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Amazon Jungle: 5 Unsolved Mysteries | Viksolve News

Amazon Jungle In 1925

In 1925, a British explorer Percy Fawcett set out in the Amazon Rain Forest in search of a city that is said to be made entirely of gold and its king bathes with gold powder daily, but that day Percy Fawcett went to his camp. They came out of India but never returned. Once again in the articles of Khushmadid Nazarene is Amazonflex. which surprisingly eight countries share among themselves. Its area is 70 lakh square kilometers. In such a big area like India. Two countries and 28 countries like the United Kingdom can fit in. Just as we humans have not been able to explore a large part of the oceans yet, similarly a large part of the Ajna Rain Forest is still beyond the reach of humans. Here, plants, animals, and microbes are found. 

There are such varieties, out of which only 10 have been discovered so far. Every day new species are explored here. There are about 400 billion trees present in the Amazon Rain Forest and this is the reason why this forest is also called the Lungs of the Earth. Only Ajna Rain Forest releases 20% of the oxygen in the whole world. According to an estimate, there are 2 lakh people living there who have no connection with the outside world because is the biggest mystery of Amazon till date. 

There are about 400 billion trees present in the Amazon

The City of Gold here is also called Eldorado. It is said that once upon a time there was a city here which was completely made of gold and the king here used to bathe with gold powder every day and wash all that gold in the Amazon River. Yes, in the 16th century, the Europeans came to South America where the Amazon Forest is present. 

They came with a lot of soldiers and a plan to capture this area. Here they encountered the local people of Amazon who had established their cities here. They captured the built cities and at the end of the 16th century they got the news that there is a city deep in the Amazon Forest which is made entirely of gold, so the Europeans started searching for this Eldorado City, the entire Amazon Forest. After searching, they definitely found many tribes here but could not find the city they were looking for, whereas here they definitely found a lot of gold. After continuing the search for the next 200 years, finally Eldorado was declared a myth. 


In the 19th century, a British explorer, Percy Fawcett, decided to search for Eldorado once again. He made a total of eight expeditions to Ajna, but during this time, he did not even find Eldorado, let alone the other cities that the Europeans had mentioned in their last expedition. Percy Fawcett was present in the middle of the Amazon when he was last seen, after which he went out in search and never returned. 

It was the 29th of 1925 and the place from where he disappeared was the Brazilian state of Mato Grossocio believes that this place is not fit for human habitation, hence no city or village can be established here, but with time, when technology became quite advanced, then some such traces were found in it, which show that at some time In fact, the place where Percy Fawcett was searching was perfect but the method of searching was not right. Here, researchers have found human waste buried under the ground at many maqamas. Science Dan Using lidar scanning devices on many maqamas, scientists have also discovered stone structures under the dense forest layer, which have been hidden by the forest over time. 

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The National Geography team has also discovered structures in the Amazon, 15 km inside the Caribbean coast. A city has been discovered in which entire 000 year old structures were found buried inside the mountains, but which one is Eldorado among them and at what place was it present in such a huge Amazon forest, it remains a mystery to the scientific community till date. In this desolate forest of Hai Number Four, there are many such tribes who have not seen the outside world till date. Yes, even anthropology does not know properly about how these people live in the forest. One of these tribes is Known as Pirik Pura, which lives in Western Brazil, earlier there were thousands of people in this clan but now only 15 to 20 are left. 

We have been able to know about this clan only after 1998 when for the first time they came out of He was fascinated by the world. From his language it seemed that maybe he wanted to express his pain and suffering. When Anthropology decoded his words, it came to light that his clan used to be very strong earlier but then the mafia took over the forest. In order to do mining, all their companions were brutally killed out of which only a few people survived. 

It is not known how many tribes are there who have established their world in the middle of the Amazon forest. Where did these people come from? Did they settle here thousands of years ago? Number three: For centuries, historians were not sure when the people living in the Amazon came here, but in 2017, this puzzle started to be solved when archaeologists found a small mountain in the Amazon near Colombia. Some paintings were seen made on the mountain in the forest. 

These big stones were completely buried inside the mountain and to understand these paintings it was very important to expose them, hence the archaeologist did a 13 kilometer excavation here and found out that some During this period, these stones were present inside a cave. The paintings found in this 13 kilometer long cave were about 12000 years old. At that time, the end of the last Ice Age was going on and obviously at that time there was no forest here but only snow. 

There used to be ice. In these paintings, some animals were also found which used to exist only in the Ice Age, such as Meister Dance and Giant Slots. These paintings also gave an idea of ​​the conditions in which humans lived here during that period and How they used to hunt animals bigger than themselves. Number two: In 2019, scientists were shocked when they found a dead hump-backed whale on Marava Island in the Amazon Forest in North Brazil. 

The surprising thing was not the death of the whale but the timing of its death. Not only this, it was against the order of nature, but that well was found above the ground near the Amazon River. In fact, this well was 10 tonnes heavy. It was the child of this well. This well was found in the warm water of the sea near the Amazon in the beginning of winter, i.e. from October to November. Enjoys it but then goes south towards Antarctica in search of food. 

But how did this whale die near Amazon in February? Investigation revealed that it had died just four days before the day it was found, nor did its The body was not the target of any prey nor did it have any injuries, so now many questions arise here, first of all, how did the whale reach here in this season, why did it come from the sea to the Amazon River and most of all it is on land in the middle of the Amazon forest. 

How did that day reach today and this mystery could never be solved and now another secret of number one Ajna Forest was discovered in 2013 when a chemistry student near Peru found this strange structure in Ajna. This is a plant. It was built on a leaf which looked quite mysterious. Right in its center, there was a cone made of silk and around it a huge fence was also made of silk. 

The student took photos of this structure and shared them with them. Posted on the internet but the surprising thing was that till date no one had seen such a structure. To investigate further, a team of scientists visited this part of Peru and within a short time they found more than 45 such structures. The same structures were found, some were made on trees and some were made on the leaves of plants. 

This mysterious structure was named Silk Henge and he took some of these with him to the laboratory. With the help of a microscope, it was seen that small dust mites were on the fence. These insects were roaming around and do not produce silk, hence it was confirmed that they had not made this structure. After a few days, the cone in the middle of the fence slowly started bursting and a baby spider came out of it. Actually, this structure was a spider. It was made by a special species which is found only in the Western Amazon. These spiders make fences around their eggs so that small dust mites get trapped in them and when their baby comes out of the egg, it has no food to eat. There must be something available for this. I hope you all will like and share this article of Thank you very much for your loving comments. See you in the next great article.

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