AMD’s 6950XT V/S 6900XT: A Battle of the Titans in High-End GPUs

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AMD V/S Nvidia

AMD V/S NVIDIA Graphic Cards

When looking at the super high-end you had until recently buying an AMD 6900xt or Nvidia RTX 3090 both are typically out of most consumers and are aimed at those wanting the very best performance at the highest resolution.

With no compromises obviously that came at a cost and with the whole GPU situation being frankly all over the place for the last king of almost two years it typically meant spending way over the odds for that new Shing graphics card that you always wanted to top this off Nvidia recently released the RTX3080 it which further improved on the performance of the RTX 3090 by giving a small but modest performance bump but in exchange for a lot more money at least if we’re taking kind of MSRP versus MSRP or Launch price versus launch price well now it’s time for AMD to show.

What can do by tweaking the 6900xt Refreshing it and releasing the 6950xt this really is a battle of the Titans the Nvidia RTX kind of titan but the ancient Greek god once.

I was trying to be funny all right but before we got into the here’s so what from this video sponsor ag-493 ucx49 inches of pure performance and a refresh rate of 120 hertz it’s so fast you can even do tow at a time you can connect two devices at a time and split the screen with freeing premium pro a 32 to 9 aspect ratio and an in KVM you’ll be finished in no time gaming.

I mean what did you think I found out more so as always let’s talk about specs and  What AMD has released with these new graphic cards yes it pains me to say because they are refreshed graphic cards but the graphics card nonetheless the 665oXT 6750XT and what I’ve got the here 6950Xt.

We do have content on the other cards on the channel and also over on teach nice com so definitely make sure you check that out the 6950 XT is a refresh of what’s actually changed over the previous flagship 6900xT well to start with it draws more power at 335 watts compared to the 300 watts that the 600xt drew has a faster game clock and consequent boost clock as well as a memory clock up sort of just up ever so slightly and that’s pretty much it’s basically an overclocked 6900xt with the power limit unlocked a bit so in typical ADM fashion they‘re managed to tweak the performance of the card and generate more power by I don’t know it doesn’t sound all that groundbreaking in the grand scheme of thing though taking the game clock from 2015 megahertz up to 2100 megahertz the boost clock form 2250 megahertz to 2310 and the memory clock form gigabits per second to 18 gigabits per second it all kind of makes sense I guess more speed and more power.

I’m all for that but the cost of over a hundred dollars over the 6900xt’s launch price of 999 I’m just not so sure imean comes on 999 dollars pounds whatever sounds so much better than 1099, especially considering they’re not ad dedfrankly anything Extra so where does that extra 100 come from I get it rd costs money but without even looking at any benchmarks I kind of feels a little bit disappointed I mean what we basically have here is a pre factory overclock 6900xt and they’re typically around 100 or so more expensive so is that all we have here or to do it the best way we know how by throwing into full suite of benchmark and games on our PGU test system based around the azus crosshair dark hero x 570 motherboard and pairs with 32 gigs of corsair dominator platinum 3600 megahertz memory and a ryzen 9 5900x which is nicely cooled by the notchwa  N hd 15s.

We have kept the resizable bar or smart access memory disabled for those with older GPUs you can make a clear comparison with their kind of own hardware and can pare it to ours to keep things as fair as possible if you want to find out more about the test system the links for each port are listed down below and with her out the way let’s get straight into the tests starting with 3d mark fire strike and that ‘s where we see our first performance boost over the reference while the graphic score actually did see our first performance boost over the referece while the graphic score actually did see a sbout bat first talk about the card we actually tested the 6950xt gaming oc form gigabyte.

which it looks like your typical gaming oc card it’s definitely been at the gym coming it with a slightly thicker design though still now where near the thinl,ness still Quite large coming in at 332 millimeters long 143  millimeters high and 57 millimeters the design is kind of typical of who you’d expect from a gaming oc card and that’s not a bad thing because it’s a tried and tested design that fits in any theme or color  scheme your pc may have it does the I’m going to admit probably world’s smallest amount of rgb on the gig abyte logo which of course be controlled through rgb fusion and iffearit’ sactually so small that you could easily miss it kind of makes me think what’s the point in having it all unrounded with the mesmerizing rgb gigabyte have changed thing up a little bit intead of opting for a convention copper plate heatsink like we saw with the 6900 xt gaming octhey’rs actually decided to plunp in having it all underneath the three large fans and the shround with the mesmerizing rgb gigabyte have changed thing up a little bit instead of opting for a co mention copper plate heat sink like we saw with the 6900 xt gaming octhey’re actually decided to plump for a large vapor hombre with heat sink cooler and it’s actually makes direct contact with both the GPU and the veram and now includes eight heat pipes up form three eight mil fans up to three loo mil fans instead I guess that extra power and performance needed that extra cooling and could be the reason for the card being thinker than his little brother so speaking of power this in terms of kin of thing that have changed under the bood the card actually cames pre factory over clocked above the new increased specs from AMD so while the 6950xt as far as reference spec come in above the 6900xt this is just slightly more soothe freence spec come in 2100 megahertz on the game clock this card inprove on that ever soslightly to 246 it also consectuently pushes the boost clock from 2310 megahert on a reference 6950xt up to 2324 megahertz white the memory clock stays the same though that is actually a nice bamp up form the 16 gigabts per improvement in ray tracing which we all Nvidia are the king on rem ember they are allin is a 6959xt worth it over a 6900 as the card is due to potentially replace it you’ll kind of be left with no choice and coming next we’re all seen the rumor mil about the next generation of cards from both and nvidie with then poten tially being if of course stock is owailoble because we all know  how that’s been yeah hopefully with that you enjoyed bit of an indication as where’s you’re going to go….

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