Future of Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing in 2024 and Beyond Viksolve

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Have you made a New Year resolution for 2024? What will you do in this new year? Will you build your body or lose weight? Will you make a career or will you earn money? I will not tell you about the weight loss fund. There will be a separate course for that. I can tell you the meaning but I will not tell you. 

Those who are thinking of making a career in blogging, SEO, digital marketing or affiliate marketing but are not sure whether they should work hard in this field or not, whether there is a future in it or not, in the time of AII, everything is perfect. We will try to see the answers to all these questions in today’s article. 

This is the last article of this year, it should be good, it should be related to the beginning of the new year. Hello everyone, I am Vikram on viksolve.com. In today’s article, we are not blogging but New Year. 

We are making strong resolutions for everyone, which will benefit you and the year ahead will be good. Now I keep talking about SEO and digital marketing, that is why I first talk about affiliates and blogging friends and in this also we are the first ones. Let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing because nowadays more questions are coming for Affiliate Marketing, more hashtags etc. are going on about it. 

Affiliate Marketing is a thing older than the Internet. I mean when a person sells someone else’s product and One takes commission on sale, that is why they are called affiliates and those who do this type of marketing are called affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing has become a field. All the shops in every street, nook and corner are selling someone else’s goods. 

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These big malls also sell their own products but they also sell goods of other companies, so now if someone is doing the same thing online through a website, then we call it affiliate marketing, so affiliate. Marketing in itself is not a new thing, people have been doing it through different mediums for a long time and are doing it successfully. Some people also fail but it happens in every business. 

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Affiliate marketing is neither a scam nor is it illegal. The problem is that by watching more YouTube’s than you need, there are some people who learn video editing, learn designing or know coding development and using that skill, work in affiliate word and earn money. There are some people who are like this just by reading the article. 

That so and so expert is so amazing in marketing, I will also follow him and make money in the same manner, in any field, in any medium, in any period, at any time, in any country. Whenever you follow the lure of money, you will definitely get cheated. Be it an affiliate or a school or a college, be it a degree or anything, if someone tells you that I will teach graphic designing, then you can go there, if you have the skill, you will learn it, then you will earn something, you will earn less, you will earn more, that depends on your ability. 

It depends, this intention is that I have earned so many lakhs, I will teach you to earn so many lakhs, this is wrong, the capacity of every person is different, if not all Shahrukh Khans came out of the school where Shahrukh Khan studied, then if any He is promising you that I have earned this much, I will teach you to earn this much, that is wrong, in any scheme of this type, be it affiliate marketing, be it SEO, be it anything, if you go anywhere, you will get cheated, so if we talk about the future. 

If you do then affiliate marketing is very good, future is also good, many affiliate marketing related updates have come in Google2, updates related to content have come, you can generate traffic continuously by learning about it, you can still use social media, there are many opportunities. Everything is as long as you are someone else’s. 

The number one people are those who look for such topics or niches or industries on which many people have already worked and have been successful. Their target is that we too should follow exactly the same thing. Will follow the same steps and will earn income. Number two, these are the people who have specific knowledge or expertise in a field, they write about it, they block the first category. 

There is a risk in the future. There is a lot of risk because of AI chat. The bots have only been trained. Agistify website has covered 100 websites and thousands of websites. Chat bots already know that and they will give answers in a better way. They will give answers quickly. Creating another blog for that will cause harm. 

Privacy Policy Shayari Course Wishes: These are the niches of this type, they are in risk because now people can go to Google2 GPT and ask, give me some ideas of wishes for the upcoming festival and he will make it unique and give it. Go to your website. There is no need, so if you are thinking of starting blogging on these, run away. If you are already doing it, then make a backup plan and focus on it. 

This type of blocks will not work. There is no risk to the second category because of AI models. AI models cannot create new things on their own. AI models cannot generate real world knowledge and new experiences. It cannot experience anything new. 2023 was the first year of AI chatbots and AI content and in the coming time, AI bots and AI companies will be content creators.

