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Which important personality refused to meet Imran Khan? Hamid Mir, the big inkfish, Haja Iqbal, in a private channel program, asked senior Sahafi Hamid Mir that Imran Khan, while talking to Safia, said that I am a political person and I have been trying to talk for a long time and even earlier when there were jokes being made with PDM in the context of elections, the talks were ended by the PDM government. Is his statement correct? 

Hamid Bir replied that I am Khan. I do not agree with the statement of PTI because many leaders of PTI who were making fun of the PDM government have themselves said that PDM had accepted all the demands and the date of election was also about to be finalized but Imran Khan ordered to end the contract. 

Hamid Mir said that after General Asim Munir became the Army Chief, Imran Khan, while talking to Sahaaf, had said that I want to be talked to, but I am not being talked to, apart from that I am a casteist. But it is also known that a very close associate of Imran Khan, a senior officer of ISI, whose name Imran Khan later started using in a very Tajik style, then Imran Khan’s associate started talking to that officer. 

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Met him and then tried to get him to meet Imran Khan but he refused to meet Imran Khan. Hamid Mir’s opinion was that Imran Khan tried to reach a meeting with his establishment but his talks did not work out, hence We can say that if today the perception about Muslim League Noon and People’s Party is that they are with the establishment then it means that the establishment is ready to engage them but if the establishment is ready to engage PTI also. If it is ready, PTI will not have any problem in this.

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