Big News Regarding PTI ”BAT” Symbol | Peshawar High Court’s Big Decision 2024

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Image Credit: Big News Regarding PTI ''BAT'' Symbol | Peshawar High Court's Big Decision 2024

Peshawar High Court Gave a Big Decision

Today in the Peshawar High Court, the case ended based on Tehreek Insaf’s intra-party investigation based on bat mark. The investigation started on the Election Commission’s application. Justice Ijaz Khan concluded the application on behalf of the Election Commission’s lawyer Sikandar Memon. 

Justice Kamran Hayat’s decision was read in the court by the Election Commission lawyer. During the holidays, the judge of this court had given the decision. The Election Commission lawyer said that he also said that Tehreek Insaf is proud that the Election Commission has intra The party does not have the right to declare Intikhab Kala Daam. 

PTI’s interim relief and its resolution are the same. The Election Commission’s lawyer also said that the High Court’s decision is a unilateral action. The Election Commission was not heard. The basic difference of the Election Commission case is that the Election Commission is there. The court heard the Additional Advocate General and Deputy Advocate General, who are the representatives of Subai and Wafa’s government. In the court, they also stated that the Election Commission’s lawyer was not heard fully. 

This was said by lawyer Sikandar Maman. Justice Ijaz Ahmed, while giving a statement, said that he said that the Supreme Court has given such an order that the order of one High Court is for the entire country. It was published in the newspaper, does anyone give such an order on which the Election Commission of India Pakistan’s lawyer said that the Supreme Court has decided on the Lahore High Court as per the RO, the decision is under action, which means that I should also reiterate that J. Ijaz Khan had said that we cannot decide this case. 

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Division Bench on 9th January. I am not saying that any decision should be given, the lawyer of the Election Commission has reserved the decision, here I will also tell you a little background that the two-judge bench of the Pisawa High Court has cited the bat mark. On December 22, it was decided that on December 21, it was decided that by December 22, the Election Commission should issue a Waz Eqama to Tehreek Insaf concerning the bat mark, on which, after the order of the Peshawar High Court, the Election Commission of Pakistan on December 22. 

Tehreek Insaf’s intra-party election was declared inadmissible and as per the decision of December 22, the bat symbol was also snatched away from Tehreek Insaf, while their intra-party inquiry was also declared inadmissible yesterday, after which Tehreek Insaf approached the Peshawar High Court. Since there were holidays, one judge was present, Justice Kamran Hayat, who gave interim relief to Tehreek Insaf. While giving interim relief to Tehreek Insaf, he had declared the decision of the Election Commission as firm yesterday, against which the Election Commission had appealed to the High Court. Appealed to Peshawar High Court today reserved its decision with this reference

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