Android Charge Types

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By using another Android device without any you know computer or stuff like that so first of all you need to do is use a OTG cable now this is the main string here this is the cable that you’re going to need this the some cable that you use for you know plugging a controller in to your device so you’re going to need this and also you’re going to need this you need this okay so let’s see here you connect in here and you’re going have done that you’re going to connect the other end of the USB cable to tour other inner device here okay and as you can see it is charging 88 Birds on your screen and also it is showing me something here USB debugging as a media device and also of course you can transfer and if king of stuff to your online device here which is the nexus s you can also transfer stuff you can also transfer in movies or thing like that logger thing you can also add transfer app their dads and stuff like that an your other…

Charge your device using a one in your phone like you know you are for away your home you had your Android side with you  and an OTG cable and now just you wonder you want to grab this cable here and you can charge you’re your phone using your friends Android devices which is  pretty handy actually ok so different kind of option here you can also you know enable mass storage so it as a master device so let’s  see here what change will be opening up the Astor life manager okay it’s not showing at the moment but you can actually transfer thing If you connect it here by using camera as you can see here gallery but I am photos from the IOS device if  is good for that because you know  you don’t want to transfer  thing from an Android to Android using an LG cable because you can do it by connecting Bluetooth so anyway daily a video if you want to charge your deavice so but there are also other option so yeah…….

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