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So Finally Guy, as you all might know, Ranveer Kapoor’s film Animal was released in theaters last Friday i.e. on 1st December, which has created a stir in the theaters and the film has made huge collections at the box office and has made all the big records of the year 2023. The film has been released, today it is going on its sixth day in theaters and friends, even on the sixth day, the film is making many big records at the box office and many such records which no Bollywood film has been able to do till date. 

Be it Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan or Pathan or Tiger Tha or Sunnydewal’s Gadar 2, but friends, the history that Animal film is creating at the box office is really praiseworthy, so friends, in this article I will talk to you that Animal film has What is the total earning in India in its first five days, what is the total collection of the film all over the world and how much is this film going to earn today on its sixth day and what is the world wide box office collection of the film in six days. 

It will happen in which city, what is the condition of the film, how many shows are there, how many are houseful, what is the percentage of occupancy, all the things will be discussed in this article, so friends, you just stay with this article, but friends, before that, if you read Ranveer Kapoor in a article. If you consider yourself a great actor, then please comment on this article. 

Friends, if I talk about the film Animal, then I cannot praise this film enough for the fans of Ranbir Kapoor’s film Animal. There was a wait for years and there was so much wait that the release date of this film has been postponed several times because the makers of the film wanted the film to be released on such an occasion so that the film would not clash with any big film. 

It may not happen and the film should get a good amount of time to earn and this is what happened on December 1, the film did not have any big clash, Sam Bahadur was of Vicky Kaushal but that film is earning well at its place but the way Animal is at the box office. Office is creating a storm on it, it is really commendable and the film also got a good amount of time because no big film is going to be released after this film and this is the reason why till now we have not seen any action in the collection of the film. 

Credit Image Animal

There has been no decline and the film is making a storm at the box office. For your information, let me tell you that it was an action theater film which was directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The film was produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishna Kumar. In this film, we saw Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Rashmika Mandanna in important roles and the budget of the film was around Rs 1 crore, but friends, the way the film Animal has performed at the box office, this budget is nothing. And this budget does not matter because the film is earning at the box office which no one had ever thought possible and the reason for this is because apart from the people of India, this film is being liked very much in foreign countries also. 

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Animal had also given positive response to the film and here the film got 100% positive response and that is why this film was successful in creating havoc at the box office. Let me tell you that Animal film got 63% on its first day i.e. opening day. Net earning of Rs. 80 lakhs was made from all over India, whereas the world wide gross collection of the film was of Rs. 116 crores. 

On the second day, the film had earned Rs. 67 crores 27 lakhs from all over India and on the third day, the film’s earning was Rs. 711 crores 46 lakhs. And on the weekend of its three days, yes friends, on its weekend of three days, this film managed to earn a huge amount, which is a record breaking earning, you can say that in three days the film has earned Rs 201 crore 53 lakh, friends, in three days it has earned Rs 1 crore. 53 lakhs had been earned nett from India, whereas the world wide collection of the film was around Rs. 3356 crores in its first three days. 

On the fourth day, the film’s earning was around Rs. 44 crores. Friends, on the fourth day, the film opened on Monday with a grand opening. And achieved a big Monday i.e. on this day, on its fourth day after coming out of the weekend, when there is no holiday, no film till date has been able to collect as much as Animal did, this is also the highest till date. 

It is a big record that the film had earned 44 crores on the fourth day on Monday and the total earning of the film in four days had become 425 crores in the whole world, after that the collection of the film on the fifth day was 8 crores whereas friends it was 38 crores on its fifth day i.e. That the film was successful on Tuesday and the total box office collection of the film for five days has become 84 crores nett from India, while the gross collection of the film in India has become 3340 crores. 

The film has earned about 10 crores more from overseas. Overall, the film Animal has touched the figure of Rs. 500 crores worldwide in its first five days, which is a big record so far and after Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan, if anyone is at the top then it is Ranbir Kapoor. Now friends, here I will talk about the film Animal, on the sixth day i.e. today, friends, today’s occupancy is also amazing. 

Within Delhi NCR, there is an occupancy of more than 20 shows. The film has 1270 shows, out of which 160 shows. It is almost full and 222 are fast filling. Within Mumbai, the film has 990 shows, out of which 25 are almost full and 75 are fast filling. Within Pune, it has 316 shows, within Bengaluru, it has 16 shows. Occupancy of 10 in Hyderabad, 7 in Kolkata, 7 in Ahmedabad and 12 in Chennai. 

The film is registering its sixth day today, so the sixth day’s earnings of the film today are from all over India. That’s about 332 crores where friends 32 crores, even today on its sixth day this film is netting from all over India and the world wide collection of the film in six days will be 5555 crores, here it is earning 332 crores in its six days on its sixth day. After this, the film’s 6-day run will reach Rs 316 crore in India and Rs 5555 crore in the world and the film has become an all-time block passer at the box office. But friends, how did you like this film? Please do tell in animal comment.

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