How to Index Web Stories With Google News

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Credit: Google News

Introduction: Challenges Faced by Website Operators

Welcome to the website viksolve, today’s article is important for you, especially for those who are doing it on the website and are facing difficulty in induction or if they have to hang it then they have been doing it for many years back to back recently. I have written an article on this, I will make it in 2014, but unless I work on it, how will I make it? I am not told by someone else that he did this, she did that, I will do it myself, so I will make an article on this. I have prohibited and connected but I am a consistent one.

Index Web Stories

I am not doing it, but when I do the juice, I will share the results, for that, you must subscribe to the channel so that you do not miss the two articles, then let’s start the pressure on Ajay. I told him to share the stories. How to impress as quickly as possible, then there is a topic about this, first of all, it is a simple thing, now if the side is old or you have put it as per your taste, then its printer is done quickly, secondly, if you use Google app. Do it, you do the job wicket, you can watch those articles if you want, then it is hot by commenting, Google app induction, fourth, I will make an article of that, how to do it, I will make a complete article, then in this article, I am going to tell you something special which is not shown on YouTube. 

Importance of Google News Network 24

You, people, have to add Google News Network 24, and then only you have to use the website, so if there is approval in Dubai and you are doing that on the website, then you should add it to your Google so that That day is buried inside him and it is a very good match 10 15 minutes less and with this proof, I will tell you that comes with the proof you can reset so always, first of all, we will talk about the proof then after that see First of all, this is our life insurance which you should copy and paste in the oyster so that you don’t know, you have to take it by copy and paste and I can go and cut it by going to the, Apun Theka, either you are here, I have about four-five up it’s. 5 minutes viewers have been put in and this back is about one, I kept in it for extra time but as he started you will see it is consistent, I put in three, in the middle I put in then this one, and then this one continuously, I gave three balls, some four or so. -Five days ago and then today I inserted it just 15 minutes ago and it has become intact, so I will copy the URL from here, sorry acid, from here I will write from the site and this will be ours, so you can see. 

Yes, this is showing the index in Google, here you can see our complete stories, World Cricket After, where did you see me in the train, I made it a story above, the one who made the song in the article, but I thought that after observing you, you will also get to know about this. It would be good if I show you the article. Now, friends, about 240 people research it, but about 25 minutes ago, I posted a post ‘Oriental Hawa’ on Google, it is getting completed in front of you and I can also show you here on the search console. 

Leveraging Google’s Sandal Application

Let me give you like here this is our URL, I will open it, then this URL is on Google it is showing that the contact has been made, I told you in front of me, congratulations and I am telling you how it was done, so, first of all, you should know that if your glass Approval is there, now you will find here in the middle center, Google’s sandal which goes from the side of your penis, so here I clicked on that application, here it is exactly like this insurance and here I will click on Google News. And from here I have removed the section just a while ago so that I can tell you everything, how to leak Google Muzaffarpur, then you simply take your blouse off, then here today we have added pistachios, what do you have to do for that, simply here. 

But you will go to the edit section to enter the admit card, you will not have to make any changes here, you will have to go to the settings of the contact and here the article is visible in our section, check the speed of all the people who are posting here and when. But we will click on to subscribe to the episode explanation, we will click on this section on the back and here I write from here, please, and here the URL is neither yours nor the main page of the website which is homemade by Pooja. 

I will add it to you here, this is the one from my ‘In These Way Stories’, so in front of it, now you have retired from adding ‘tomato juice’ in the field, then you remember here, write speed, press point, then you will get this channel. It will open, if you tilt it, then this is where you have to do the urinary half, from here select all and copy and here you have to do this and this, and then coming here you have to do this from here, paste 10, I would like to do it first. 

Web Stories
Credit: Google News

Chance if you fit what we have written here, if your articles do not match then you will give place to it RSS I will show you my RS, here I tried it yesterday, I am telling you this r.s.s. If you write and then submit, then it can also come from that, so it can be tracked in both ways, like left and share, I am folding the app and giving it here, and from here you do not have to make any changes, just put the name here and here. I will add some stories from here, where it has already been added, that is, the stories field has been added and from here I will add only two, I am done from here, now let us see whether our tips are there in it or not and see here. 

But there is no side effect, I would request you to do the same, even if you write like Mishra Yash long difference offline, then you have to ignore it, once from here, you will get the complete information which is in the browser which has been sent to the main page of the browser. If I refresh it from here, all the sins of your article will start getting destroyed, if not then it will take time for Paras to be written, then there is the great one here, like further here, the last updated site has come with us, article. 

Touching has started happening, it is simple, it is done and there is no need to change anything here, our Sun means the section of the story is good Amazing, this idea was sent to our telegraph members by a Google user, they had said that how can we through it. If we do this contest then we tried on this matter and it was successful, I have shared it with you, so if you liked the article, then you must like it and share it on your blog on 250 websites that are doing that, and I. The question is that you have to impress your boss as soon as possible. We conduct training many times and if you get in touch with him then you have a side, so if you want that he will also get help, then you can check it and subscribe to the website. Don’t forget to read an interesting article and read the next article on this net.

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