They will definitely give compensation in some way or the other, whether it is in the form of traffic sharing or revenue sharing like AdSense, but in some way or the other, content creators will get compensation, so the future of real blogging is safe. In fact, if someone is creative. So it is going to get more options for growth, new topics have come on which a lot of traffic has come, something like Promote Generation is coming, till now there was no topic like Promote Generation but now it is on different chat bots. 

Totally stand alone blocks can be created. Blocks can be created to cover AI updates and there are hundreds of topics on which there are no blogs yet. Whichever blog starts covering these new topics will have to cover them for the next 510 years. You will get continuous traffic, so if you want to do blogging, then do not do it in a formal manner, do not copy other people, if you want to create genuine content seriously, then the future is not only good, it is very good, you are going to get new options of revenue, now we come to digital. 

This includes all the things like marketing, SEO, PPC, social media etc. Like blogging, the death of SEO has also been predicted many times. Many people have already eaten the 13th etc. but these predictions are mostly made by those who do not know SEO. SO is dead for Do’s Who Don’t Know It? Talk to the marketing manager or CEO of any such company. 

Talk to the CFO who runs both SEO and PPC campaigns. Ask them which channel gets more conversions. More conversions per 100 leads are done through SEO. Or the answer to PPC will always be SEO. Talk to real businesses, whether small or big, you will get the real picture. Organic reach always brings the highest leads. 

Now there is no need to feel bad for PPC people because the role of PPC campus is very crucial. To scale up your business, you have to increase the reach of organic campuses by 10 times or 100 times. 

If you want to scale up, you will have to do only paid campuses. Your company will reach Rs. 2 crores through organic but will go up to Rs. 20 crores or 200 crores through PPC campaign. And if Someone is asking that ok then you can stop SEO at the time of PPC campaign, then nothing is going to happen to you, you should not read all this in things, SO campaign is only about making backlinks, SO is making a website inviting enough for Bots to Rank and Humans to Spend Time on If you are doing SO digital marketing of your website in a better way, then it will seem good to the bots so that they will rank it higher and it will also seem good to the humans so that they will trust its content. Will read it, subscribe to your email, fill the contact form or purchase your product. 

There are many e-commerce websites that people create, where millions of products are being listed and they are getting traffic on them through PPC campaigns. But if you want to bring but test the fit then let’s say that you have a very good business idea and you also have investment but if you want to then first test the market fit of this product and see if there is a market fit for this product. 

There is a need for the product, will it sell or not, then after making the immediate website, instead of spending money on PPC, you have to make a website for your product, make a website for service, focus on its SO campaign, look organically, test it. Next 6 For a month to a year, whether people are interested in this product, this service, are they subscribing to it, are they purchasing it and after that, are they continuing that service, this will give you enough data within 1 year. 

You will become confident that yes, there is a need for this product in the market. After this, you can scale up and grow your business by investing in SO campaigns as well as PPC campaigns. SO is always important. SO is the basic of your intentions. Marketing Plan On top of that, PPC is very important in itself. PPC takes your business to those customers who are not even searching. 

There are many target audience groups for any business which are actively looking to meet Google’s. You can make efforts for this and when you are successful or unsuccessful in those efforts, then you may or may not be able to present your report in a better way to the client, so do not listen to people who are not experts in this field. 

I myself do not have much knowledge and then go around predicting that this field is dead or that field is dead or affiliate marketing is dead or anything. So make good realistic practical goals for 2024 and also estimate your future earnings. Or whatever budget you have, spend a part of it in developing your skills so that you can do better in comparison to your competitor. If you are following the same tricks and tips as your competitor is doing then it will not be beneficial. 

You will get the same results as them. Focus on the growth of your skills and do vigorous marketing in 2024. Take your business forward. Thank you so much for reading this article. This was the last article of 2023. See you in the next article. Happy New Year in the next year. in advance

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