Gharida Farooqi’s Big Claim Regarding Imran Khan’s Lawyers | Cipher Case Update | Viksolve News

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Gharida Farooqi's Big Claim Regarding Imran Khan's Lawyers | Cipher Case Update | Viksolve News

Imran Khan’s Lawyers:

Who wanted Imran Khan to be punished in Tehreek Insaaf? What did PTI’s lawyer commit a grave mistake today? Did PTI’s lawyer sacrifice Imran Khan? Senior anchor person Garid Farooqui accused Wakala’s team of being a man. 

Garid Farooqui Nene X But it was written that today PTI Wakala had a chance till 11 o’clock to file his writ and get the decision stopped but Wakala deliberately did the right thing Why apart from Salman Akramam Raja, people wanted him to be punished, it was his wish. The thought was that he should be punished so that he can get sympathy votes. It seems that the lawyers have sacrificed Khan for their politics. 

It seems that the lawyers have sacrificed Imran Khan for their politics. This thought was done with such gusto so that Votes can be secured in the elections and PTI party power can be captured by removing Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood. Rita Farooqui wrote that the punishment in the cipher case is on merit because it has been proved that you used an intelligence document for political purposes. 

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It has been proved that you have created discord in the entire community and Idar. It has been proved that your habit of playing has forced you to play with the communal documents and the matter has ended without playing with National Security and Safari Kari. It has been proved. It is said that Imran Khan and Mehmood used an intelligence document to create a hue and cry in the safari circles of Pakistan, that is why today the whole world is refusing to trust the recommendations.

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