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How to Increase Website Traffic 2024?

If you want to earn money from blogging by increasing the traffic of your website, then keep reading this article and in this article I have already told you something, I am not going to tell you anything new, that is, the things that work for me are the same things that I am using in this article. I am going to tell you in the article, so stay tuned with the article. If you want to see how I am earning money by bringing traffic here, if you also want to earn money by bringing traffic, then read it completely and here I will also show you the revenue. And first of all I refresh it so that you can believe here that yes brother, this guy is earning money, so I refresh it and even after refreshing you can see that this is our revenue and this is the month of January. 

The revenue is still going on, okay here, let me show you the data so that it becomes clear, this data is being opened from 1st January to 18th January and this is the earning of Rs 61000 which has been done here. Okay, here the revenue has dropped a bit, then see how I am bringing the traffic here, you need to see those things, I have shown the revenue, now let us talk here about how you can bring traffic, basically to bring traffic to the website. 

You have to follow six points and there can be many more points besides this, but mostly the things that I adopt are the things that I am telling you here and in the same way you can earn money by blogging here, you can bring traffic to your Now look at the website here mmm things I am telling you what I am doing now okay look at point number one first of all I use a responsive theme if you do not use a responsive theme then the traffic will not come to your website. There may be a problem in getting your post indexed. 


There may be a problem in getting your post indexed. If you are not using a responsive theme, then you will have a problem. Your post will not rank. It will not get indexed. Mobile users will not have a good experience if that theme is not responsive in mobile. If it is opening in the desktop version, then there is a problem, brother, then you should use the response theme. Now let’s talk about which response themes you can use. See, there can be a generate press here and at the same time there can be a newspaper theme here. 

There may be many more themes which you may like, but you should see whether it is responsive or not, only then you should use it. Okay, now here comes our point number two, I am going to make this article very soon. So here basically you have to follow the entire step, number two is our back links, if you are not creating back links then there will be no traffic on your post, and at the same time, you will not be able to basically build authority here. Okay brother back links. Point number three is very important for your website, you have to write high quality content, if you write high-quality content, then Google How to write an article is fine, only you will learn to write articles, otherwise basically you will understand that quality yourself, see first of all. 

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What you have to do is come down and here I have told you how basically you can write high quality content. Okay so here come down and I will show you okay read this article I made on content writing. I have made this article and you have to read it. You learn content writing. Okay brother, now here we come to the next point. Our point number is four and that is keyword research.

If you do not do keyword research, then what will you write the content? Choose such keywords that if you work on them, you will get ranking and at the same time, when you get ranking, there should be some search volume on it so that you can get traffic. Okay, so you should learn to do keyword research. Now on to keyword research. Also here you will get the article, just do a little search here, look at the website, how to do international keyword research, and then you can read this article, this article was already written two months ago, so what are people interested in, all things website. But they are present and they do not follow them at all. 

Now see, changes do not come so frequently in blogging that people tell different things here very quickly. Okay, so those people who think that this is not new, this If the same things are repeated again and again, brother, the same things are repeated again and again in blogging. It is okay with some changes. Now it is not that your entire WordPress dashboard will change in a single day. No, no brother, WordPress, some things. 

The features will remain the same, but some minor updates keep coming, okay, so in the same way, the articles we make, we make them with minor updates, okay, so you have to follow it, learn to do keyword research, and then work, point number. You do five guest postings. See, if you do guest posting, then firstly you get backlinks and along with the backlinks, suppose the guest post gets ranked, then the traffic that is coming from there on that post, then the links you get from there. If you have got it, you will get traffic from there also and see, with the help of backlinks, your posts also start getting ranked here basically, so backlinks are very important, okay and through guest posting, you can also increase backlinks and can also increase traffic. Do guest posting whenever you get a chance? 

The sites that are giving free guest posting can also be paid for doing guest posting. If you think, yes, it is working for me. Point number six. Here we have it, you have to do daily post,s and you can take paid traffic also. Yes, I also take paid traffic and you can also take paid traffic here you have to post daily but you have to do it so that your organic traffic is also created. If you also have paid traffic in it, so that there is good maintenance here, you can take and earn a lot of money. 

Look, all things seem easy to hear that yes, we will do all these things, then it will be done, but when If you go to implement all the things on your website, you will face some problems, it will take some time, but if you can give time and can bear some problems, then definitely you will grow and make money. If you found this article helpful, like the article. To see content related to Money Online in Blogging SO, subscribe to the website and please tell your topic in the comment here on which topic you want the article Thank you

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