get skipped in between, but I try to support you every day. Whatever issues you have, you can come here and connect with me and talk. Third, you can connect with us. Yes, you get regular updates there too, I try to reply to your messages there too. The more you connect with me, the more I will be able to help you. If you do not connect, then how will I be able to help you? So to stay connected. You will have to follow Brother on Instagram2. 

You have to practice three times to do any work. As you keep working, you will gain expertise, you will gain experience, your trust then the trust of the audience starts building on you and maximum traffic. You start getting income from which you earn lakhs of rupees per month, then where will the means to earn lakhs of rupees come from, the means will come from here, so you have to get experience from ET, there is no money here, brother, this is a free course and my Whatever my experience is, whatever my expertise is, I am sharing it with you here so that you too can achieve something and reach a good position in your life where you too can earn thousands and lakhs of rupees daily. Brother, let’s do this article with the hope that if we can earn, then pay and meet here. Before going to the next article, check once whether you liked the article or not, subscribe to the website, and share it with your family and friends. Those who want to make their career, do share the link once with them, who knows, you may become a source for someone if someone can do well in their career through you, see you in the next article, till then take care, stay cool brother. Keep Eating and Drinking Bye Bye Take Care.

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