Imran Riaz Khan Broke the Silence in His First Speech After Release

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Credit: Imran Riaz Khan

Imran Riaz Khan made a powerful Speech:

A few people sitting in a closed room cannot compete with the wisdom of 22 or 24 crore people. It is the right of crores of Pakistanis that they will decide their future. No one will decide in a closed room and if they do then what is the guarantee that? That decision will work. In the last two years, all of you are people who are more educated and intelligent than me and know the law. Have the conditions of this country improved? After every experience, we have gone down since 70 years when we experienced. 

Below is the next experience and one below. We have not just experienced the rule of law. If there is rule of law, then this country will move forward. I will not be there, someone else will speak, then someone else will speak, then someone else will speak. 

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This voice will keep coming to you, you will have to listen to the people, look at what people are saying. Demand your rights, people should be given their rights before people take away their rights, Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad. Thank you very much to all of you for listening to me.

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