Big Sentence to Imran Khan? Aleema Khan’s Emotional Media Talk

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Credit: Imran Khan

Aleema Khan’s Emotional Media Talking:

But what is happening in the jail is a joke, now what can we say about the joke, it is a joke, first of all, this case should not have happened 20 times, everyone knows that it should not happen, so this joke is happening, for how long will this last? It is not known whether the person who has been awarded death sentence after jokingly imposing death sentence on Imran Khan, if there is a case against him for the charges, then whether to impose death sentence on him or to imprison him, if he has already made his objective then it is decided. 

Due to this, what is happening to eight witnesses in a hurry, what is happening, is it a joke, don’t you know, who knows that they have kept 30th date, give them death sentence, heard from Kalat Saheb and Latif Khosa Saheb, we said that with Bhutto Saheb also like this. 

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He was murdered in court. They said that we cannot save Bho Sahab but we will save Imran Khan Sahab with the help of Allah. There was no young generation like you, you had these cameras and phones and you people are the representatives of the people because you are like them. 

This was not the case during the time of Bhutto Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and whatever is happening now, he also said that the atrocities that happened at that time, done by the dictators, were nothing like what is happening to everyone these days. 

Naveed is not found at all, nowadays we say about yesterday, we had never even thought of this thing, we had not even seen it, that maybe this is Maqbuja Kashmir and Raja, ma’am, there is some hope, anyway, son, the world runs on hope.

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