You Probably Won’t Survive 2024… Top 10 Tech Trends

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Top 10 Tech Trends

congratulations you survived yet another year in the simulation if you still have a job in Tech it means you survived massive layoffs didn’t get drafted into a war and outsmarted the artificial intelligence that your boss wants to replace you with 2023 was the craziest year ever but at the rate things are accelerating it’ll look like nothing compared to 2024 I care deeply about the future because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there but the future ain’t what it used to be in today’s video we’ll look at 10 Trends and technology that you can take advantage of in 2024 let’s get started by looking at the health of the job market at the beginning of 23 we had massive layoffs from Magnificent Seven companies like Amazon Google and Microsoft not only did this flood the job market with more talent but simultaneously the number of open jobs declined by about 60% Based on data from true up.i and that’s been a onetwo punch to the nuts for junior developers looking to get into the industry in 2021. 

compared to 2024 Tech

We had people working multiple full-time jobs simultaneously thanks to remote work and you could land these jobs by simply taking a 100 second boot camp but today things look look a lot different managers are still desperately trying to get people back into the office and you can find all kinds of anecdotes on Reddit about how brutal the job market is right now it’s been a rough year but there is some hope if we look closely at the chart you’ll notice that job openings are up 13.8% from earlier this year and all the Big Fang companies

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have unfrozen their hiring freezes although there aren’t nearly as many open jobs as there used to be so I’d be cautiously optimistic about an improving job market going into 2024 but a lot of that depends on the state of the world we’re still in a high interest rate environment which is not ideal for cash burning startups that need that easy money to hire a bunch of people to grow quickly just yesterday Spotify did its third layoff of the Year where it severed about, 1500 heads which it blamed on the higher cost of capital these high rates have also put the real estate market at a standstill dramatically reducing the total number of transactions because nobody wants to pay $900,000 for a cardboard box with an 8% mortgage the automotive industry is also struggling and we saw Tesla prices come

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way down in 2023 which was a shock to some people who thought their Tesla was an appreciating asset just a year ago the economy and especially technology is addicted to low rates but we’ve also got some Wars going on now I don’t stand with Palestine I don’t stand with Israel I don’t stand with Ukraine I don’t stand with Russia I stand with locked Martin and Boeing and the military industrial complex these companies make the tools we need to blow each other up and when you stand with that team you really can’t lose what you have to realize is that you’re living paycheck to paycheck your employer is living bailout to bailout and the United States government is living from war to war if we don’t get a big war soon the entire system could collapse and that’s not going to bode well for tech jobs in the future but speaking of money crypto is back Bitcoin was 16k at the beginning of the year and just broke 40K a couple days ago and crypt Bros are already predicting that one token will be worth over a million dollars by the end of 2024 the price to watch for is 69k if it reaches this price point the world will be flooded with memes that will Elevate fomo to biblical levels in other words the crypto winter might be over bringing us a fresh new round of Ponzi schemes to invest our parents money in another failed technology that could come back in 2024 is augmented and virtual reality thanks primarily to the Apple Vision Pro which is set to release in early 2024 Apple has done some revolutionary things in the past like a mouse that charges from the bottom and if these VR goggles take off it could lead to a whole new round of opportunity for app developers however I think that’s unlikely plenty of Apple Colt members will drink this Kool-Aid but I don’t think the general public is going to Fork over $3,500 to become even more disconnected from reality ultimately though I think this will end up being a niche product very cool to some people but not appealing to the average NPC now speaking of Hardware Microsoft just announced a few weeks ago that it’s going to start producing its own chips like the Maya chip for artificial intelligence and the Cobalt CPU which is an arm-based processor designed for general purpose use in the cloud and AWS is also building its own Arm based chips which are cheaper and more efficient than traditional x86 chips now as of today virtually all PCS and laptops running Windows run CPUs based on the x86 architecture but that may not be the case in the future because thanks to project vola it’s now possible to run Windows on arm chips hell even Intel is going to start manufacturing arm chips the sing single most important thing anyone does with a CPU though is play video games and just yesterday we got our first look at the GTA 6 trailer this will likely be the most hyped up video game in the history of the world and it’s built using Rockstar’s own proprietary rage game engine and that means you can’t use it what you can use is Unity however Unity made a massive blender in 2023 by rolling out new pricing that would charge developers every time a game is downloaded Unity developers revolted and it got so bad that they had to roll back the pricing and apologize that’s right apologize meanwhile unreal and release version 5.3 with some crazy new features like a procedural content generation framework and its substrate material system that gets almost indistinguishable from reality now unreal engines parent company epic games sued Apple a few years ago saying it’s a monopoly because it takes a 30% cut on the App Store and doesn’t allow alternative payment methods but it lost that suit and that was held up on appeal in 2023 epic games is not giving up though with a similar ongoing lawsuit against Google it seems like a long shot but if they somehow win it would be huge for Indie developers because they could avoid that 30% cut to the big guy by using their own payment processor but now let’s talk about web development JavaScript land is as crazy as ever but I think in 2024 people will stop building new JavaScript Frameworks because nowadays they all have a similar developer experience with signal-based reactivity and the race will shift to who can build the best tools for existing Frameworks we’re seeing more visual editors and idees for Frameworks like react where you can drag and drop components instead of coding them manually then you have Frameworks like n which have built-in Dev tools to make life easier but pretty soon we should have ai writing most of our code there are tools like visual co-pilot where you can take a design in figma and it will automatically write the framework code along with Tailwind Styles in the near future I think every JavaScript framework will have its own specialized tooling along with its own specially tuned AI for writing useful accurate code whichever framework does this the best will win the web development War for the next 10 years and I think there will be a lot of opportunity on the web in part because of Trends in Mobile development this trend has been ongoing for many years but people just don’t want to download mobile apps anymore it’s not like 10 years ago when you could develop an app in your mom’s base have it go viral and become a millionaire overnight there are billions of people using smartphones every day but getting their attention away from established apps is harder than ever like as you can see here most of my screen time goes to Twitter and Discord

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when it comes to building mobile apps not too much has changed but if you’re building crossplatform we’re starting to see more locode tools that can build for both IOS and Android with a drag and drop interface but now let’s talk about low-level systems languages rust is still growing incredibly fast and you can now find Rust code in the Linux kernel there was some drama with the rust Foundation earlier this year and I might get sued for using this logo but there are some other upand cominging low-level languages as well like Zig the language behind the JavaScript bun runtime and also Mojo a python superet that can also handle low-level memory management making it both approachable and extremely performant an ideal option for AI and machine learning and finally that brings us to number 10 the elephant in the room artificial intelligence chat GPT has only been around for a year although it feels like a lot longer and most normies out there haven’t even touched it yet but that’s going to change over the next few years because we now have Bard built into Google to cannibalize its own search engine we have co-pilot built into Microsoft Office to write all your papers and do all your spreadsheets an estimated 75% of all stock trading now happens via algorithms and AI is being weaponized to both launch and defend against cyber attacks and even our military-industrial complex friends like paler are using AI to help blow people up in a more environmentally friendly and Equitable way but things got really crazy with generative image AI 10 years ago Ian goodfella published a paper proposing the first generative adversarial Network 7 years later open AI brought us to Fusion models with Dolly but they still sucked pretty hard but then just two years from that point we get images good enough to make $110,000 a month on only fans in 2024 a big Trend to watch is text to video stable diffusion just released a text to video model and at the current rate of progress


I predict that by the end of 2024 you’ll be able to generate a fulllength Bollywood quality movie from your laptop but none of this will matter if somebody first achieves artificial general intelligence an AI that can actually think for itself and not just regurgitate and remix things humans have already done some people even think this has already been achieved by open AI with the leak of qar however there’s a french guy that thinks AGI is decades away and some think it will never be achieved when that day comes it could be a great day for Humanity we’ll never have to work or think again and there will be nothing left to do but indulge in pleasure on the other hand though you may live to see AI made Horrors beyond your comprehension it could end up being like when fa made a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge and pleasure but once that knowledge is achieved there’s a trade-off in the form of moral and spiritual decline the AI will have to adjust for this trade-off by creating billions of lab grown babies which are now a real thing then put them into a simulation that has a disproportionate amount of suffering in order to offset the pleasures experienced by the AI in fact you might be in the simulation right now why else would you be watching a video gaslighting you into thinking you’re in a simulation you’d have to be crazy to think we’re not in a simulation right now but again congratulations for making it to round 2024 thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.

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